Best Social Media Apps for Marketers


In recent years, social media apps have become an integral part of life, both for ordinary users and the business community. They continue to develop rapidly and have increasing user mass very fast.

Because we can frankly say that most people spend most of their days on social networks and this will not be an exaggeration.

Social media apps have become an integral part of people’s lives. Some are so dependent on them and the first thing they do after waking up is checking their social networks.

The latest technology has long wedged into people’s relationships. But at the same time, remember that there is a real world and physical relatives and friends.

Let’s go and find out what are the trending social media apps in the world where humanity spends its precious time.

  1. Tik Tok (Video Sharing Social Media App)

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Probably the main discovery of 2020 due to quarantine time among social media apps was TikTok. It is huge. He has 800 million active users per month.

However, 500 million of these active users (over 60% of the total) live in China. This means that the platform monthly has about 300 million active users outside of China.

What is Tik-Tok? Tik Tok is a well-known service that brought together developers of karaoke and films. This popular social media app is used all over the world, while its high popularity is due to the fact that most users are in China. But, as often happens, the dissemination of information cannot be stopped, and the application has begun to spread around the world with great speed.

TikTok is a social network that combines the best and most exciting of other platforms such as YouTube, Vine or Instagram. Thus, the idea is to create and publish short videos that are usually accompanied by background music.

But basically, it is created to record small video clips into which you can add music or other effects, change the playback speed, etc. Taking into account that the duration of these videos should be at least 15 seconds and not more than one minute, it is quite normal that with these simple editing tools, the content is created with high speed.

TikTok includes funny videos, stand-ups and videos in the genre of Do it yourself (DIY), targeted ads, native brand integration and hashtag challenges work.

In addition, quality and detail are not as important as spontaneity and originality. Therefore, the platform itself offers you to consume and create content that has a tendency based on melodies or popular songs or any other item that has consequences at that time.

  1. Facebook

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Facebook is the largest social media app that is used by more than two billion people every month. This is almost a third of the world’s population. There are more than 65 million companies that use Facebook, and more than six million advertisers are promoting their business on Facebook, which makes it very attractive.

Getting started on Facebook is easy, since almost all forms of content work great on Facebook — texts, images, videos, live streams, and stories. 94% of Facebook users access a popular social network through a mobile application. Recently, Facebook even got its cryptocurrency – Libra.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps with more than a billion users. This resource is a leader in social network marketing. People spend more time here than on any other media platform. The average time spent on this trending social media app is 192 seconds, which is 40% longer than Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Features in this social media app you will get:

  • You can take photos directly from the application;
  • Use a variety of filters to convert photos;
  • Upload photos and videos;
  • Watch the posted posts of your friends, relatives or famous personalities;
  • Express your approval with the like or comment below the post;
  • Share with friends the joyful moments of your life.

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  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is a relatively new social network. The uniqueness lies in the fact that after watching someone’s photo or video information will not be available for you anymore. Thus, the recipient cannot save it and distribute it on the Internet.

This is a remarkable idea that attract the audience of the popular social media app:

  • maximum privacy and security of personal space.
  • You can apply filters and masks to pictures and videos, add different elements to them, for example, text and stickers.
  • In the application, you can share your photos and videos with friends, as well as play games with them.

Reasons for Snapchat’s popularity:

  • Augmented reality: people like to try on all sorts of masks and filters, and you want to share the resulting vivid images with your friends.
  • Snaps are short-lived: in stories and group chats, snaps disappear after 24 hours, and photos and videos sent to one person disappear immediately after viewing. Users may not worry that their photos and videos will remain in the application forever, which means that they do not need to be “polished” and try to be made ideal. The overwhelming amount of content in Snapchat disappears in a day. This is one of the main differences between Snapchat and other social networks, where in addition to stories there are “eternal” posts.

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  1. Twitter

Twitter is a free microblogging site and app where users publish short text notes via a web interface, instant messaging services, SMS or third-party programs. The number of characters in each post cannot exceed 140 characters.

Twitter Benefits:

  1. Twitter tracks trends

One of Twitter’s greatest strengths is its ability to track trends.

The Twitter Trend option is customizable – it can be changed and customized to your liking. If, for example, you are promoting a business to a specific region, you can set up a trend feed specifically for that region.

  1. Twitter has an instantly changing feed

One of the advantages of Twitter, in addition to tracking trends, is its feature of forming a news feed.

Twitter feed generation algorithms are a bit similar to Facebook algorithms, but Twitter shows in the feed not the most recent (current) news, but the most popular and interesting for the period when you were not online.

  1. Twitter is short

In the social network, almost all tweets are very short – only 1-2 sentences. In the fall of 2017, Twitter expanded its functions and allowed to publish tweets up to 280 characters. This is due to the high speed of the tape: due to instant updates, the user manages to read only short messages with each news.

  1. Twitter hashtags are a powerful tool

A person can slow down in his scrolling feeds only in the case of a targeted search for hashtags.

  1. Pinterest

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Pinterest is a social network where users can create virtual thematic boards with various images.According to the creators of the service, Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and new ideas.

Apparently, it’s the simplicity and lack of excess that Pinterest attracts more and more users.

What is Pinterest good for?

First of all – with the speed of its growth and the number of users – a large platform and a society of people who will appeal to many sellers of services and goods.

Secondly, it is ease of use and accessibility of functionality. Despite the fact that there is no official API, available widgets, if properly handled, are freely customizable and acquire the necessary capabilities.

Well, and thirdly, this is a trend. As Twitter and Instagram were trends at one time, Pinterest will only develop in the next couple of years. In any case, you should not ignore such a platform, since the possibilities of its use are available without any problems.

Like on any other social network, users of Interest can like, share, add to their friends, save each site and then search for the desired sites in their bookmarks.

  1. Telegram

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Telegram is a free application for the exchange of information (messenger), in addition to text, you can send files, send music, video and photo images to each other. If you wish, you can invite your friends to chat.

The application is convenient that it works on different platforms like iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, so that it can be used not only on smartphones and tablets, but also on a personal computer.

Telegram is functionally similar to other messengers, but according to the creators of the application, its main advantages over competitors (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, Line, etc.) are speed, security, data storage in the cloud (remote server) and free of charge.

Telegram reliably encrypts its traffic, all calculations are performed on a remote server, and the client part only encrypts the data and sends it to the server. A unique protocol was created for stable operation, which significantly increased security and protection against unauthorized loss of information.

Reasons to start using Telegram

  • There is a very high-quality audience.
  • There are group chats in the Telegram. A lot of thematic, where you can ask for advice from professionals, chat with colleagues.
  • Telegram is convenient for work: communication with the team, closed group chats on projects.
  • A telegram channel created only for yourself can be used as a bookmarking service, collecting ideas, making sketches – in this it is even more convenient than an evernout and others. Available on all devices. It’s convenient to write blog posts, for example: in the morning you make drafts from the tablet, in the afternoon you get ideas from your smartphone, in the evening you collect everything on the desktop.
  • There are bots in Telegram: you can run automated services inside the messenger, the only question is how to make not a service for the sake of the service, but something useful for yourself.
  • A telegram is an interesting assembly point for the audience of the article, in terms of efficiency it is even better than newsletters (but in fairness – it is easier to unsubscribe).
  • Many use telegrams as file sharing.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform where users watch a billion hours of video daily. To get started, you can create your own YouTube channel, where you can upload videos for your subscribers so that they can view, like, comment and share. In addition to being one of the largest social media apps, YouTube (owned by Google) is also often known as the second largest search engine after Google.

YouTube is considered the largest global video archive. Every day, the service gains millions of visits and views due to the constant filling of new video files.

The service broadcasts, delivers and saves a variety of videos. Internet users have the opportunity to choose from the catalog and watch thematic videos, rate them, leave comments, show them to friends, post and edit their own video files on the resource. YouTube is filled with information for different types of queries: music videos, feature films, video blogs, TV shows, news, educational videos, workshops, video reviews, trailers and many other content.

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  1. WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is a messaging program used by people all over 180 countries. At first, WhatsApp was used only for communicating with family and friends.

Gradually, people began to communicate through WhatsApp on business. WhatsApp is developing its business platform to allow enterprises to have a business profile, provide customer support and share news with customers.

  1. WeChat

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WeChat has grown from a messaging app such as popular social networks like WhatsApp and Messenger, to an all-in-one platform. In addition to messaging and calls, users can now use WeChat to shop online and pay offline, transfer money, place an order, book a taxi and much more.

This social network is more popular in China and parts of Asia. If you do business in those areas (where social media platforms such as Facebook are prohibited), WeChat may be a good alternative.