#1 Free Antivirus App for Android Phone – All You Need to Know About It


Before discussing antivirus, let us understand in detail what is an antivirus and how it works?

What is an Antivirus?

An antivirus is a software that is developed to help users save their data from the attack of viruses, worms, and their extended breeds like a trojan horse or a logic bomb.
An antivirus essentially detects and removes viruses from a digital device and to retain the original safe state of a device, antivirus prevents viruses from entering into the device. Antivirus is a type of an antidote that fights or blocks these infectious intruders so as to guard your data.

Stay Protected With #1 Free Antivirus for Android Mobile – Download Now

Free antivirus for Android mobile can save you from falling prey to these intruders.

Why do you need an antivirus for Android smartphones?

Viruses these days are not only limited to computer applications, but they are also making their way in smartphones and that too very easily. They will get into your smartphone from under your nose and you will not get to know if there is a virus present on your system. Smartphones are the latest targets of viruses and malware.
Therefore staying carefree while owning an Android device is not really a good idea.
You can give the protection to your smartphone with free antivirus for android which will scan your device from time to time and keep it safe.

Why not having an Antivirus is harmful?

If there is no antivirus on a device then viruses can easily peek into it. These viruses are generally used to corrupt, steal or shut down a system. This is a kind of digital war which may affect anyone. These new age bombs have no specific target and they may harm without any fixed purpose. They can harm us in many ways.

  1. Data theft can occur if there is a presence of a virus on your system.
  2. Redundant files might be created on your system.
  3. The system as a whole can misbehave at any instant.
  4. Your personal information might be at stake with a virus infection.
  5. Poor system performance

And the demerits are many! Hence it is strongly recommended to have an antivirus installed on your system.

Download Free Antivirus

How can free antivirus for Android help you?

There is a lot of personal data that is saved on your Android smartphone or tablet. You might not want to disclose or share that data with anyone.

With free Antivirus on your Android, you can save yourself being a victim of this security breach without paying a penny. With its database, the antivirus makes sure your device is safeguarded.

Which is the #1 Free Antivirus for Your Android Smartphone & Tablet?

Free Antivirus for Android is a basic necessity in any smartphone or tablet in this technological era. But finding the right app can be difficult. Hence making it easier for you, Digital Protection Services SRL has come up with Advanced Phone Cleaner the #1 FREE best Antivirus for Android.

You can Protect and Optimize your Android smartphone with the free antivirus enclosed in this powerful app.
Here is the accurate answer to this question!
Downloading this free antivirus for Android app will protect you from all the known and unknown digital threats that might be harmful to you.

Now you must be thinking how can the app save you from unknown digital threats?

Well, the app has been developed in such a way that it can fight infections of all types. We shall discuss it in detail in the upcoming parts of this article.

First, let us know how will this app help you optimize your smartphone?

Advanced Phone Cleaner sticks by its name by helping users get rid of everything that is not required on their tablets and smartphones. May it be viruses and malware or the junk, it sweeps it all in an effective manner.

Along with the best free antivirus for Android, it has some more fantastic features like Real-Time Protection, Social Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, Secure Browser, Speed Booster, etc that can help your phone stay safe and run faster.

Its features are also focussed on effectively recovering the space on a device. Let us know them all in a better way.
What Features of Advanced Phone Cleaner can protect you?


Advanced Phone Cleaner has the following features that ensure your device is safe and free from intruders as viruses and malware.

  1. Antivirus- There are infinite protection apps available on Google Play store but trust me on this, this is the best free antivirus for Android you can ever have on your device.
    Let me answer this for you.
    This antivirus of Advanced Phone Cleaner is developed in a way that it keeps itself updated of all the emerging and existing virus or malware threats.
    Its database is updated every time it is connected to the internet connection so that it is aware of the new threats that may damage your data. Hence with this free antivirus for Android, your privacy and security are intact!
  2. Real-Time Protection- The best of all is an instant alarm! This Real-Time Protection is an instant alerting notification that is generated when a new app is installed on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you have downloaded an app that is contaminated with virus or malware then, this feature will prompt you for the same, the moment you install that app.
What Features of Advanced Phone Cleaner can help speed up your phone?


  1. Speed Booster- Shutting down all the auto-start apps and freeing up the RAM is what Speed Booster focuses on. Implementing these two procedures will speed up the smartphone and tablet. With upgraded speed, you can enjoy performing desired operations on your device.
  2. Battery Booster- This feature targets optimization by stopping background processes that consume battery. Using this is similar to entering a smartphone or tablet into a power saving mode. This can help you operate your device for a longer duration as it holds the battery levels for certain period.
  3. Game Booster- An avid gamer will love this feature like anything. With Game Booster one can enjoy smooth gaming on their Android devices. It is a perfect tool that enhances the speed of a game. It is done by concentrating the focus of the processor only to the specific game being played.
Advanced Phone Cleaner as a Space Saver


Some more amazing features that are intended on saving or creating space. Let’s check them out!

  1. Duplicates Cleaner- Create space by deleting same or duplicate photos. Deletion of the same types of photos will make room for more photos.
  2. Application Manager- With Application Manager, you can uninstall the apps that you no longer use. For the apps that are least used, you can take ‘backup’ so that when you need them in the future, you can easily get them.
  3. Junk Cleaner- This cleans the collection of all kinds of junk that is stored on your device. Junk blocks precious storage space that can be used for some productive storage. Cleaning junk will ensure your phone is free from any such file that might hamper your phone’s performance.
  4. Social Cleaner- Downloaded media from social platforms may contain something which can be harmful to you to store. These social media platforms are the ones you use frequently like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp and, Messenger. Social Cleaner will help you delete that particular data so that your device is safe.

Except these some more features are CPU Cooler, Notification Manager, File Manager, and Device Information that can help to improvise your Android device effortlessly.


Advanced Phone Cleaner is an app that can handle multiple tasks. Its small size makes it exceptionally good to install it on your Android devices.

Download it now to stay protected and to maximize the use of your Android smartphone or tablet.


  1. After going through this article I installed the Advanced Phone cleaner app on my android phone. It provides me the Free antivirus which worked very well for me.

    It scans my phone completely (took some time to scan) and found three viruses in my phone. This antivirus cleaned the viruses very well.

    Great article posted by the author and very nice app developed by the developer.

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