10 Best Email Apps for Android – Updated 2019


I already use pre-installed email apps. Why do I need the best email apps of Android?

The world is drastically shifting from Laptops and personal computers to slicker and portable devices like cell phones and tablets.

The trend is not only observed in the professional sector but also as a personal choice. Amidst the shift, email communication has emerged as the most promising communication channel on digital devices.

Do you invest in the best email apps for your daily communication? No. Then read on!

Most companies and individuals’ resort to email communication for official reasons. Email ensures security and legal documentation of the message. You can only hold a person accountable, if you have an authentic proof against them, in the form of a hard copy or mail.

Considering the importance of emails, it can be assumed that devices will are loaded with mailing apps. However, there are plenty of apps on Play Store that offer features light year better than the pre-installed ones.

So, let us help you explore new email landscapes that can come in handy for your official and personal tasks.

10 Best Email Apps for Android Phone’s

  1. Microsoft Outlook

Let’s start with the most popular brand name in the business world. Most companies are sitting on Microsoft outlook and heavily rely on their email services. Outlook has been able to achieve more than 100 million downloads because it efficiently caters to the corporate needs of individuals.

Outlook mailing app combines your emails, documents, calendar, and contacts under a single umbrella. Essential mails are highlighted automatically between multiple accounts.

The app works smoothly with Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. The good news is, Microsoft works aggressively on releasing new features.


  1. Gmail

If you are an Android user, there is no escaping the Gmail account. It is the default and pre-installed app for all Android users. Considering it is a Google production, it is inarguably the best email app in the market.

Gmail offers a comprehensive UI with simple controls which can be easily grasped by non-technical people. Besides being user-friendly, it supports multiple accounts, organizers, filters (taking care of the annoying social and promotional emails).

But one feature which took us by surprise was the intuitive smart reply feature. There is no comparison to this reply functionality, it makes email writing so much simpler and reduces grammatical errors!


  1. Proton Mail


Proton offers a unique emailing platform. It focuses more on security aspects rather than emailing functions which more or less is similar in most apps.

Proton tapped a market where users are more worried about email data breach rather than getting folders and filters.

Proton offers a free emailing platform that ensures the protection of your data. The app entails end-to-end encryption of emails, which can be read by the sender or the dedicated recipient. The app constitutes of all the essential features that the best email apps possess in the market.


  1. Blue Mail


Blue Mail is a highly acknowledged email platform of 2019. This Android email app works with multiple email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, iCloud, outlook, etc. Multiple email accounts can be unified on Blue Mail.

Blue Mail also offers support for MS Exchange, POP3, and IMAP. Users highly recognize UI and visuals of the app. For security reasons, the app provides a timed lock screen to protect private emails.

Besides offering a configurable menu, the app offers a smart mobile notification. Users can set distinguished notifications for different accounts.


  1. Boxer


Boxer portrays a similar platform as Outlook. It is another successful email app in the corporate sector. The app was taken over by VMware AirWatch, and since then it has been growing exponentially in terms of market share.

Boxer combines email, calendar, and contacts in one platform. The app maintains its powerful interface which allows users to swipe emails into archives, spam, trash, and other folders. The menu is highly user-friendly, offering easy ways to add labels, mark the message as read, star emails, etc.


  1. My Mail

MyMail is another reliable and resourceful email platform of Android. The app can be synced with multiple email providers and another IMAP or POP3 mailbox.

The app offers real-time customizable notifications. The app provides a smart search functionality which makes searching emails more convenient than other apps in the market.

MyMail is a decent email platform which does not deliver any extraordinary features; however, the app is well-known in the market for the elementary features provided out of the box.


  1. Email by Edison


Email by Edison is a successful email app of 2019. The app is a reliable email client which can easily manage multiple email accounts. The UI is elegantly designed and supports various email providers.

You can auto-sort emails by categories and configure swipe controls as per your requirement. Email by Edison is compatible with Android Wear gadgets. The app is well known for prompting important emails like bills without opening the emails. No doubt the app gets recognized amongst the best email apps of 2019.


  1. Astro Mail

Astro mail is an AI-powered email platform, offering remarkable performance in the Android market. The AI capability intelligently assists in organizing the mail inbox.

In 2018, Astro was taken over by Slack (a giant chat app) to penetrate the email market. The smart integration between Slack and Astro has displayed a massive success in the market, a chatting app with mailing skills.

The mail chatbot within the app offers intelligent recommendations about mailing lists, archiving messages, etc. Also, be ready to receive reminders on important emails and notifications.


  1. Spike

If emailing had a casual look, then it would appear like -Spike. Spike is a breath of fresh air in the predictable Android Email market. The app is a non-conventional emailing platform.

Spike offers a conversational approach to emails, adding a chat format with emoticons, GIFs, voice notes, drawing tools, etc. The app provides an automatic inbox sorting for emails, read receipts, calendars, etc.  which becomes convenient for the user. Spike is compatible with all popular email service providers.


  1. Type Mail


One clean and tidy email app in the Android market is Type Mail. It integrates with a variety of email service providers such as Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, etc.

Like other best email apps in the market, the app supports unlimited mail accounts and customizable push notifications.  There is a “cluster feature” that intelligently bundles related emails for easy viewing.

Type Mail like other apps hosts all the necessary features like quick filters, configurable swipe controls, etc. However, the app is compatible with Android Wear support.  

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and install the best email apps and experience mailing on an entirely a new landscape.