Advanced Phone Cleaner App Review – Antivirus & Speed Booster

Advance Phone Cleaner App Review

Android devices tend to get lethargic with time and usage. This is one of the major issues that annoys user the most. Not only this, sometimes it might force you to switch to a new device eating up a chunk of your savings.

Understanding this problem to its core we (Digital Protection Services SRL) have decided to come up with a solution that can pacify android users with numerous difficulties.

Introduction to Advance Phone Cleaner – Complete Cleaning Solution for Android

The warrior Advanced Phone Cleaner is all set to help you make your device function like a new one! It encloses fantastic features which are capable of creating space performing necessary tasks.

What is Advanced Phone Cleaner?

Advanced Phone Cleaner is an integration of services that aim to enhance the functionality of a device. It is one of the best android boosting and cleaning application that works efficiently for all Android Phone users. It turns out to be a rock-solid alternative to keep your Phone as a new one. This is your gateway to own a fast, clean and organized android phone.

How does Advance Phone Cleaner work?

Once Installed, it waits for you to permit it to unleash its remarkable features. The best part is that it does not take any action on its own, it demands your concern to do so. Cleaning and safety work hand in hand in Advanced Phone Cleaner, thus it ensures great standards of antivirus security with a tidy phone.

It cuts out the redundancy by alerting the user of duplicate images residing in the gallery for so long. Device storage exceptionally expands when you sweep off the junk occupied by the cache memory. Less occupied space guarantees a faster device.

Features of Advance Phone Cleaner – Best Android Optimizer App

Before denoting time and space to any application, it is always beneficial to check how can it affect the working of any device. An overview of notable features is given below for a comforting experience.

  1. Antivirus
  2. Social Cleaner
  3. Battery Booster
  4. Duplicates Cleaner
  5. Speed Booster
  6. Junk Cleaner
  7. Game Booster
  8. CPU Cooler
  9. Real-time Protection
  10. Know Your Device
  11. Secure Browser
  12. Notification Manager
  13. Application Manager
  14. File Manager

Woah! That’s a lot of features. Thrilled to know?

Let’s examine these features in detail.

  1. Antivirus: (the ultimate shield against virus and malware)


Viruses and malware are those infections that manage to find a way in your device very smartly. Most of the times user is unaware of its presence.

Activities as device slowing down, personal information leaking up, redundant files being created and spurious activities justify the presence of this contamination.

This Antivirus for android in such cases prevents the entry of virus from almost all possible ways.

It also ensures that the existing virus is wiped off from the system and also blocks it from re-entering into the device. In a way, we can call this mobile antivirus a security guard that effectively shuts out virus and malware from applications and files.

  1. Social cleaner: (simplify and arrange/manage data from social media)


Social media circle, large or small, brings a lot of pictures, videos, documents, and many more items with itself.

Storing them can be a real problem, and it sometimes becomes super hectic to swipe irrelevant pictures and videos from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in your phone gallery.

Moreover, think about the space it occupies. It surely resides in a memory chunk which if sparsely populated, can be of great benefit. That space might be utilized for a number of important activities.

Clutter the precious storage space using this feature of this best phone cleaner. Also, a handy advantage, it does not disturb your login details! Isn’t that amazing?

  1. Battery Booster: (save energy and extend battery life)


Battery is the virtual fuel for our smartphones. Battery drainage is frequent with long screen timings.

Accessing smartphones for work and leisure is the need of an hour in this technological era. Battery Booster comes up with immense power that can enhance the battery duration. It frees up RAM and kills the unwanted processes running in the background with one tap that cause your battery to degrade.

  1. Duplicates Photos Cleaner: (reject redundancy and create space)


Fond of clicking a lot of selfies? If YES is your answer, then do you remember to delete those look-alike selfies or pictures? Majority of us will say NO! We love clicking, but we forget deleting those similar pictures and put the speed and storage on stake. Don’t worry. Duplicates Photos Cleaner will definitely do that for you. It scans your phone in mere few seconds and displays redundant or similar pictures which approve you choose and delete as per your need. This may save you a great space. You can use that space for clicking some more Selfies without being warned for low storage.

  1. Speed Booster: (Get launched like a rocket with Speed Booster)


Smartphone has become a basic need in this 20th century. With around 80% of the world population surfing the internet through their phones, downloads are immensely increasing. When downloads in a smartphone exceed a certain limit, its performance is affected. The RAM of phone gets occupied with all the downloaded apps and their running functions. The phone becomes adequately slow, irritating the user. Speed Booster can really be a savior in such situations. It terminates background running apps that occupy RAM, which results in an accelerated device. Speed Booster frees up the space to give a considerable speed to your device.

  1. Junk Cleaner: (One-tap junk clean to recover space)


Play Store is a ceaseless assortment of apps that user downloads as per their requirement. The apps on this platform are continuously adding up to make this list a huge one. They offer fantastic features which can make our lives super easy. Some apps fail to satisfy us while some find permanent storage in our device. Installing, uninstalling and running applications is the main reason that gives birth to these toxic junk files. These junk files find home in the storage of our device. This reduces useful storage and hampers the speed. A phone gets stuffed with these temporary files in the form of cache, residual or empty folders as its utilization increases. Junk Cleaner app for android can be used as a best phone cleaner to recover your phone from these junk files.

SMART TIP: Cleaning junk can definitely help out with increased storage and speed!

  1. Game Booster: (Play effortlessly, swiftly and lag free)


Entertainment is a way of releasing worries from our hectic and demanding lives. Mobile games have turned up as the best entertainer that can relax you within minutes. But is it any good if it fails to meet its aim? The answer is NO! mobile games have been designed to meet our needs but depending upon the working of a device they tend to underperform. When games slow down, the player gets irritated and anxious. Game booster comes up with an algorithm that shuts down the other processes that can slow down your game. This results in a fast-paced gaming experience in a jiffy!

  1. CPU Cooler: (prevent overheating, take a chill pill)


Continuous working demands a break. So is the case with our smartphones. There are some apps that exhibit heating procedures. This adversely affects the performance of our device. High temperatures can really prove to be hazardous. CPU Cooler acts as a cooler that blows away excessive heat to cool down the CPU. This displays the current temperature of the device and offers you to cool it down. Correct device temperatures enhance proper functioning.

  1. Real-time Protection: (audit the newly installed apps for virus)


Antivirus works effectively to watch for any malware or virus in existing applications. When you download an application from play store, you cannot test it for any kind of virus or malware. Real-time Protection then comes into the picture. It takes the responsibility on its shoulder and ensures that you are safe from such fallacious threats. It notifies you regarding any damage the newly installed app can cause. It scans the app in real time to check if it is safe for you or not. Installing an app, downloading a file, copy or paste from the internet, etc. are some of the ways with which virus can find its way to you. Forget such worries with a watchdog called Real-time Protection.

  1. Know your Device: (get relevant information on a single page)


This feature is incredible! It saves a lot of time. It eliminates the need to open settings menu again and again to check information related to a device.

Whether it is the status of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, storage, model number or android version, it has it all defined for you in a single window.

  1. Secure Browser: (browse with keeping your privacy protected)


It is one of the best features to keep your privacy limited to yourself. It does not record your browsing history, cookies and cache. This ensures your search is not tracked. Planning a surprise trip for your partner? Keep your surprise under the rug with the Secure Browser. Also with Secure Browser, you can ditch the paywall protection of some of the websites and relish it for free of cost!

  1. Notification Manager: (Respect privacy, organize and operate in easy way)


Important information like missed call, text message, system updates, and downloaded apps send notifications to a device. This clutter-up the notification bar, looking like a messy stash of notifications. Sticking true to its name, the Notification Manager can successfully simplify the way notifications are presented. It manages all the notifications with ease. It creates a bundle of all the notifications in a single bar. The best way to declutter notification bar. It has an appreciable feature that respects privacy. It does not open the notification, instead it badges an icon with the number of notifications an app got. It allows access to all the notifications in a tap.

  1. Application Manager (Manages Your application space effectively)

App-Manager A smartphone runs on a number of apps that support it to work in brilliant ways. What generally happens is that we download an app and keep it in our smartphone for an unknown duration even when it is no longer used or very less used by us.

These apps occupy space in memory. They can sometimes collect cache. This hampers the performance of mobile by slowing it down. Application Manager very well knows how to work in such situations.

It creates a list of all the installed apps with the recoverable space associated with them. You can choose to uninstall the unwanted app to get free space. It also provides an essential feature of ‘backup’ which can be used while installing the app in the future.

  1. File Manager: (one tap to a well managed device)


Managing files on the basis of their size can be a real task. There are ample pictures, music, documents, APKs and videos that are of large size. Some files remain in the memory even when they are not used. We tend to forget deleting them. It affects storage and speed. File Manager is the perfect pick if this is your case. You can set the size bar as per your requirement. The files exceeding that bar will automatically reflect into this category. It then simplifies your task of taking the desired action with those large files. You can choose to open, select or delete the file at a single page. It is handy as it omits the need to navigate through downloads, music, APKs or gallery folders. You get a well managed device in the end.

Advanced Phone Cleaner Features – (Infographic)

Why we love it?

We can figure out ‘Advanced Phone Cleaner’ as a marvelous tool, packed in a single unit offering great features to make a user’s life much easier. It doesn’t require a mandatory internet connection. Although while removing junk files, it is advised to recheck before deleting as there might be a file that is important to you. It aims to offer so many features all being user-friendly. A thumbs up from our side to this fantastic mobile cleaner app.


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