What is product video? Quick guide to product videos

Product Video

Watching videos will account for 82 percent of consumer internet traffic in 2022. Customers will be able to pick items based on videos, and video marketing will become the primary means of advertising. Let’s figure out what it is and how to implement it.

What is video marketing and where is it used

In 2014, psychologist John Medina proved that after 72 hours a person remembers 10% of the text they read and 65% of the video they watch. Marketers have been using this feature since about 2005, when YouTube appeared, and then they coined a new term. Explain Ninja – explainer video company will help you create any kind of marketing video that will help you promote and popularize your product.

Video marketing is the promotion of a product, service or brand using videos. The method is suitable for any business, be it the production of furniture, the sale of Korean cosmetics, or courses in psychology.

Here are just a few statistics on video marketing:

  • 64% of users make a purchase after watching a Facebook ad video;
  • 65% – visit the company’s website after watching a promo video;
  • 88% – Spend more time on video sites.
  • 87% of companies use video marketing, 75% are satisfied with their ROI.

Business benefits of video marketing

More efficient search engine promotion. The video on your page will create additional user interest in the content on the site, which will indirectly help your site in ranking. After all, search robots take into account the duration of the session, that is, the time that the user spends on a particular page.

Additional traffic channels. With video content, you can enter new platforms: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and others. Each site is an additional field for working with target audience.

The growth of marketing indicators is a logical result of the previous points. If you have not just uploaded a video to the main page, but have built a competent sales funnel, CTR can grow by 27%, website conversion – by 34%.

Disadvantages of video marketing

Additional expenses – Even a simple video needs to be thought out, removed and edited. Writers, cameramen and actors are often hired. All this takes time and money.

High competition – More and more companies are using video marketing. In order not to get lost, you need to work hard on the concept and quality of the content.

If you don’t have the right equipment or staff with relevant experience in visual content production, you could also partner with an explainer video company that can help you with the storyline, production, and marketing ideas and provide you with professional-looking content and take you company’s online presence to the next level.

How to implement video marketing

Here is a simplified diagram for understanding the very logic of promotion. The duration of each stage is determined by the plan, money, and whether the project is completed in-house or outsourced. There are many ways to find a video for your product here: https://explain.ninja/video-for-a-product/.

Step 1. Determine the goal

  • Promote a YouTube channel;
  • enhance social media coverage;
  • raise brand recognition;
  • test a new ad campaign;
  • boost landing page conversions, and so on.

Use numerical metrics to define a goal: impressions, conversion rate, traffic volume, and proportion of site visits after watching. This will aid you in evaluating the campaign’s efficacy in the last phase.

Stage 2. Analyze the audience

  • Create a portrait of the target audience – who will be interested in your product, what these people like, where they look for information, what triggers they react to;
  • If necessary, segment the target audience and compose a portrait for each segment;
  • Select the optimal types of video content and platforms for promotion.

Stage 3. Select performers, shoot and place the video

If your goal is to shoot a test video and see if it works, you can do it yourself. You will need:

  • Write a script – in the language of the audience, with a mention of the brand and a call to action, but without direct advertising;
  • Take care of high-quality equipment that will give a good picture;
  • Choose the place and time of shooting;
  • Record a video;
  • Edit and edit the material, if necessary – add graphics or animation;
  • Place the video on the selected site.

If you are not sure that you will be able to cope with all the points, or are planning to shoot a series of videos, it is advisable to hire specialists: screenwriter, operator, models. Another option is to look for video marketing agencies that will do it all themselves

Step 4. Evaluate the results

  • analyze the selected metrics – what they wanted and what they got;
  • compare CPL with video and CPL without video;
  • evaluate the payback and profitability of video marketing in a specific case.