10 Best PC Optimization Software 2022 for Windows | Download Now


There is no right or wrong time for giving your Windows PC a quick clean with a PC optimizer software.

Over time your computer tends to get stuffed with a lot of essential and not so important stuff which may take a toll on its overall performance. You might end up experiencing frequent screen freezing issues, the slow speed with a low response and crashing issues.

Well, the primary cause of all these issues is unwanted junk accumulation resulting in low hard disk space.

Are you thinking of optimizing your system manually? Reconsider your thoughts, as doing it manually will eat away a lot of time and energy and at the same time does not guarantee results.

The most efficient way to make your system running just like a new one is with the help of a Windows Optimizer.

For your convenience and ease, we have prepared an extensive list of the best system maintenance utility software.

List of 10 Best PC Optimizer Softwares

  • ITL Windows Optimizer

ITL is one of the most lauded about Windows optimizer software in the industry, which offers a comprehensive suite of protection, security, and maintenance feature all under one roof.

Picked with a plethora of features, it clean junk, recover valuable disk space, and enhance system performance in a single tap.

If you are in search of a Windows optimizer software, then look no further. ITL is a sure solution to all your system related issues.

Few highlights of ITL

  • Effortlessly deletes system junk, including unwanted data, residual data, apk files, and many more without hampering the privacy standards of your system.
  • Web-protection: Its Ad-Blocker feature promises complete security of your online activities. It blocks untrusted website and ads for better and more secure web experience.
  • It neatens up your system from invalid system registries, thereby improving its reaction time.

All in all, when you talk about supreme and excellence optimization experience, ITL is a perfect choice for all tech experts and amateurs.


  1. Norton Utilities

2nd on the list is Norton Utilities, which not only enhance your system efficiency but also ensure your digital privacy by deleting browsing history. It is an ultimate system maintenance tool that removes unnecessary files, retains system performance, and safeguard from all types of threats.


  • Gets rid of old and redundant files, that clogs your hard disk space and makes it redundant.
  • It scans your system, identifies duplicate files, and deletes them to boost system performance.
  • This Windows optimizer software also offers a preset profile that can provide the best performance experience.
  • Offers user-friendly interface and one-touch optimization.


  1. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This power-packed PC optimizer software will not cost you even a single penny, yes you heard it right, it’s free. It will optimize and safeguard your PC for better performance.

  • It uninstalls unwanted apps to provide a stable and better running pc.
  • Provides detailed system information in a single click.
  • Removes registry entries, keeps a backup, and provide an undo option to avoid any unwanted losses.
  • Removes internet traces and deletes browsing history.


  1. SlimCleaner Free

This one uses cloud-based optimization to clean and optimize your Windows PC for a better, cleaner, and faster performance.

It offers a free version and a paid version with enhanced features.

Feature of the free version

  • It can identify unwanted application and programs effortlessly.
  • It fast and powerful junk cleaning mechanism can remove a broken file, residual data, system cache for better and enhanced performance.
  • It’s Power management mode, and Performance boost mode identifies and eradicates all speed and startup issues.


5: Piriform CCleaner


With billions of downloads, Piriform has made its mark in the industry. Easy to use, this software is capable of cleaning your system in no time and comes in both free and a paid version.


  • Enhances your digital privacy by cleaning internet traces and browsing history.
  • It avoids space and storage issues.
  • Cleans unused junk files and removes invalid registries to ensure improved system speed.
  • It ensures that all your apps are updated with the latest software to avoid any security issues.


  1. Comodo PC Tuneup


This tune-up utility software tunes up your system for a smooth startup, running, and shutdown experience. It resolves underlying system issues like system garbage and registry issues.


  • It restores the Windows setting to ensure optimal usage.
  • Scans your system for registry files, deletes and repairs them for better performance.
  • Takes care of startup issues that result in low responsive time.


  1. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer




Defencebyte has earned a good name in the PC tuneup category. Loaded with a plethora of features, it can fix system issues in seconds and improves its overall conduct.

  • Cleans and deletes unwanted files and programs.
  • It blocks all unknown and unwanted URLs, thereby ensuring your digital security.
  • It uses comprehensive technologies to identify system lagging issues and eradicates them.
  • Fixes missing registry entries, corrupt and outdated drives.


  1. The PC Decrapifier


Get rid of system junk and unwanted files, with this highly efficient windows optimizer software.

  • It follows simply yet useful step-to-step procedure to clean your system.
  • Comes with a user-friendly interface and can run on USB as well, that means no need for downloading
  • It’s a light tool that does not eat much memory space.


  1. Kromtech PCKeeper Live

Enjoy system optimization and cleaning in one go with Kromtech. Its an ultimate system software that reduces system vulnerabilities and promises excellent performance.

  • It offers a User- friendly interface.
  • It ensures system security against all sorts of malware and viruses.
  • Identifies and wipes of system garbage and registry entries.


  1. Anvisoft Cloud System Booster

This one-stop solution provider is available in both a free and premium version.

          • It takes enough care of all registry errors along with extension errors.
          • Identifies and uninstalls unwanted applications for better speed.
          • Removes storage and system clogging issues.


Closing words

So these are some of the best PC optimizer tools for windows, which can clean junk and optimize your system within seconds.

With digitization laptops and PC have become an integral part of our daily routine, and a sluggish and slow performance can eat away ample of time.

A PC optimizer is what you need in this situation. Go with expert advice and choose the best in class optimization tool, ITL windows optimizer that will not only boost system performance but will also provide high-class privacy protection.