Top Educational Tools for Engaging Learning

Educational tools for better learning

Technologies are actively penetrating the educational field and start changing it drastically. Modern advancements allow knowledge to be more accessible and make the learning process more engaging and convenient for students. More and more educational institutions encourage students to use learning applications as it will help them get knowledge most interestingly and interactively. They will be so involved in the educational process, so they will never have to think about how to write my essay. Here is the list of the best apps you need to try out as soon as possible.

1. The Great Courses

This one is the perfect solution for those who don’t feel like attend real college classes but want to get deep knowledge from the best professors on all the variety of subjects. With this amazing platform, you will be able to learn history, art, literature, and so many more. The application is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Google Classroom

This one will be a lifesaver for students as well as for teachers as it can minimize routine administrative tasks and streamline assignment submission and grading process through this powerful app. Teachers can easily send important announcements, communicate with students who, in their turn, will be able to communicate with each other and start academic discussions, share learning materials, and ask teachers for help.

3. Coursera

It’s a free online school that also enables you to attend virtual classes, learn from the most prominent international teachers on every subject you want, and even get a completion certificate that will be proof that you can use for your professional needs in the future. There are hundreds and even thousands of lectures available with assignments that you need to do to retain new information better.

4. Udemy

This application is designed for interactive learning that makes the learning process very interesting and engaging. With this platform, you can learn not just college subjects but also get classes from accomplished professionals that have experience working in the industry you are interested in. This platform combines academic and personal learning.

5. Brainscape

With this app, you will have to use flashcards to memorize the information better. You will be able to repeat each concept until you fully understand and remember it. This is the perfect way that can help you retain the information on new concepts much more effectively. You can create and share your own flashcards with other users.

6. EdX

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This unique platform gives you an amazing chance to listen to courses from renowned universities like MIT, Columbia, Harvard, and so many more top-rated international schools. There are more than 2000 courses available on plenty of academic subjects, so feel free to choose the one you like the most and enjoy gaining priceless knowledge with accomplished professors.

7. Khan Academy

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This free educational resource allows students to learn from video lessons that are filled with images and detailed explanations. It also offers preparation courses for the most popular standardized tests. The app makes it possible to have practical exercises and track the overall progress to see what you have already achieved.

8. Edmodo

This app can be used to let professors communicate with their classes, generate surveys, quizzes, as well as assign tasks. It can significantly reduce teacher workload so they can spend more time on explaining complex concepts. Parents will be able to stay on top of their children’s academic activities and achievements.

9. Remind

This platform helps professors, kids, and parents stay always connected and be up to date with the latest educational activities. With this app, students and teachers can exchange messages instantly as well as easily share pictures, materials, documents, handouts.

10. Quizlet

The app makes the learning process quick and simple for people with flashcards, games, and all sorts of materials on a certain topic. The main feature of this app is practical tests, along with the option to share audio and video files that will significantly enhance the learning process.

11. Kahoot

This is a useful platform that allows faculty to create and administer discussions, polls, and surveys as well as multiple-choice tests. The platform is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Final Words

The learning process can be much more fun and engaging with modern applications. They enable you to easily access all the variety of academic information and enjoy the process. The apps provided in this article are considered as the best ones available, so don’t hesitate to give it a try and explore all their potential.