Top Game Development Platforms For Developers

Game Development Platforms

You don’t need to know how to program to create a video game.  These days, if you get creative and take a little time, there are enough tools to bring any idea to life.  And if you also turn to game development outsourcing by Whimsygames, you can turn the coolest ideas and projects into reality.

Obviously, going from amateur to professional requires some key lessons.  Some of the best games are the fruit of a talent that transcends educational rules.  Although the payment tools are more complete and guarantee ongoing support, the various programs we link together are ideal for the first steps to take our first steps in development and be able to publish on good platforms.  Who knows, you may be the next successful game developer.


We’ll start with what is, a free platform for video game development.  It’s about Blender.  Modeling, animation, texturing, rendering … Blender can handle all of this and more.  A versatile video game development tool that hasn’t stopped growing in recent years.  The current version 2.8 offers one of the most reliable and versatile toolkits in the entire industry, and is completely free of charge.  No subscriptions, no installments.

Blender is an open source software developed jointly.  If you want to start experimenting and playing with animations or creating characters or environments, Blender is the most recommended option.  And while its use in the industry is not as widespread as that of other paid software such as Maya.  Blender is rapidly gaining momentum.  In fact, several animated shorts have already emerged from his gut that have nothing to envy of the millionaire Hollywood productions.

Game maker

Game Maker continues to be one of the most popular GML-based platforms and has served as the basis for hundreds of great games such as Undertale, VA-11 HALL-A, Katana Zero, Nuclear Throne or Spelunky.  Game Maker’s strength lies in its broad compatibility with other engines and templates, so we are talking about a multi-platform engine supported by a huge community.  Plus, you can find guides on YouTube that will answer any questions you might have.


Stencyl is another free software for creating 2D mini games.  The program is compatible with almost any platform and the results can be seen in the browser – we can create complete games in HTML5 and Flash without any trace of code.  While its library seems a bit sparse, the drag-and-drop model is perhaps the best way to get into the development world without headaches.


Its versatility is immense.  Frikiscape is a small library of simple development tools with applications for platforms as diverse as Amstrad, Windows 2000 or Nintendo DS.  Among them, Entidad 3D stands out, it is a simple engine for all those players who grew up on shooters such as Doom, Quake, Half-Life or Counter Strike.  Its various extensions have character and map editors, and learning to use them is as easy as placing various elements on the scene (lights, objects, enemies …).


What if we told you that you can create your own 2D Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat fighting game by mixing characters as different as MegaMan or Goku in a unique crossover?  The years have erased much of his footprint, but MUGEN is still alive for those who want to work with him.  This simple engine has been in use since 1999, supporting resolutions from 320×240 to 1920×1080.


One of the heavyweights who has already entered various academies and schools.  And the fact is that this project was born under the premise “everyone should learn to program.”  MIT’s Scratch programming is really simple.  This programming language is very descriptive, so animations, character dialogs or subroutines are written right on the command bar.  Also, surrounded by a large community that shares projects, in just a few hours you will already learn everything you need to know to master this tool.

There are many tools.  And only you can decide which one to use.  And to make your work easier, we advise you to turn to and then your even the most complex project will be implemented.