Top 10 Best App Lock Apps For Android Phone


With time, Android devices have become the most liked OS of smartphone users. Highly lauded for their customizable features and user-friendly interface Android devices still lack behind when it comes to security.

Smartphone security has undoubtedly progressed with time but cannot be relied upon entirely. Save your private data and ensure your digital security with simple app lock software.

Thankfully, several applications offer lock features and utilities that can protect your devices from prying eyes.

Further ahead in this article, we will focus on some of the best app locks for an Android device. Learn how they help in keeping your data secure from meddlesome people.

10 Best App Lock for Android Phone

Smartphones have become a crucial part of life and continue with ever-growing advancement and innovations.

However, too much dependency has grabbed everybody’s attention and has raised immediate security concerns. In such scenarios, lock apps come to everybody rescue.

Let’s now have a look at some of the best apps lock downloads available in the market currently.

  • Applock

Preferred by many smartphone users, App lock is one of the most trusted Android lock software. It ensures the safety and security of your private data.

You can also lock your wifi connection and data connection with it. Another unique feature is the Vault, with which you can enhance the privacy of your photos and videos.

It is compatible with Android 6.0 and above devices and lets you set a fingerprint password post successful download.

It also displays details of intruders who tried to break into your device.


  1. Norton App Lock

Well known for its antivirus software, Norton also develops power-packed applications that lock and secure your sensitive information stored in the various app installed on your smartphone.

It works quite smooth and rarely hangs. You can set a password, pattern lock, or security pin to lock various apps.

Add an extra layer of security to your personal and confidential details and lock your pictures in a vault to protect them from cyberthieves.


  1. LOCX App Lock

Next in the list of fingerprint app locks is LOCX App lock. A power-packed application that can keep your secret photos, messages, and videos secure.

You can create a pin, pattern, or fingerprint password to add a security layer to your photos by locking them inside a separate vault.

This lightweight app locker consumes a minimal amount of your system resources without compromising on its working.


  1. CM Applock

This multipurpose apps work as a simple anti-malware tool along with app locker features. Message security, safe VPN connection, app lock, WIFI security are few of its prominent features.

It allows you to add a pin, pattern, or fingerprint password to various application to keep your personal information safe from intruders.

It comes in both a free and paid version. However, you may start with the free version initially. It also provides the details of all intruders who tried breaking into your devices.


  1. Smart App Lock

This is one of the best android app lock tools for Android devices. Packed with multiple features and benefits, it entirely justifies its position amongst the best.

It allows you to set pins and pattern passwords to lock your private data. As an added benefit it comes with a selfie features which captures a picture of the intruder trying to unlock your device and shares it on your registered email id.

It can also fake an app crash to fool intruders. You can lock your Bluetooth and WIFI connection, along with incoming and outgoing calls with it.

It comes in a compact size and allows you to restrict the number of attempts to unlock your locked applications.


  1. Private Zone

Just like its name, Private Zone locks your phone, keeps it safe, conceals your private images, and enhances the speed of your android device. You can either use a PIN or a digital password for locking various applications installed on your smartphone.

Another talked about feature is the Parental control features that allow parents to control and restrict screen time of their kids.

It frequently cleans your browsing history to ensure web security.


  1. Applock- Fingerprint

Known to deliver exceptional user experience, this one does not carry unwanted features like antivirus and phone booster.

Its comes with a straightforward and easy to use functionality and uses a fingerprint scanner to lock applications.

It takes selfies of intruders and notifies the users with details of all unauthorized attempts. Its comes free of cost and can lock WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity for enhanced security.

This app also stands as a good option for parents looking at keeping their smartphones away from their kids.


  1. MaxLock

This add free lock app surely grabs a permanent place in the list of best app lock for Android devices.

It works on the Xposed Framework and uses a fake crash mechanism to trick intruders. Unlike most of its competitors, it uses your phone’s battery and performance recognition technique.

You can keep a PIN, password, pattern, or knock code to secure your private data.


  1. Lockit

This fast and reliable app can effortlessly keep your private stuff private. It also uses a disguise feature to fake crashes to keep intruders away.

Another noteworthy feature is that it allows you to change your passcodes using security questions.


  1. Finger Security

This is the oldest yet one of the most preferred lock apps available for Android devices. It was the first application to introduce lock fingerprint feature. However, you may use PIN or password as an alternative to it.

It takes and stores a selfie of intruders.


Closing words

Mentioned above are some of the best app lock for android devices. With ever-growing dependency on smartphones, keeping your saved data has become highly crucial.

It is essential to handle it safely and prevent others from accessing your information; an app lock application takes care of all such security concerns.