Flash Scan (Scan to PDf ) – Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Flash Scan - Document Scanner App

Struggling to find the best scanning app for your Android mobile? Well, here is everything that you need to know about ‘FlashScan’- the next-gen mobile scanner app.

With our lives becoming fast-paced, busy, and more digital, a scanner on a mobile phone has become a primary requirement and why would it not be? After all, scanning apps are the micro-entity that eliminates the need to get bulky scanning hardware. The benefits of it are endless and hence, here we shall talk about the anatomy of this mobile document scanner app that can become a reliable item for you.

FlashScan- An Introduction

If you are interested to know what FlashScan is then it is a document scanner app with which you can scan multiple things like forms, receipts, bills, ID cards, documents, vouchers, etc. easily and within seconds! It is the app that allows you to beautify, save, and share the scanned documents.

The functionality of this mobile scanner is not only limited to scanning such paper pieces, but it also allows you to scan QR code, Bar code, OCR text, etc. There is a lot that you can do with this pocket scanner. It is something that will never disappoint you.

Now, moving on to how this document scanner app can be used, then it is as easy as ABC. The app will ask for some permissions, after granting the permissions, you just have to click a picture of your targeted text, QR code, Bar code, or OCR, the app will do the rest. It is that simple. Now you can save, beautify, or share your scanned document.

google-play-badgeFlashScan- FREE Document Scanner App

This fantastic scanner app can be downloaded and used on your Android devices for FREE of cost. There are no hidden charges. It is absolutely free to download and use!

What Are The Features Of FlashScan- Document Scanner App?

The major features of the mobile document scanner app are listed below.



Scanning everything that has written text on it has come handy with this feature of the FlashScan. You can literally scan anything and everything with the help of your mobile camera and this feature. May it be your official documents, certificates, ID card, receipts, bills, official documents, invoice, books, letters, handwritten text, copied text, school notes, invitation cards, vouchers, tickets, or anything else, you just have to position the camera of your mobile phone on the top of your desired document and snap! Click a picture and it is scanned before you can blink.

Once your text is scanned, you can check if you are satisfied with the scanning quality, if yes, then move ahead by adjusting the size of the clicked picture. Once you get the desired dimensions, you can choose the appearance of your scanned text. There are five different filters available in this feature where you can beautify or enhance the appearance of your scanned text. You can choose to give your text any desired look that you like. The filters are listed below.

  • Magic color- To give a bright and vibrant appearance to the scanned document.
  • Grayscale- To give a formal or official appearance to the scanned document.
  • Original- To let the scanned document be the way it is.
  • Black & White 1- To give a more formal appearance to the scanned document.
  • Black & White 2- To further enhance the appearance in black and white to the scanned document.

PRO TIP You can even use the saved images from the gallery to apply these filters to them! In the final steps, you can directly save or share the scanned document or even convert the scan to pdf format in a few seconds!



OCR is Optical Character Recognition scanner is a technique implemented by FlashScan with which you can pick up the text from an image and convert it to digital text. On conversion, you can choose to edit the document or can save or share it the way it is.

It in a way is like a document scanner but here, you get the benefit to edit the text in its digital format and that too for free of cost. OCR Scanner of FlashScan allows you to translate the scanned text into multiple languages with the help of Google Translate. The scanned text can then be used in multiple ways as per your requirement.



Everything around us is turning in the envelopes of QR codes or Bar codes. May it be a chocolate or a digital payment method, these codes are almost everywhere. Well, there is a lot of information associated with a barcode and a QR code.

A mobile document scanner app like FlashScan can efficiently be a QR/BarCode Scanner. Using it is easier than anything else. You just have to bring the camera to the code(QR or bar) and the information or function associated with it will be right there in front of you and that too within seconds!

Below is a summary of the features to make you understand the app better.

Doc Scanner
  • Documents such as ID cards and important papers.
  • Receipts, bills, books, notes, and letters.
  • Articles, write-ups, certificates, business/personal cards.
  • Vouchers, contracts, business invoices, official documents, etc.
OCR Scanner
  • Scans image and converts it to text.
  • It can use existing pictures from the gallery.
QR/Bar code Scanner
  • QR code
  • Barcode

You get to do all of this without paying a penny. All of these features can be enjoyed on FlashScan for FREE!!

What can I do with the FlashScan’s scanned documents?

Well, there is a lot that you can do once you are done with scanning the document/QR code/Bar code. Below are the operations you can perform.

  • Crop the scanned documents(applicable only to the Doc Scanner feature).
  • Add filters to enhance their appearance as per your need.
  • Copy them to clipboard.
  • Save them from scan to pdf and can share the same through various platforms.
  • Rename, copy, delete, or even more to or from a specific location.
  • Sort and search by name or time.
  • Convert from JPEG to PDF format within seconds.
  • Use pictures from the gallery to scan.

Pros And Cons Of FlashScan- Mobile Document Scanner App

  • Awesome appearance enhancing features.
  • Available only for Android, not available for iOS as of now.
  • Easy sorting and searching of the scanned documents.
  • Sorting can be offered in more variants.
  • Dimension adjustment features.
  • Instant scan to pdf conversion.
  • No limitations on the number of scanning documents.
  • Easy and quick sharing options.
  • Neat and clean interface.
  • Absolutely FREE to use!

Final Thoughts

FlashScan might be a newbie in the market of such apps but it surely is worthy of holding some space on your smartphone. There are a number of advantages connected to this mobile document scanning app. Since its new, the reviews that it has collected are genuine and impressive.

This scanner app can be downloaded easily and is completely free to use right now. We can anticipate more from the developer’s end with reference to the additional features in this app. The app will definitely acquire an astounding position in the global market very soon. It is worth giving a try.

So do not wait any more, just download FlashScan and start scanning!