7 of the Best Free Software Solutions for Your Business


Great business software offers many advantages, including significant time and cost savings and streamlining operations. However, software costs can quickly eat into your budget if you’re not careful.

Effective negotiating skills can help you keep business expenses low. However, the ability to persuade takes some time and training to develop. Luckily, you can snag great deals on software without needing to take the best negotiation classes.

Check out the following tools that offer free plans and impressive features to match.


A website for your business is essential in today’s marketplace. However, building a site can be expensive. To save money, you could take a class or negotiate with a designer, but if you’re short on time, a website builder like Wix may offer a better solution.

Wix is a digital tool that gets your site up and running with minimum effort. You also don’t need any tech skills and get to retain total design control. A free account comes with designer-made templates with automatic mobile optimization, plus a variety of fonts and images.

If this still leaves you doubting, check out this extensive Wix review.


Efficient bookkeeping practices are essential for any business to succeed. However, bookkeeping can be an arduous and time-consuming process. Accounting software like Wave’s  web-based financial management tool can help businesses save time.

Wave’s free plan includes invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning. There is, however, a charge for payroll and payment processing. There’s no need for an expensive tutorial class, as there’s a free reference guide.


Email has long been an essential tool in business for marketing, negotiating, planning, and much more. However, with the average professional receiving 121 emails per day, email is losing its effectiveness.

Slack is an instant messaging platform that can help improve internal communication. The service has a generous free plan that comes with unlimited private and public channels. You also get 1-to-1 voice and video calls, as well as 5 GB of storage per workspace.


Take any project management class, and you’ll quickly learn that teamwork is essential for success in business. Effective teamwork collaboration starts with the right tools.

Trello is a cloud-based project management tool. The platform uses a visual card-based design for organization and collaboration. The card-based structure makes negotiating complex projects straightforward. The forever free plan comes with unlimited personal boards, cards, and lists, plus 10 team boards.


Diagrams are a powerful way to explain complex business processes and to prepare for negotiations.

Draw.io is a web-based flowchart and diagramming tool. The service comes with easy-to-use templates for flow charts, process flows, organization charts, and UML class diagrams, among others. Strong collaboration features via Google are also a plus. For example, using Draw.io with Google Drive allows for real-time collaboration.


Cloud-based web and video conferencing tools help remote teams work together more effectively.

Zoom offers a secure platform for messaging, cloud meetings, conferencing, and webinars. This platform is great for meetings, negotiations, discussions, and even for virtual training classes. With a free account, you get unlimited 1-to-1 meetings and a 40-minute limit on group meetings. You can also host up to 100 participants and access to group collaboration features including breakout rooms and whiteboards.


The customer is the foundation of any business’ success. For businesses on a tight budget, email marketing is a great tool for customer relationship building.

Mailchimp’s email marketing platform comes with a free package that includes most of its key features. You can send 10,000 emails per month and 2,000 daily to up to 2,000 contacts. Email automation also helps send timely emails that can improve negotiation outcomes.