15 Best Free Movie Apps 2019 for Android


Who does not love watching movies? And how about getting a mobile app with free movies? Thrilled to even think about it right? We shall get to know the best apps that can support free movies on your Android device. 

So let’s get started quickly without wasting any time! 

Let the show begin! (Download Best Free Movie Apps)

  1. Old Movies- Oldies but Goldies


Classics are never out of date. This is one of the best Android apps for watching free movies that are old. Sometimes you just need your ‘Me Time’ with so many classics which were filmed before the 1970s.

You can choose your loved category out of the ones provided. Some of which include action, thriller, drama, family, fantasy, musical, and many more. Just select your category and choose a movie. It is that simple!

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  1. Dove Channel

If you are a family person or keeps ethics on the top of your priority list, then you should download this app with free movies right away!

In a world full of hatred today, you can find movies that you can enjoy with your family members. You can go for a monthly subscription of this best free movie app if the ads annoy you much. 

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  1. Crunchyroll


If you love anime like anything then you should not miss out on downloading this free movie app for Android. It has the world’s most popular Japanese anime library.

Though the app is free, it may offer limited content and ads. To remove ads and to explore limitlessly, you can think of getting its premium version. 

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  1. Tubi TV- Free Movies & TV


It is an android app for watching free movies online. This amazing movie app supports unlimited streaming without any subscription.

You can choose to watch popular movies and hit TV serials here. The best thing about this app is that it offers endless categories that can definitely satisfy a movie addict. 

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  1. ViewSter


This is a one-stop destination for HD Anime and handpicked video streams from around the world. It gets the most authentic content from different websites.

After being highly successful in the website, this has come in the form of a free movie app for Android. Its simple navigation and the interactive user interface is the eye-catcher for a lot of people. 

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  1. MegaBox HD


This is a hub of a huge amount of TV shows and movies. You can even choose to download or stream the videos. This android app for free movies has a good interface.

This has different categories that allow you to apply filters based on various parameters. This is an app that even displays the summary of the video you are willing to watch. 

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  1. Netflix

This best free movie app for android is a great deal if you want to ditch the paywalls for Netflix or Amazon Prime. But then you got to encounter a number of ads.

You can stream your favorite TV serials, movies, and exclusive shows for free. Additionally, it has a lot of interactive features as well. 

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  1. Popcornflix

This one is a newbie in the market but it is doing really good in the field of best free android apps for movies. It has over 700+ films with a new film adding up each day.

There is no bar on what is the minimum number of movies one can watch in a day. It has so many genres to choose your favorite movie from. 

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  1. Big Star Movies


In this best free movie apps for android, you can expect a lot of free and all-time hit titles to watch. This app is not for the conventional Hollywood movies but if you are good to go with the substitutes, you will definitely love this one!

Though this free movie app for android is free, you can choose to get its premium version with a lot more features. 

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  1. IMDB Free Dive


One of the most trusted sources for the movie ratings is now providing you the free movies to watch on Android. It gets you options to choose your favorites from a wide variety of entertainment.

However, full-length TV shows and movies are not currently available on this app. This app does not ask you to subscribe and it can even collaborate with other apps like Amazon Prime!  

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  1. Kodi


You don’t want to see the movie on a small screen? Well, you said it, the developers heard it! Kodi is one of the best android movie apps that connect your Android device to the laptop, PC, or TV.

Though this app does not provide the option to download the movies. You need to get your own movies before projecting it to the big screen!

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  1. Dailymotions


Well, this one has a lot in its bag to offer to you. It is not only limited to the movies. It is an app that offers you news, music, sports, and movies in high quality.

You can even choose to follow video updates from your favorite channels, personalities, and topics. This definitely is one of the best free android apps for movies. This also lets you create and update your own video library. 

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  1. Kanopy

KanopyIf you are bored by the fiction and nonsense and are looking out for something real and meaningful then this is the best free android app for movies you can get.

This is for the ones who need to see some thought-provoking stuff. Also, one can easily explore different cultures, beliefs, and perspectives with this app for movies. This is a way of thoughtful entertainment that adds up new titles almost every month!

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  1. Vudu 


Watch, rent, or buy the movies you love! This best free android app for movies offers you the best sound and video quality.

You can even get a movie library on your phone. However, the most recent add-ups are not available for free. This app supports ads and you can even watch the movies offline by downloading it. 

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  1. Snagfilms


This android app for watching free movies will allow you to watch full-length movies and TV shows for free. You just need to create an account and there you open the doorway for a heaven of movies for yourself.

You can also find movies that are kids and family friendly. Also, this free android app for movies adds new movies and shows every month.

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