Best Junk Cleaner App for Android Phone – Advanced Phone Cleaner

Best Junk Cleaner App

If you are looking for the best junk cleaner app for Android phone then this Advanced Phone Cleaner is un-arguably the best choice. It is your Android’s best cleaning mate.

You should be asking how can this junk file cleaner be beneficial for you?

Let me tell you how.

But first of all, we must get to know a bit about this best junk cleaner app for Android phone.

What is Advanced Phone Cleaner?

Advanced Phone Cleaner is a categorized cleaner which offers a lot of features. These features do not limit their use only as a cleaner.

What else then?

This best junk cleaner app for Android phone provides features like Antivirus, Social Cleaner, Duplicates Cleaner, Game Booster, and many more.

How this junk cleaner app for Android works?

This app has been developed in such a way that it aims to improve Android’s overall performance. It restricts auto-start apps that slow down a phone and drain its battery.

Its Duplicates Cleaner, File Manager, Application Manager, Social Cleaner and Junk Cleaner when used, handles you a device that is much organized and de-cluttered.

CPU Cooler deploys an algorithm that terminates activities that incite device heating procedures.


What are the features of Advanced Phone Cleaner? (Junk Cleaner App)


It is always good to know about the features of the apps before providing them space on your phone. Below are the features of this best junk file cleaner app.

  1. Junk Cleaner- It quickly traces your smartphone or tablet for any kind of junk. As soon as it completes its scanning, it displays all junks in the list view for its users. You can choose to clean all or desired junk from your device.
  2. Social Cleaner- One of the best features provided in this best junk cleaner app for Android phone is the Social Cleaner. Downloaded data from our social media handles hovers the storage space. Moreover, we tend to forget about deleting them. Using this feature will make space in your device by deleting downloaded data from Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram, Messenger, and Twitter.
  3. Duplicates Cleaner- The concept of photography has been changed completely with the introduction of smartphones. Clicking and saving them was never this easy. Hence, we click uncountable photos and keep them in the gallery. Some of those photos look exactly the same with the slightest difference. Keeping so many copies of the same photo will only occupy space. Duplicates Cleaner in this best junk cleaner app for Android phone provides smart selection which allows you to delete duplicate photos.
  4. File Manager- Search and sort files on the basis of name, size, and date. Manage all the files on your device from this single window by selecting, opening, and deleting them. You need not to search for individual files on your device if you use File Manager of this junk cleaner app for Android phone.
  5. Notification Manager- Are you the one who gets annoyed by getting a pile of notifications on your device? This Notification Manager will do that for you. It collects all the notifications in a single bar displaying just the app icon instead of the message. Hence, you get organized and protected notifications.
  6. Application Manager- Recover space by managing or deleting the apps that hold no use or minimal use on your device. This junk cleaner app for your Android phone helps you to take backup of these apps before removing them. This backup can be used later when you wish to get an app back.
  7. FREE Antivirus App- This best junk cleaner app for Android smartphone comes with a very remarkable feature of Antivirus. Its high-end security makes sure all the viruses and malware that are on your device are wiped out as soon as possible. Not only this, the Antivirus blocks all the paths with which a virus or malware can make their entry on your device.
  8. Speed Booster- This feature is helpful when your phone is operating at a slow speed. This might happen due to excessive use or if the RAM is occupied performing other functions. Speed Booster of this junk cleaner app for Android phone can increase the speed of your device in just a tap.
  9. Battery Booster- This module is a life savior. When your battery is drowning but you have some urgency or there is no charging port, you can use this module. It will hold the battery levels from reducing any further for quite some time. Even if the levels are reducing after a certain time period, Battery Booster makes sure the speed of reduction is slow. This feature of this junk file cleaner is very quick and works in a tap!
  10. Game Booster- Who would want to play a game with lags or glitches? I believe no one! When an Android device has some apps on it, the processor divides its labor giving a bit of its concern to every app. This, if a game is played, will reduce its operating speed. Game Booster is favorable in such situations. It concentrates the processor only on the game when it is played, thus giving an amazing playing exposure.
  11. CPU Cooler- It is developed to solve a very critical issue we often ignore. This issue is of device overheating. High temperatures on a device may adversely affect its performance by disturbing its internal fabrications. CPU Cooler of Advanced Phone Cleaner assists by quickly lowering down the temperature to a normal value.
  12. Real-Time Protection- One of the best features when observed from a security point of view. Installing an app is an acceptable concept in any device but knowing whether the installed app is safe to stay on your device or not is a task. Real-Time Protection alerts the user of the presence of a virus or malware as soon as they install an app.
  13. Secure Browser- The Secure Browser in this junk cleaner app is all one can ever ask for!


Because with its help a user can browse the internet without leaving footsteps of where the user actually went and what did they searched for! No history is made in this mode. So, if you are looking to surf a website which you don’t want anyone to know about, then it is the best place for you.

Note : Incognito doesn’t mean that you can do malicious activities just because no search history is made. Internet Service Providers can still track you down in case of any illegal activities.

Device Information- Find information regarding your device in the Device Information section by using Advanced Phone Cleaner app. Know about the storage space (both free and occupied), battery status, Android version, model number, etc. It saves a lot of time when you get to know it all from the same place instead of searching for it on different sections.

Advanced Phone Cleaner has been pronounced as one of the best junk cleaner apps for Android phone because of its helpful and useful features. All of these are handy to use. Also, the size of the app is one of the notable features which makes it an ideal app to download.