Best Textsheet Alternatives To Find Answers for Assignments


Nоwаdays, school life, and classroom activities are full of competition. Students need to finish extensive homework, projects and assignments frequently. Text sheet, the famous  online platform used to help students to finish their work.

There is a wide list of websites and apps that are emerging these days as students’ helping hands. The Text Sheet was one of the best free technical aids to kids’ projects. But after it’s shut down many text sheet alternatives rose in the market.

Why Text Sheet Shutdown?

The text sheet was once the highest-rated site. It was famous amongst parents and students for its effective performance and creative project solutions.

The copyright violations were the main cause of this renowned site’s shutdown. The digital world is full of solutions. Several text sheet alternatives offer the same benefits.

Finding Out The Best Textsheet alternatives

There are numerous Textsheet alternatives in today’s digital world. These websites provide help to students to answer their everyday assignments, queries and homework. A few websites are free but offer limited study resources.

These sites are very useful for parents, students, teachers and subject-specific website builders. The below-mentioned websites are the most popular, easy to use and authentic study-sources for students. They claim to be free from malware and issues.

7 Best Text sheet Alternatives Of 2020

  1. Studylibit

Studylibit is one of the most extensive textbook alternatives available in the market right now. It offers a wide range of solved assignments and solutions for everyday homework issues.

However, it is less organized and pretty difficult to use. Students can also share their notes with friends and classmates.

Studyliubit offers assistance in all kinds of subjects such as- Science, Business and Finance, History, etc. Students are allowed to add personal papers, documents, projects, etc to their collection. A free sign up will give you access to this document library.

Do you need in-depth knowledge about a particular subject? Want to solve assignments that are tough but helpful in the future? Get access to Studylibit. It is the largest online library that offers practical subject knowledge.

  1. Slader

Next in our list of Best Text sheet Alternatives Of 2020 is Slader. It does not need any introduction to the students. Almost all the US high-schoolers are active Slader users. Slader is quite different from all the traditional online study sources. It not only offers subject knowledge but also helps understand its practical implications.

Do you need solutions to multiple subjects? Want homework assistance that helps finish puzzles accurately? Choose Slader. Get access to millions of answers and college-level assignment solutions.

This independent website is backed by thousands of students and subject experts globally. Various subjects include Mathematics, Science, Law, Biology, Finance, Arts, etc

  1. Course Hero

This one in our list is the unique textsheet alternative that offers very specific study-resources. Course Hero is a distinct website that dedicatedly offers over 30 million courses/subjects-specific study insights.

Across the globe, millions of students and teachers refer to this platform for its in-depth and accurate solutions. Most of its assignments are shared by a community of students. Here you will find study guides of various subjects, practice puzzles, case problems, class notes, educational videos and step to step explanations of various subjects students are studying.

Very specific courses such as Microeconomics, History, Biology, Psychology and even Philosophy can be found here. A perfect platform for curious minds. Find out effective solutions to various analytical questions.

  1. Chegg

The famous copyright violations of the textsheet were reported by Chegg. You probably know this site.

Chegg gives a vast number of homework solutions and you can even ask specialists to answer your problems in case it’s not already answered. The only issue with this famous text sheet alternative platform is it’s neither free nor cheap.

Users need to have a monthly membership. However, when a user is finding out answers for only one subject or one project he can use it only for a day or two. But you need to pay to access it for a full month.

Chegg covers vast subjects and interlinked knowledge sharing so the user can anyhow get the answers to his queries, even if you don’t find the precise answer for your question or homework you can read comparable answers which can help you carry on with your self-study.

  1. Paper Help

Want professional assignment assistance and paper writing service to enhance your studies?Choose Paperhelp.Just as its name suggests it is readily available with any subject’s papers and offers accurate solutions to all the problems.

Students can submit their assignment or any specific requirement and paper help will give them a quotation of price as per your required subject. (words, pages, documents, etc)

They also offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android where users can submit their assignment demands, track the process and talk to the support team if they need to.

  1. Crazy For Study

With 81,752 page views per day, Crazy For Study is a leading high rated text sheet alternative. It has a huge compilation of 50 million books.

With this store, this site becomes a liable and helpful source to answer your questions or doubts. It not only caters to the subject-specific issues but also gives elaborate studies in various subjects like History, Engineering, Maths, Computer Science, etc

It is the most famous study assistance for Australian students. The site offers- ‘locate the book’ assistance prescribed by various Australian institutions.

  1. Freetechbooks

Next in our list of top text sheet alternatives is Freetechbooks. A famous site that operates likewise to the late Textsheet, but the major difference is that it concentrates on a particular niche.

Various types of ebooks, notes and lectures received here are completely committed to the topics of programming and other computer-centric divisions.

It is a free and legal website that includes different laws, governing policies, copyright issues, etc. The study platform actively involves various third party links. Therefore they do not need to host ebooks on Freetechbooks servers.

The platform does not give links to any third-party sites that allow pirated books. And this way it manages its online trustworthy status.

What Are The Advantages Of Best Textsheet Alternatives?

Why are various text sheet alternatives becoming so popular day by day? What are their usages? Are they better study sources than traditional books and journals? Let’s know the advantages of text sheet options to decode its popularity.

  • Free study-sources with authentic information.
  • A wide range of subjects, categories, information types.
  • Provides assistance to finish homework, study assignments and various school projects.
  • Helpful for subject experts, parents, and guardians to get insights into particular topics.
  • A global platform that helps face various competition and current subject trends.
  • It offers in-depth subject knowledge with examples and case studies that help increase the practical usage of particular subjects.
  • Best study source for technical subjects that require constant updates and global information.

Concluding Notes

Do you want to find out accurate answers to your assignments? Are you curious about different projects? Want help with your homework? Use the best text sheet options to relax your study task.