Stats Royale for Clash Royale Review


If you are not aware of this fantastic profile statistics, cards, pro player replays based app, then today, we are going to provide you the complete review of this app.

After using the app, we achieved a positive experience, and therefore we are here to let you reveal about the app & its key features. 

Let us make you clear that the app is already tested on all the Android and iOS versions along with the phones & tablets.

What does the app say?

Stats Royale by Overwolf is one of the most famous games out there. After the massive hit of the most-preferred game i.e., Clash of Clans, the developer decided to design a new card game with the name Clash Royale.

Stats Royale is among those apps that help in tracking your performance, to view which deck to use along with the cards, and you can even track your chest. 

Moreover, using the app, the user can check the top players of the season along with the performances of the clans.

When it comes to the games UI, it’s attractive & straightforward, especially with the white background & black accents.

While using the app, the navigation becomes simple & works smoothly. Additionally, this gaming app offers you various segments to track for progression.

It’s built-in menu trays makes the app as one of the best tracking game apps & it is easy to implement.  

When it comes to the compatibility of the app, it supports all the Android devices but, the firm requirement to run the app on the phone is 4.2 or above.

Android Details:

Author Overwolf
Rating  4.5 
Version 1.5.14
Content Rating Everyone
Compatibility 4.2 & above
No. of Voters 44162 or more
Published date 18-02-2018
No. of downloads 1,000,000 to 5,000,000

Overall, the application can be an excellent option for all game lovers. Or, if you want to enjoy the real gaming experience, then there could be nothing better than Stats Royale for Clash Royale.

Now, when we have gained a lot about the app. Let’s get to know the features of the app too.

Key Features:

  1. Top Clans & Top players.
  2. You can find players using their tag.
  3. You can win rates with the decks when playing in game mode.
  4. You can also steal other player’s decks.
  5. You can view personal stats, which include Win/Loss records & trophies.
  6. You can directly copy desks into Clash Royale.

And, there are more features that are about to add in this app.

Now, let’s get to know.

How to get the game for smartphone/ Tablet?

To download the app, it’s the section where you’ll find the official links. All you need is, follow the instructions accordingly.

Note: Make sure, before installing the app on your Android device, check the compatibility first. Also, you need free space before installing the app. 


Points To Remember

Before downloading the app, you must check the version & memory and to do that,

Go to -> about phone-> then check the Android version.

To check the memory, move to settings-> Storage-> check the available space. If both the version & memory satisfies the app requirements, congratulations, you are IN to download & enjoy this gaming app.



And, when it comes to pricing, the app is FREE to use.


  • When it comes to graphs as stats, the app is excellent.
  • You’ll not struggle with any glitches or related issues.
  • The best part is that you can even track your chests & trophies.
  • The application doesn’t lag.


  • If you are not really a big fan of games, then believe us, it’s not the game for you.
  • You might have to face annoying ads. 


To Sum Up:

Well, we have provided you with a detailed review of Stats Royale for Clash Royale. If you are a gamer, then you must know that the player always trusts in winning the game & it’s still worth trying. So, try it now!


Few User Reviews

  1. Solid app, Good deck prefences, bang on with stats(when reloaded), and BEST of all- Lets me know my SCHEDULED CHEST CYCLE!!! Worth downloading if you play Clash Royal Daily:) – said by River Bociek
  2. This app is way better then the other apps for clash royale it keeps track of when i got a good chest or how much chests i need to get to get a good chest.alos it have’s other people’s stats to see there stats and i can see others people decks similar to my to try out there deck and kinda know how to use it and alos i can see really good people’s deck so i can check out there deck to see if i’m good using there deck or not. Anyway i hope this app helps you!!! (: – said by Nintendo gaming
  3. Stats Royale is so useful. I was in the midst of a loss streak but then I got Stats Royale. It showed me the most popular decks in my arena, so I tried one and I was able to reach the next arena! Thank you so much! – said by Patrick Star
  4. Everything is fine but there’s one problem. My deck’s stats never get updated. I Know it’s not a huge issue but I want to know how I am doing with my deck. Everything else is great about the app and helps a lot. But please this issue of deck not getting updated – said by Ishan mishra
  5. Simply awesome! for all Clash Royale enthusiasts. It’s jam packed full of useful information which helps you to push forward. It has plenty of helpful tips & stats for the games latest decks that are widely used in each arena. Has the latest decks for ladder, classic/grand challenges, most popular decks, by win% or average crown win%. All Clan leaders & Co leaders will be 100% grateful for Stats Royale just to keep a check on your Clan. This app is class & easily gets a 11/🔟 🤜🤛 – said by Mark Townsend