5 Top Sports Betting Apps for 2020


Most gaming enthusiasts and bettors often look forward to the latest apps from the top gaming developers year in and out. Sports betting has gone digital and this means individuals can now access a wide range of betting sites from their phones.

With the advent of online betting, comes the danger of being ripped off by unscrupulous characters running questionable sports betting services.

To avoid such an eventuality, we’ve put together a list of the best sport betting apps for you.

  • How do sports betting work?

Sports betting is no different from any other form of betting even though different trends keep emerging. It’s a financial transaction between you and a bookmaker with you betting on or against an outcome.

You place your stake and hand over some money to the bookmaker to hold and if your bet wins, you get your money back along with any extra earnings. There’s no restriction on the kind of sport you can bet on.

However, football, basketball, and other major sports usually have the most appeal.

5 best sports betting apps for 2020

  • 888sport

The betting app 888sport is recognized as one of the leading sports betting app in the US. It allows you to play NFL, MLS, NBA and more games on the go. In short, there is a wide variety of games regardless of your taste.

This user-friendly and mobile bookmaker will keep you to date on fixtures of your favorite sports.

  • 10Bet

This sports betting app works for both Android and iOS devices and offers over 1000 different bets. After the download, you get a welcome bonus of up to $50, live betting, and access to a variety of leagues, games, and events.

All popular payment platforms including PayPal, Neteller and MasterCard are also supported and you can enjoy fast and secure deposits and withdrawals.

  • Paddy Power

This app has successfully employed social media platforms to enhance its ratings in the online betting community. A great innovation, Paddy Power has an impressive sports list including football, golf, and racing.

It also provides a $20 bonus to new bettors. In addition to iOS and Android devices, this app is also available to Windows and BlackBerry users, this way, nobody is left out. With extra features like live streaming and in-play betting, Power Paddy is sure to provide an unbeatable betting experience.

  • Bet365

Bet365 is another one of the best sports betting apps available in the market. With an impressive layout and a wide variety of options and features for bettors, the app makes promotions accessible to both new and existing customers.

It offers a versatile betting experience with a range of cash out options and over 100,000 live streaming events. With up to $100 welcome bonus, the app offers a diverse range of leagues, games, and events for users’ enjoyment.

  • Betfair

The best sports betting app for newbies, the Betfair app is designed to be used by novices and veteran bettors. With over $100 free bets, you can enjoy live streams, in-play betting, and other incredible features.

Betfair also provides swift and secure payment options and can be used on Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices.

  • Unibet

Last but surely not least on our list is Unibet. This sports betting app has a growing international appeal with over 10 million customers in over 100 countries across the globe.

The app comes with an impressive design and a wide selection of live betting options, pre-match betting, and other interesting features. They also utilize the most popular payment options. This will ensure safe and secure transactions for all bettors.

Sport betting apps provide the same features and functions as regular desktop sites. However, being able to access these sites with ease from your mobile device is an added perk.

One sure way to make your mobile betting experience more engaging is to invest in cool accessories. The good thing is that most of them are super affordable and durable.