SyncMate for Mac Review: Best File Sync Mac App


SyncMate is the only software you’ll need to sync files on any laptop or an online device on your Mac. Sync images, songs, games, contacts, and more so you don’t lose access to your files when you’re away from your Mac. It’s a one-stop-shop for quickly and easily connecting your Mac to your laptop, tablet, and other computers. SyncMate is a detailed app that does a lot of work for you. The app’s objective is to integrate a variety of options and performance features into a single user interface. SyncMate is available for Windows and Apple devices to use.

What is the SyncMate?

SyncMate to synchronize your music, addresses, calendars, and other personal management resources. SyncMate syncs data between Mac and Android, iOS, and other Mac, MTP, or mounted computers, as well as Google, Dropbox, and iCloud accounts.

SyncMate is a cost-free application that allows syncing Contact and Calendar accounts among Mac including compatible devices.

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It’s also possible to sync with Google and Dropbox accounts. SyncMate helps you to read Android and iOS messages on your Mac.

Syncing data between Android and Mac With Sync Mate

Syncing your phone or tablet with your Mac is simple:

Sync Android with Mac can be a total hassle since neither computer has built-in methods for connecting and transferring data. SyncMate seems to be the only Android data transfer Mac software you’ll ever need to keep your Mac and Android details up to date.

Free features:

SyncMate’s free sync programs help you keep your calendar and contacts organized and up to date across all of your systems and accounts. The context sync option speeds up and simplifies the process. If you want to try SyncMate before purchasing it, or if you just need the basics, the free version is ideal!

  • Calendar: SyncMate is a free app that syncs events in your Mac Calendar with supported devices. Syncing can be done in three different ways: from Mac to device, from device to Mac, and bidirectionally.
  • Contacts: SyncMate allows you to sync Contacts on your Mac with its analogs on supported devices for free. There are three sync options: device to Mac, Mac to device, and bidirectional.
  • Background sync: The background sync function does just as it says: it silently syncs and updates files as you focus on other stuff. Background sync helps you to sync files from your Mac to your computers and cloud accounts while interrupting your task, and it speeds up the process.

Expert features:

The expert edition of SyncMate to get the full SyncMate experience, which includes all of the features you’ll need to sync your Mac with your phone.

You can sync SMS text messages from your phone to your Mac, perform backups, share files, move images, and sync Apple Music with SyncMate expert.

  • Folders: SyncMate’s folders feature offers Mac users full control over what files they sync by allowing them to filter by type, name, and other criteria. Sync folders and all of the files stored inside them in either direction: Mac to mac, device to Mac, or bidirectional sync!
  • SMS: Do you want to search, send, delete, and organize SMS from your phone while using a Mac? It’s possible thanks to SyncMate. To connect your Android or iOS device to your Mac, turn on sync services and begin managing your text messages from your computer.
  • Photos: Photos and videos are some of the most treasured files we have. SyncMate makes it easy to sync and transfer photos and videos from your Mac’s Photos app to any laptop or another Mac, as well as edit images and convert video file formats.
  • Backup: The SyncMate backup service provides users with peace of mind by ensuring that their data and essential files are stable and synchronized across all of their devices.It will automatically upload new data, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything if your Mac or computer is broken.
  • Apple Music: SyncMate makes it easy to keep your Apple music library on your Mac in sync with your devices.You should make sure that your iPhone or Android syncs with that hot new party playlist you made on your Mac, or that your videos and movies make it onto your iPad.

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Pros : 

  • SyncMate is super easy to use.
  • You can handle your SMS messages from a variety of mobile devices using this Mac syncing app.
  • The user interface is very friendly, and the software syncs files very quickly.

Cons :

It will not support the older version.

I’ll wind up with this SyncMate is definitely the most feature-rich app. SyncMate is designed to work with a variety of devices, but it seems to be better suited to Android/Mac connections than iOS/Mac connections. The Android sync feature, on the other hand, was awesome. SyncMate appears to be a solid, easy-to-use application to sync a Mac and an Android device together.