App Blocker Review- Block Distraction Applications

App Block Stay Focused App Review

Concept Behind this App

App Blocker – Stay Focused

This app is being promoted as a stay Focused or self-Control android application that claims to help you (its users) to block distracting applications temporarily on your device so that you can stay attentive in school or at work.

The most fantastic feature of this app blocker is that it works as per its user’s demand and will get activated for precise time and date, and once the pre-set time duration is over, the blocked apps get deactivated and ready for use again.

As most of us are connected to some form on internet or Wi-Fi, this helps you to set your profile according to the Wi-Fi connection or location too; your profile will auto start when you get to work etc. If your self-control is weak in some area, Strict Mode will help you!

Features of Android App Blocker

Smart productivity app & self-control booster

To have a better focus on your work timings, use App Block for all your social media blocker, focus timer helps you retain your time-bound task completion and usually a handy focus app to boost productivity.

How to download: (App Blocker – Block Unwanted Apps)

This is a productivity-enhancing app, go to the app store, download & select the apps and be assured that this app will help you do essential jobs. It keeps the notification off for the apps blocked for a time according to your preference. Also:

  1. Once you have installed this app blocker it works as a self-control app, you can temporarily block any application
  2. This also helps in temporarily blocking your email & keep your email notifications off.
  3. You can select a time limit for using applications each day when a particular profile is activated. A good example of this is it can give you the option to allow you to use Facebook for just 20 minutes during working time or at school.
  4. If you don’t want change settings during blocking time, use AppBlock Strict Mode which will help you with your self-control
  5. This also helps in deactivating other notifications for a specific time to help you concentrate, one important update: Notification blocking works from Android version 4.3.

App’s Features: Android App Blocker App

Here is a close look at the app blocker features of the AppBlock app and learn more details about how this utility and privacy protector app works for your work-life balance:

  1. Block application launch: be choosy and selective about app launch,
  2. Select how long you want to spend in a particular application per day when a profile is active. For example, the limited time of  15 minutes of Facebook in school or during working hours,
  3. Disable notifications from the particular application: you can avoid unwanted communications,
  4. Create profiles with rules for groups of specific applications: you can impose restrictions on the public profile.
  5. Use a timer and activate profiles for a selected time window,
  6. Protect your AppBlock application with a PIN code: it will enhance your security protocol and privacy configurations on your device,
  7. Boost your productivity
  8. List of blocked notifications, so you don’t miss anything
  9. Profile lock (unlock only when the phone is connected to charger)
  10. Strict Mode
App Block Pros:
  1. This app helps to increase self-control
  2. Also helps to increase quality time with your family
  3. Lessen your phone addiction and more productive and family time.
  4. The reduction of digital time – reduce time wastage
  5. This also helps digital detox which gives you finding peace (when you need off time
  6. This app makes you more anti-social
  7. Reduce screen time (phone usage)
  8. Helps you to prioritise the focus on essential jobs, relationships etc.
Cons of this App

Known issue:
Few people had the concern that the app blocking feature does not work sometimes or App Block consumes more battery, please go to AppBlock settings and allow AppBlock in Accessibility Settings.

Prevent Uninstall
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Which means that by enabling Device Administrator permission for Stay Focused, you can prevent yourself from accidentally uninstalling or force closing it. Go for the uninstall feature of  Stay Focused and disable the device admin permission from your phone or Stay Focused settings once the Strict Mode is over.

ADHD Disorder
This app also helps if you or your child have ADHD, AppBlock will help and give you the option to concentrate and increase your productivity. You will see this app by achieving a higher quality of your work and family time.