Best Private Messaging Apps for Android and iOS (Secure and Encrypted)


Have you been looking for some secret texting apps?
Sending messages to our loved ones is a long followed practice that we do. The medium of sending messages has evolved drastically over the years. Earlier, letters were the only way to send messages to loved ones. But now you have letters, emails, messages, voice messages, video messages, text messages, and some other ways as well. 

This segment of the telecom industry is proliferating at an exponential rate. But the most preferred way to send messages is via text message. We generally use the apps on the internet to do so. But have you ever thought about the reliability and test-ability of sending messages over the internet? I’m sure only a handful of people may have thought in this direction.

Now what i am going to tell you now might be a little bit scary for you but the messages you send over the internet are not completely safe. Yes, there are people as the cyber criminals, or the private companies, or the government itself who can spy on your messages. Personal should stay personal. If you agree with that then you  may try some of the apps that are way safer as they implement a special algorithm to prevent data breach. Some of them are given below.

  • Line 
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • KakaoTalk
  • WhatsApp  

The special algorithm these secret messaging apps for Android and iPhone follow is the end to end encryption. 


End to End Encryption is protecting the information through specific means so that the information is safe from any third party app(s) or the user(s). The data or the message when it leaves your phone is protected by the algorithm of the app you are using. When it reaches the destination, it is only then this algorithm opens up to the receiver. Rest in-transit, the message is protected and nobody can decode it. 

Best secret messaging apps for texting for iOS and Android

#1. Threema

Threema has offered a number of users with an absolute fun and safe platform to share their messages among their friends and family. It makes sure that the chats, calls, and other media files or any other data is completely encrypted. 

This means that none of the data security breaches including the app’s authority, the cybercriminals, the government or anyone else get a chance to peek-a-boo at your messages or video or voice calls. This secret texting app works more or less like Whatsapp and it supports multi-file format. 

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#2. WhatsApp

Using a smartphone and still not using whatsapp? I cannot believe this! Well we all have this ‘basic necessity’ app on our phones that has made sharing of ideas, words, songs, location, and everything else so easier. So this secret messaging app works for both iOS and Android and the messages that you share are encrypted! Yay!

That means that our data is completely safe on this super messaging app! It is the best and safe messaging app you can count on. It does not save your chats on its server, which means you are in absolute safe hands!

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#3. Viber

Viber has been in the market for quite some time now. It has surpassed the test of time when new and fun apps were launched in the market. This safe texting app has made its mark on the world by offering exceptional services. It still continues to buckle up with the latest market technology. 

Just like the other ones in its fraternity, it is free, fast and simple. This means anyone can use it without reaching out for that how-to-use manual. It has a large number of global users and it is performing well in keeping your data safe and out of reach of these online burglars. 

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#4. KakaoTalk

Old is gold. KakaoTalk is really striving in the market for so many years now. Chatting or sharing media on this private texting app is pretty interesting. Thanks to its interesting and interactive emojis and stickers! You can express yourself better here. 

It is highly supported by a number of software including MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows, etc. The messages or the chat on this cute app are completely safe and protected. Everything in here is encrypted. Also, it offers a number of mini games in-app. So in case you have nothing to do, you can utilize your time having some fun there! Isn’t that cool?

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#5. Telegram

Telegram is an undisputed platform that lets you connect with millions(or even billions)of people without asking anything from you. There are dedicated groups on this amazing secret texting app for Android and iPhone. Joining any group, you can chat, exchange media, and share your ideas with like minded people in just a tap. 

Its users absolutely love it for being so simple and accessible. It supports easy synchronization of data over multiple digital gadgets. The best part of using this secret messaging app is that it has its own cloud. This means that all of your chats will be saved on its space and the memory of your smartphone will not be utilized for saving your chats. Isn’t that so amazing?

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#6. CoverMe

Now, CoverMe has something that none of the apps have. This secret messaging app for iphone and android has a vault where you can safely hide or keep your important content. Not only this but you can also anytime call back sent messages or choose to send disappearing messages that disappear after a while. I think this is the coolest feature of this app. 

If you are feeling like having a bit of fun with your friends or siblings, then you can anonymously call them with a private number and they will not know it is you until you tell them! Isn’t it amazing? The app is completely secure for you to send messages or to call your loved ones. 

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#7. Signal Private Messenger

With this secret texting app, you need not worry even for an inch about your privacy or safety of the messages you send to your friends or family. The messages include text, voice, video, and other such media options hence making it feasible for you to share everything in a second. 

The servers of this safe texting app never store any information of your message hence you are completely out of the reach of everyone. Signal Private Messenger uses advanced encryption methods to ensure maximum safety for you. If you wish to know more about the ways with which you can secure your mobile, the app has  mobile phone security training. How innovative, isn’t it?  

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#8. Wire

If you are into a business or any such organization looking for a secure texting app, then your search ends at Wire. it is supported by most of the platforms like Windows, MacOS, etc. hence synchronization is a child’s play. It is easy and quick. 

The messages you share through Wire- safe texting app are secured by high-end European privacy laws. Hence, you can use this app without having to worry about the security of your data and messages. It is an open-source platform and supports file sharing. 

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#9. Dust

Dust- the best app for sending secret text messages ensures that your private messages remain private. The encryption it implements is very robust and nothing, not even the servers of the app itself can penetrate the messages you send. 

You can delete your messages and it will not be stored anywhere. Many of the people around the globe use this amazing app for safely sending messages to their loved ones. Also, when someone takes a screenshot of your chat or message, the app has a feature to notify you of the same. 

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#10. Line 

Line has been serving its users for almost over a decade now. You can choose to text chat, video chat, and do many other things. Line is one of those secure texting apps that is very creative. It implements cool stickers with which you can express your concern in a  better way. 

Another amazing thing associated with this private texting app is that you can use the feature ‘Letter  Sealing’ to turn on or turn off the encryption of your chats and messages. Isn’t that so cool? The app was developed initially in adverse conditions to be used by the Japanese officials but now it is flourishing all over. 

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#11. Snapchat

I would say that Snapchat is the coolest app and definitely the app of the millenium. It has a plethora of stickers and innovative filters that you can put up in chatting or sending messages to your friends and family. It is the most lovable app of these days.

Little did anyone know about its security features. This secret texting app allows you to hide your messages and its messages are protected by the encryption code. It is mostly popular with youngsters and using its snipping tool, you can do pretty interesting stuff. It is a very good option to decorate and send your message. 

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#12. RingID

It is one of the top secret texting apps that you can use without fearing anyone keeping an eye on your chats and other messages. This app is just like the other ones when it comes to providing awesome features to its users. 

The messages are protected by encryption code which is completely safe. It gives you complete freedom of using this app your way. You can choose to connect to your friends and family in real-time using its ‘Live’ feature. The messages can also be deleted on their own using the ‘self-destruct’ feature. This means you are absolutely safe and secure if you use this messaging app for android and iOS.

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#13. Wickr Me

Yet another safe texting app that will not only keep your chat messages safe but also your voice and video calls. It is the app that uses a reliable and advanced end to end encryption protocol to keep your messages safe.

Pictures, videos, songs, contacts, no matter what you share, your personal chat will remain private under this secret texting app. The app is ideal for love birds as they can decide for how long the message stays in the chat menu. 

Download the best app for secret texting from iOS and Android

#14. Silence

Silence is the one that plays simple and is secure. You can choose to send messages over this private texting app and they will be safe. It uses simple encryption methods which can work without any active internet connection. 

The app is a basic MMS and SMS app that lets you convey your thoughts to your friends and family. Silence is completely free to use and is an open source application. You can send and receive media files in different formats through this app. 

So, this was all about the best messaging app for android and iOS. Now, there are certain questions that may occupy your head, let’s have a look on them.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Can someone trace secret/anonymous chat?

Answer. Well not until you use an authentic app that does not store your data on its servers.

Question. What is a secret chat?

Answer. It is the sharing of messages which is known only by the sender and receiver. The messages are end-to-end encrypted. 

Question. Which is the best secret texting app for iOS?

Answer. Whatsapp, Telegram, and Snapchat are the best secret texting app for iOS.

Question. Which is the best secret texting app for Android?

Answer. Threema, Telegram, Line, and CoverMe.

Question. Which is the best secret texting app for Windows?

Answer. Viber and Wire seems to be the best for Windows.