7 Student Apps That Are Essential for Lockdown

Student Studying

The possibility of a new lockdown due to the Omicron variant of COVID-19 seems more likely by the day. If it happens, thousands of people will stay at home for weeks. Students just got used to learning on university campuses. In case of a lockdown, they will have to stay in dorms or move back home. The situation can affect their progress.

Students may become disorganized and tardy with assignments. The current rate of information consumption can play a big role in that process. They may end up binging on Netflix and TikTok and pay no attention to academic tasks. Of course, it doesn’t mean that everybody is going to end up in the same situation.

With that said, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to education. There are several categories of apps that help ace assignments and exams.

Productivity Apps


This app is perfect for organizing academic life and keeping students on track. MyStudyLife allows managing schedules and timetables. These include traditional weekly schedules and day/week rotation timetables. The app can be used online and offline, so you won’t miss a single class or lecture.

Tracking tasks is another important feature of this app. One look at the dashboard, and the student knows what to do next. You will see which deadlines need your immediate attention. MyStudyLife also allows creating tasks for separate exams. That way, you will be able to polish areas that need improvement. The app tracks progress across all platforms.


Having all productivity apps in the world doesn’t guarantee you will keep up with deadlines. There is always the possibility of forgetting something. Many students start panicking and rushing assignments. Some of them even ask, “Is there somebody who can write my essay for me?”. Studyfy is one of the best apps for this task.

The platform offers a wide variety of essay writing services for college students. Specialists can write, edit, and proofread any number of essays. There is a wide variety of writers that can help with papers on various subjects. You won’t pay unless you’re fully satisfied with the end result, and there is no limit to the number of revisions.

If there are any questions about the text, the support team is available around the clock. Studyfy also makes sure that each essay is 100% original. There is a plagiarism report included with each piece of work.

Focus Apps

Cold Turkey Blocker

This software is one of the toughest app blocking apps available. With it, students can make a list of apps and websites to restrict during specific hours. For example, one can block access to Reddit from 9 AM to 8 PM.

Unlike other content blockers, Cold Turkey Blocker is a system-wide tool. If there is no access to a website on one browser, there is no way around it. There are extra settings that make it impossible for the user to bypass set restrictions.

There is even a more radical feature called Frozen Turkey. When activated, it completely shuts off the computer from use. The screen will remain locked until the access timer runs out. This is a perfect choice for concentrating on the reading material and assignments.


This app is a great choice to keep yourself focused on academic work. With it, you will be able to finish off assignments before deadlines. The program is customizable. During offtime, one can opt to receive no messages, calls, or notifications. Students can even use it to restrict the use of any installed app.

You can ban access to Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix. Study-related websites will remain available. Students can also leave the line available to close family members. You can set up automatic replies that explain when you are online or can talk again. All this ensures that students stay focused on books and taking notes.

Educational Apps


Coursera is one of the biggest learning platforms for students. It has many interesting online courses free of charge. Students can learn a myriad of subjects, including

  • economics
  • machine learning
  • psychology
  • Python
  • social media marketing

There are currently over 3500 courses from top educators across the world. They include free reading materials and video lectures. Students can take free courses or opt for paid education with a formal certificate.


Duolingo’s popularity has skyrocketed during the last lockdown. It still reigns supreme as one of the top apps for learning new languages. The platform is a great way to learn new phrases and words. You can also practice pronunciation and building sentences.

Students can use Duolingo to bolster their Spanish, German, or French vocabulary and skills. Currently, there are 19 languages one can learn with this app. The education process is fun and engaging. The best part is that the app is free, and students can use it when they want.

Of course, if you have the funds, there is the Duolingo Plus option available. It’s ad-free and allows downloading all lessons. This way, students can create their own educational plans. Duolingo Plus owners can use the app offline.


edX is in the top 10 list of learning apps students used during the previous lockdown. It’s no wonder as the app provides courses from such universities as Columbia, Harvard, and MIT. There are over 3000 online classes students can use. They offer knowledge in business studies, programming, linguistics, engineering, and other fields.

Students can learn from video lectures, dynamic graphics, and visualized data. Virtual environments, assessments, and quizzes test their knowledge. This data has practical applications in a student’s field of work. Besides, each course is available free of charge.

In Conclusion

Staying in a lockdown doesn’t have to discourage you from studying and hinder your academic progress. Despite the new setbacks, you will be able to stay productive and focused during it. It’s also a good time to learn a new skill or language. With these apps, there are no obstacles to that goal.