Best Speed Booster App for Your Android Phone – Maximize Performance


Are you looking for a speed booster app for your Android smartphone?

If not, then it is better to look for one soon!

Because without getting the desired acceleration on your device, your life can be aggravating. You can get the desired acceleration with an app that stands out among all. Would you want to know which one?


Before knowing with which app, you can choose to boost your phone, it is important to know the possible reasons why a phone runs slow.

Reasons why a smartphone gets lethargic

  1. Running too many apps on a device.
  2. Stuffed storage space.
  3. Not using an updated operating system.
  4. Device’s CPU getting heated.
  5. Having an old battery.
  6. Junk files residing on a device.
  7. Occupied RAM.
  8. Live wallpapers.
  9. Active background processes.

Out of the reasons listed above, certainly, your smartphone is running slow because of one of these reasons. Speed booster for Android device can definitely solve your speed issues.

How can a slow smartphone run faster?

To elevate the speed of a slow running smartphone there are a lot of things you can do manually but ask yourself if you will be able to do it all by yourself?

The answer will be NO!

Obviously, because it is not possible to manually penetrate into a device’s software to carry out the desired changes.

What then?

Well, a speed booster app will do it all for you and that too in just a tap. Curious to know which app is it? Untangle your curiosity by reading further.

Which App can Speed up My Phone?

Slow speed can hit any of the Android devices, new or old. So in order to maintain the pace of your Android activities, you need to use Speed Booster of Advanced Phone Cleaner.

This app offers three different boosters to enhance overall boosting of an Android smartphone or tablet. Not only this, the powerful cleaner app comes with a variety of features that can clean, manage and protect any Android device.

This speed booster for Android smartphone and tablet is the app you must download and use to extract out the maximum advantages.

Boosters of Advanced Phone Cleaner

  • Speed Booster- It has been developed in order to get rid of a slow device and unexpected device freezes.

This speed booster app targets high operable speed for Android users so that they can derive out the maximum benefit of owning a versatile Operating System like an Android.


  • Battery Booster- Battery Booster is a feature inserted so that users can enjoy the prolonged duration of accessing their smartphone and tablet.Battery Booster helps in maintaining the battery level so that in a situation you are not able to feed energy to your device, the battery does not go off. Once you reach the power source, you can charge the device.


  • Game Booster- Game Booster is a program that focuses on providing you with smooth gaming experience.It shuts down the processes that run in the background for the functioning of other apps.This feature of theAdvanced Phone Cleaner ensures that the processor of the device concentrates only on the game that is being played so that you can enjoy your game to fullest.


After knowing about what these boosters are, it is better to know how can they optimize the performance of your Android device.

How does Speed Booster work?

Speed Booster kills the processes that run in the background. It restricts the starting of auto-start apps. It frees up the RAM so that the operable speed can be enhanced.

Speed Booster for Android mostly does this all in just one tap. It is capable of speeding up your Android smartphone and tablet merely within seconds.

How does Battery Booster work?

Battery Booster halts the battery draining processes that run in the background. It keeps a check on the apps that tend to turn on after a certain time span.

The appreciable fact about Battery Booster is that it works in a single tap. So you can run on the battery for long and all of the processing for the same happens in just a tap with this speed booster app.

How does Game Booster work?

When there are multiple apps and processes running on an Android smartphone or tablet, games suffer. Yes, games on that device tend to slow down gradually. Also, glitches might take over the game.

Trust me, as a game player, these are the most annoying things one can ever experience. Game Booster shuts down the processes that may produce a disturbance in the game. Hence the processor is completely directed towards the game that is being played so that you can have unstoppable fun.


This speed booster app for your Android smartphone will give you unexpectedly positive results by helping you clean and optimize your smartphone and tablet to fullest.


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