Online and Offline PDf to Excel Converters (100% Free)


Are you looking for better and efficient ways to export spreadsheets from PDF files? We will discuss some of the best PDF to Excel converters in this post.

PDF files are useful for sharing documents across various systems. You can also have hard copies of the documents by printing these. But the editing part is where you are unable to do anything. You cannot edit the PDF document and you need to reformat it to edit the same.

If you are facing a problem regarding this,then refer to this article and check out what is hot and what is not!

Note that there will be some apps you can download and some can be used online without having to download them. Let us discuss everything about PDF and how to convert PDF to Excel offline.

Best PDF To Excel Converters You Must Check Right Away

Let us have a look at some PDF to Excel converter utilities that can save you time and help you export the spreadsheets. These are the best PDF to Excel converters that are highly recommended by the users across the globe.

To keep things simple to understand and easy to follow, we have categorized the converters into two categories:

  • Best PDF To Excel Converters Online.
  • Best PDF To Excel Converters Offline.

Best PDF To Excel Online Converters You Must Have

#1. Small PDF

Smallpdf is an easy to use software that allows the users to perform basic PDF functions online without having to download and install a utility on your computer. It offers above 15+ tools and functions that include:

  • Splitting.
  • Merging.
  • Converting.
  • Compressing.

It makes an ideal solution for those who work on PDF files and documents but do not need any advanced converter software on their systems. Furthermore, the huge user base of this online utility speaks volumes about the features and user interface. Smallpdf supports above 10 million users every month.

Catalog Of Benefits

  • This is one of the best pdf to excel converters online that helps you with all the basic PDF functions like converting the PDF to excel spreadsheets, splitting and merging the documents and vice versa.
  • It also converts PDF files to all the MS Office formats like Word and Excel to name a few.
  • Used by over 10 million users and trusted by over 90000 businesses across the globe, this online PDF converter also offers some good security features such as digital signature and password protection.
  • This is done to increase the security of the files and documents online. Furthermore, it uses a 256-bit SSL encryption in every file transfer.

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#2. OCR Software

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is an advanced feature that is used to convert the paper documents and images into editable PDF files.

You just need to have a working scanner to carry out a few functions. The OCR feature can then be activated after a document is scanned through a PDF application.

Here, the main goal is to convert a picture of a text into the text. What does it actually mean? Just suppose that you have an image file and the file includes textual content.

You need to convert the image file into editable PDF files. After converting the files, you can easily reformat them into Excel documents. You would prefer to use OCR software to achieve this goal.

Catalog Of Benefits

The benefits of the OCR software are multifold. It saves you time by quickly converting the files to editable PDF files. You can scan your document with a scanner and activate the OCR function rather than rewriting the entire document itself.

Once you have converted the files to editable PDF documents, you can search through a whole stack of documents using a few keywords. It is a time-saving tool.

This easy yet powerful tool also recognizes text within documents, images and even handwritten notes. Because of these features, this tool finds a special place in multiple industries, medical institutions and offices.

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#3. Soda PDF Online Converter

You just need to visit the website and select the files you want to convert. Browse. locate and submit the files to convert. This utility also offers a few basic provisions like:

  • Merging
  • Splitting
  • Converting

With this tool, you can convert the files to and from PDF format. In short, it is a complete document management solution one can find online that supports OCR. These are some unique features of Soda PDF Online Converter:

  • Convert your pages, edit text and merge/split the files.
  • Index your important documents and files by allowing them specific numbers.
  • Modify the scanned images and documents into editable PDF files with OCR function.
  • Add watermarks to the official letters and documents.
  • Edit and save the PDF files into the PDF 2.0 format.

The OCR feature also allows you to swap between manual and automatic text recognition. The manual text detection mode allows you to decide how you want OCR to interact with the document.

One great aspect of Soda PDF Online Converter is that it offers a complete online PDF conversion solution to all your documentation needs. You can quickly and easily detect the text in the files on the go and convert them to Excel files or spreadsheets.

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Best PDFs To Excel Offline Converters You Must Have

#1. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is the original designer of PDF format. So this is by far one of the best PDF to Excel converters offline. It is undoubtedly the best leading software used to convert PDF files to several other formats and vice versa.

It comes packed with features that convert the PDF files to the XLXS format for easy use in Excel spreadsheets. The entire process is easy and comfy and the data is saved without the need for reformatting. Using this PDF converter is fairly simple.

You just need to perform the following steps to get an Excel document:

  1. Open the PDF file you want to convert.
  2. Export it by clicking on the Export PDF tool.
  3. Select your format (Excel Workbook, xlxs)
  4. Click on Report.

Once the process is complete, you can edit the spreadsheets easily.

This offline PDf converter is widely popular in industries, medical, law, education and in many other fields. The pricing starts from $12.99 per month.

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#2. Nitro Pro:

It is a simple to use software that is geared on turning the PDF documents into Excel files. With minimum hassle, the developers claim that this tool allows the users to convert PDF into any MS Office format within a couple of seconds.

You can edit all the picture files, pages and textual content in a PDF document and transfer them all directly into an Excel spreadsheet. Nitro Pro also allows you to secure your documents using digital signatures.

However, the most interesting and unique feature of this PDF converter is the flexibility of the cloud. Being a cloud-based utility you can access your documents from anywhere.

It comes with a 14-day trial period and is priced at $126 per user. However, there are discount schemes available for users willing to get this product in bulk.

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So, these are some PDFs to Excel converters you need to check right away. If you have tons of documents to convert then get one utility from this list that works the best for you.

So next time when someone shares with you a PDF document or image file, convert the same to excel spreadsheet easily with these PDFs to Excel converters.