Snake Beats Game Review – Snake Vs Block

Snake Beats Game Review

Introduction to Snake Beats

There was a lot of ‘hiss’ about Snake Beats game in the market of the snake and blocks game online, so we thought to analyze it through different angles by putting a lens on it. 

With the rise in the number of smartphone users and of course hectic lifestyle worldwide, the online market has embraced this easy-breezy trend of busting the stress by playing such light and fun games.

These kinds of games are in fact, surpassing the standard of the complex games that used to be on the top charts for a couple of years ago. 

Snake Beats is a light and fun game you can play anytime. This game is a new introduction in the category of the most challenging arcade games online for the year 2019! Yet, it is loved by many already. 

It is one of those games that comes with great gameplay and mesmerizing graphics. Read to know more about it. 


What is Snake Beats?

Snake Beats is not a conventional snake game we grew up playing. It is neither the extended version of it. This game is ‘out of the box’ kinda game that has a completely different concept. 

This snake and blocks game is the easiest yet challenging game ever that can cure all your anxiety, mood swings, frustration, and most importantly- boredom. 

It comes with a variety of new-age snakes and these modern snakes are indeed cool. These snakes run on the beats of the songs being played in the headphones mounted on their heads. Isn’t it the coolest concept ever? We believe it is. 

Before knowing more about this arcade game online, let us know about its assets. 


Assets Of The Snake vs Blocks Game

  • Music- There are ample options to choose your favorite music from the library. You can unlock more music using gemstones.
  • Snakeskin- There is a wide variety of snake skin to choose from. Dress up your snake the way you like!
  • Arcade Modes- There are two different arcade modes to choose from. You can either choose ‘Endless’ single-player mode or ‘Versus’ AI multiplayer mode.
  • Gemstones- Powerful gemstones to collect so as to gain a lot of advantages. 
  • Speakers- The obstacles with numbers embossed on them. A blinking speaker gives you power. 
  • Snakeballs- The powerup to increase the length of your snake. 
  • Environment- Three different playing environments to give you an exotic feeling.  


How does Snake Beats Work?

You may hate the idea of mathematics that involves calculation but this snake game will make you fall in love with numbers!

Wondering how?

Then read this whole piece of information on the arcade games online

The snake vs blocks game has only one character- the cool snake which slithers through the obstacles in breathtakingly exotic locations. On its way to the end, there are multiple rewards waiting for it to take them all! 

The rewards are very helpful as they will help unlock a lot of interesting things and stages. Let us get an in-depth sight of the working mechanism of this snake game

The snake with its headphones on comes with a number displayed on the tip of its tongue. This number defines its length. As the snake slithers forward, there are multiple colorful boxes placed with numbers embossed on them. 

These boxes are the speakers and these speakers are the obstacles for our lead character. Along with these boxes, there are snake balls. Collecting them will strengthen your snake. 

But watch out! Collecting these snake balls is not as easy as it sounds. You may accidentally bump in a speaker losing your length or you can even get completely crushed. 

There are other rewards as well in the way which are the colorful gemstones. These gemstones can be used to unlock further stages and music. Read below to find out how to play this snakes game.


How to Play Snake Beats?

The first step of this snake and blocks game is choosing a mode and then choose the music and the environment. If you like your snake, begin playing. If not, then choose it a snakeskin of your choice. 

Yes! Our lead character can be concealed in any skin of your choice! Now, look at the number on the tip of your snake. Slither through the obstacles. Make sure not to bump into any of the obstacles(speakers) that has a number larger than the number on your snake.

On your way, if you spot any snake ball or any gemstone, collect it. Slide your finger and navigate your snake on the musical beats. This is it! This is just how this snake game works. Easier than ever! 

This fun and arcade game online may sound easy to play but it really is a challenging game that can get you an instant adrenaline rush. 


Why We Loved It? 

In this world of stress and 9 to 5 jobs, there is a lot you need to take on you. And in such situations, something soothing is all you expect to happen.

The developers of this casual game online has done justice to this very situation of the 20th century. The game is like a chill pill and you can stick to it for hours without getting any strain. In fact, it is something that would make you replay and never let the boredom hit you. 

A perfect fit to imperfect times- this is how we would define Snake Beats. So, if you had a rough day at work, or got involved in a fight with a stranger on your way back home, you know where to divert your attention- to this fun snake and blocks game! Download the game now!