Top 10 Business Apps for Android Phone


Why is Android Preferred as a Business?

The answer is quite straightforward! Android gives the option to segregate personal apps from business apps so you can use your preferred Android device for both, work and play. This phone comes with the power and gives its users the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime using the best productivity apps for android.

Businesses favor Android platform over other operating systems because of the following reasons –

  •   Android makes it possible for its user to set up a dedicated work profile for your business which does not mix with your content
  •   Android apps for businesses come fixed enhanced security features and in-built application support for users
  •   Being an open source platform, mobile app developers have access to the source code of the OS and can tweak it according to their business needs
  •   Android programming uses Java and its libraries which is simple to learn and facilitates secure coding for the various business apps
  •   Due to the extensive support of hardware in the form of multiple devices and open source benefits, the Android platform has become universal and readily available which will be very useful for the businesses regarding reaching out to the maximum number of people

Top 10 Android Apps for Businesses

Although Apple’s iOS is getting more attention from people, still Android has continued to rack up an impressive increase in the numbers. Android is becoming more popular due to its super easy usage; the Android platform has involved many business owners. Below is listed the top business apps which can be used to increase the productivity and help them generate more revenue.


  1. Basecamp


This application is a project management app which allows corporate managers to organize or assign tasks to others. This app assistance in communication within the team, manage workflows and make sure everybody is working on what they are supposed to be working on. Through this business owners can analyze team-wise data and measure employee’s productivity individually.

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  1. Cloud Print


This Android app help through its wireless technology to print documents, web pages, and articles from your Android device. This is a reliable way to print from any compatible printer. The app gives right of entry to all printers accessible on the local network and can be easily integrated with other Google services and, allows sharing of photos and images with others. Businesses find this very useful as they do not have to connect to any desktop or laptop, or even be physically present in the office to have a document printed.

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  1. Invoice2go Pro


An app which helps to keep information organized about the flow of money, it is a professional way to track money owed, money paid, and money received by the company. By using this app, businesses can create and send invoices from their Android devices, save receipts, sign documents, keep a calendar, enter location information, etc.

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  1. Slack


This is a group chat service which assists in talking to one another internally in the office. This app gives its users a free service for an unlimited number of users which can be very supportive for any business irrespective of the size. Facilitators can create various channels for diverse topics. This facility supports the upload of virtually any format of the file, which enables easy transfer of data to other employees.

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  1. Google Drive Suite


Google has a beautiful suite of office apps under the Google Drive banner. Through this app, one gets support for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images, notes, and much more.

They also work and support as cross-platform. This works on both mobile and your computer.

Due to this feature, it’s a great one-stop shop for all of that basic office stuff. Google Drive in itself is a cloud storage app that gives you 15GB for free, or you can pay for more. It is also integrated into Gmail and Google Calendar. Google also has a specific G Suite option precisely for businesses. It’s certainly among one of the best mobile apps for business use.

This is a savior for the all the Google users as it is a cloud-based storage ecosystem. Google gives its users free storage of about 15 GB and extra space for a smaller amount of fee. The online feature of the mobile app provides real-time collaboration from multiple locations, easy sharing and effective management of business files.

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  1. PayPal Apps


PayPal is one of the best business apps, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. Most of the companies use PayPal to manage their business transactions and invoices. Occasionally, it’s also used to pay employees. One can set up a business account that simplifies both sending and receiving money. The mobile version comes enabled with fingerprint support, the capability to check your PayPal (and PayPal Credit balance), and more. PayPal Business is PayPal’s app precisely for business use. We recommend both.

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  1. Job Search

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Stay connected with jobs on the go from anywhere. App shows you a plethora of jobs across industries and functions according to your skills and profile.

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  1. Square Register


This is the most effective way to track the sales of your business; this app allows companies to track and view inventory numbers, sales figures, etc. Sharing and sending receipts to clients is an easy task with Square Register. Similarly, this device can be plugged into the headphone jack, and the Android mobile phone can be used as a credit card reader and hence make instant mobile payments.

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  1. Google Hangouts or Skype

Fast and quick communication is a significant feature for any business. These apps permit its users to quickly setup of meetings and discussions through the audio/video calls and with multiple people at a time. Both these apps work very well and offer group chat facility as well.

Download hangout 



Download Skype



  1. Tax Code and Regs


This is a very useful and handy tax-reference guide which can be used by every business. Taxes and its calculation is essential to all companies, especially for small or medium companies that are just starting. It is instrumental to answer those complex tax questions. This comes latest and updated information with all the sections of the newest edition of the tax code.

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