10 Best Car Rental Apps For iPhone And Android 2019


Borrowing a car is a much fancied and cost-effective option when it comes to traveling  long-distances. It is also more comfortable as compared to hiring a taxi.

If we look at the present scenario, car on rent apps are a boon. Utilizing them on your phone (iPhone and Android) is like a piece of cake.  

Doubtlessly, there are a huge number of the best rent car apps both for Android and iPhone that would furnish you with a more immeasurable deal and more comfortable booking rules, even when you have a busy schedule.

You can be your “own boss” while driving your rental car. Furthermore, it diminishes the bustle and irritation whilst you are planning your favorite trip.

It’s only you who can decide whether you wish to be an early bird or you wish to be late. You can add as many stops as you desire.

Well, this article is all about the best 10 Best Car Rental Apps For iPhone And Android 2019. Let’s have a quick peep with the most wanted car rental apps for devices like iPhone and Android users. 

In this article, we have jotted down the list of the best car rental app for Android and iPhone. 

So, let’s move on to these fantastic apps for renting a car. Here you go:

  1. Getaround


This app comes first in my list of car rental apps. Getaround is one of the top-notch car rental apps which is high on-demand. You can rent a car without pausing, no nuisance, and no paperwork. 

Getaround offers you a great platform to hire a car of your preference like a Toyota, BMW, and much more. It also allows you to open your car with your device (iPhone/ Android). 

Most importantly, it’s free to register/ join, no monthly or annual fee is required to be paid. All round it’s a cheap car rental app. 

On every trip, Getaround cars are available with rental insurance to offer you the best stress-free road trip. Doesn’t it sound amazing!


2. Zipcar 


Zipcar comes second in my list among the best car rent app and is the straightforward way to hire a car for rent. 

Firstly, it’s available on the hourly and day basis. Secondly, it comes with insurance and gas plan as well. It’s you who can pick your choice of car, be it a hybrid, sedan, van and lots more. 

If we talk about its availability, it is accessible in many cities across the USA and about the understanding of the app you don’t have to worry as it comes with 26 different languages in total so you can easily understand it correctly. 

The fare prices start around $ 8-10 per hour, and the fee to be a Zipcar member starts at $6 a month.


  1. RelayRides


RelayRides comes third in my list among the top best car rental apps. This app is renowned as the nation’s largest marketplace to rent cars. 

RelayRides is accessible at an affordable price of $ 400 a month,$125 a week and $25 a day. 

You won’t believe that it also gives 24*7 roadside assistance and support to every rental, including insurance. This app is undoubtedly the best car rental app.

In the instances when you are out of your town or city, you can quickly find the RelayRides in your area. 

We would say RelayRides is one of the best apps to rent a car for both Android and iPhone that you can trust to maintain your commute with comfort.


  1. Turo


Turo falls on 4th number in my personal list of the best rental car apps. This app is one of the largest car rental apps available in the market. 

It serves a fantastic platform to travelers who wish to rent a car. They can quickly do it as per their convenience and choice, from the community of local car owners of countries like  US, Canada & UK. 

You can even pick up transports of your preference like Jeep, truck, F-150 Tesla, and much more.

The company guarantees the car’s security, so the owner and the renter don’t have to worry about the same.

Turo provides a great platform to hire a car quickly from local car owners, and you can save up a lot more than you would if you’d opted for traditional rental firms.


  1. CarRentals

The best car rental app for iPhone is Car rental. It’s the most straightforward and quickest way to hire a car. It lets you analyze among the cheap car rental allowances from each significant car rental apps and agency. 

You also have an option to drop/ cancel, view, and resend verification emails to rentals bookings using the app.

You can directly communicate with the customer support team, and they will provide you with roadside support. The best thing about CarRentals is that it’s available in 28 distinct languages.


  1. Silvercar


Are you seeking a stress-free car rental experience?

Then, Silvercar app is an excellent opportunity for you. You don’t need to sit idle and wait for your ride. It’ll already be there for you

Like while arriving at the airport, you will see your car is already waiting for you, all you need to do is get in the car and enjoy the ride. 

There are no counters available to book a car with Silvercar and it needs no paperwork. You just have to sign up, reserve your booking and fly away in only a few hits. 

Moreover, this fantastic app supports you with a 24*7 roadside assistance. You will love it when you’ll receive the fully loaded facilities like Bluetooth, WiFi, radio, and leather heated seats and in-dash navigation in every car to make your trip memorable like never before.


  1. CarzUp 


CarzUp falls on number 7th when it comes to the best car rental apps. In this app, you can compare prices among all the car rental companies at a single place.

You can even compare the cost among the 25 major car rental suppliers so that you can pick the cheapest and best ride, utilizing all the amenities. 

Point to be noted, that no credit card is needed while booking a car. You can hunt cars for rent in any major cities (or its airports) like USA, Canada, and Europe. 

It also enables you to view the information about the car along with its images before any booking. 

Moreover, you have an option to add suggestions or reminders to your calendar and inspect your bookings from a single place.


  1. Hertz


Hertz falls on number 8th in my list. It gives you all the information in terms of car reservation; if you are online or offline, it doesn’t matter. 

Moreover, the great thing to notice about this car rental app is that you can even download it on your iPhone as well as your iPad and iPod Touch. It’s the quickest and most straightforward way to get a booking. 

When it comes to security, Hertz presents special offers and quick assistance to its users. 

Overall, we can say it’s a precise and one of the most comprehensive car rental apps for both Android and iPhone.


  1. Car2Go


Car2Go falls on number 9th on my list. This app enables the users to run in and enjoy all European cities, like home, with just individual accounts. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in some other place like Berlin, Madrid, Rome or Vienna. You’ll have this app with you for your help.

You can view all the vehicles that are quickly available for use in global cities. It would avoid impediment and difficulty. This app also enables you to book an advance trip for wheels up to 30 minutes. 

You can even unlock your car with your smartphone, and it allows you to see all Car2Go preferred “Home Areas” and parking spaces for each city. The charge that this app imposes is $0.41 per minute and $15 hourly. 

The fantastic part of this app is that it includes fuel, security, and other incidentals at the same rate. So it’s a great option to rent a car to enjoy a safe and secure journey. 


  1. Skyscanner


Skyscanner comes number 10th in my list of top car rental apps. It’s an all-in-one traveling app for everyone who loves to travel on a regular basis. 

This app supports you to seek, compare, and hire cheap flights, resorts, and car rentals at any time from anywhere. 

Moreover, while you book your hotel, flight, and car together, you get an amazing discount. Also, this app helps you to find the most suitable deal in a few seconds, and you can even keep track of payments and booking without any mess. It’s available in 30 different languages.


Well, these were the most wanted apps among the top 10 Best Car Rental Apps For iPhone And Android 2019. Choose the right app to experience it better.