Tips on arranging a Guest Room


The guest room is not a common element in many homes. The living room is usually used for such purposes, but, if you benefit from an unused room that you want to turn into a welcoming place for your guests, here are some tips for an arrangement that will impress those who step on your threshold.

Arranging the guest room

When arranging the guest room, you must consider its main role: comfort and space for guests who stay overnight.

The guest room should be an oasis of relaxation, so choose a delicate tone for painting the walls. You can use neutral colors, such as beige or ivory, or pastel shades of blue and green, both for walls and for furniture or carpets.

Think about the habits of your potential guests and the number of those who sometimes stay on extended visits. A guest room for young people may look different from a guest room for a family. To cover more possible situations, we suggest you start by placing 2 beds, if space allows. Ideally, they should not overlap, to give guests the chance to sleep together or apart, if the situation demands it. For a variety of such beds to choose from, acces the Nyfurnitureoutlets and find the ones that will suit your guest room best.

A set of twin beds that can be easily moved to stick and detach would be the most inspired decision, even if they are not part of the same furniture set. A sofa can also be used as a bed. With the help of details such as bedding, decorative pillows or other objects such as bedside tables, you can arrange it pleasantly enough. Moreover, make sure the furniture is in good condition and offers a comfortable sleep to your guests.

Find ways to let the light in as much as possible. If the room does not benefit from natural light, add lighting objects. You can even place a reading lamp on a nightstand, in case guests have the habit of reading before bed. Moreover, you can leave a few magazines or books at hand.

Another important aspect is to give guests control over the light. Make sure that the curtains effectively cover the windows, so that the guests can adjust the brightness of the room according to their preferences. Instead of curtains, you can even use blinds. This will also contribute to their mental comfort, because they will have the feeling of intimacy.

Don’t forget the storage spaces

Most likely your guests will have luggage, which is also usually placed in the room where they spend the night, in order to have easy access to them. This is why you’ll need a closet in the guest room. Choose one with space for hangers as well as with shelves or boxes for their accessories: jewelry, watches, belts. Accessorize it with hangers, towels, beds, pillows and other items that guests may need. You can even include shampoo, toothpaste or a packed toothbrush in case they forget to bring them.

Do not turn this closet into one where you can keep your own objects that can no longer find their place in the house. This would give an unpleasant impression. Do not leave personal photos or personal hygiene items in the guest room. Remove any fragile objects, so as not to cause stress to both you and your guests if an accident occurs.

Do not leave glass vases, expensive and brittle decorative objects. Instead, decorate the room as pleasantly and relaxing as possible: add lots of decorative pillows and new, clean sheets. You can even add objects, such as a dream catcher or a painting with a positive scene.

Before inviting the guests who will stay overnight, test the guest room yourself. Find out how well you sleep there, if there is any element that could disturb the sleep of visitors or if you need to add certain objects for their convenience. Sleeping there for one night, you might realize that the room lacks a carafe of water next to the bed or a table on which to leave a laptop before going to sleep – all elements that would be useful.

Attention to detail

You need to customize the room according to your guest. Always arrange the bed or beds according to the number of guests staying overnight. Even though bedding usually contains only two pillows, a family with a child may have other needs. In this case, don’t forget to add one more pillow and, if you have one, a plush animal or an extra cot for the little one.

Always ventilate the room before guests arrive. It is important to have fresh air for a restful sleep.

Give them directions on how the electronics they have access to during their stay work: air conditioning, alarm system, TV or radio. You can even leave them a set of keys with colored labels to have access to the flat or the house, regardless of the hosts’ schedule.

If your guests are not from the city and will stop for a few days, you can even leave them some brochures and maps with recommendations to visit the place or have fun, if you don’t spend all your time together.

Room cleanliness

It is important that guests enjoy the cleanliness and can easily keep it. Both after the departure of the guests and before the arrival of the next ones, the room must be checked and cleaned.

It all starts with testing the lights, the TV, the curtains and the condition of the objects in the room. Everything should work without difficulty. Make sure there is no garbage and dirty objects. Clean it all well: remove dust, polish shiny surfaces, vacuum or wash the floor. Then, you can place the clean linen on the bed and bring personal items for guests: towels, beds, pillows and other products recommended above.

The cleanliness for the guests is not only in their bedroom, but also in the bathroom. Whether you share this room or have the luck of a second one near their room, it’s time to sanitize it. Hide personal products and arrange the space as neutral and welcoming as possible, with room for their own objects: towels, comb, deodorant or toothbrush. Then draw the curtains from the bedroom and adjust the optimal temperature in the room, check the whole room once more and wait for your guests.

Here’s how to prepare a guest room for your loved ones, who will stay overnight. All you have to do is pay attention to their habits and customize the bedroom according to the guests’ preferences. Don’t be overwhelmed by these tasks, though. A good host is primarily one who greets visitors with a smile on their face!