Top 10 Parenting Apps for Android Phone – 2019 Updated


Parenting is not any an easy task however; the good thing is that there is no one right way of raising kids. New parents seeking help on the matter are likely to receive conflicting advice from various sources which is added proof.

Advantage of parenting in modern age is that there is a lot of information available online. Parents need to maintain a balance between managing all responsibilities, needs of family members and that of a child. This article provides more information about parenting Apps to help parents raise a child.

What is a Parenting App?

Parents require all kinds of assistance while bringing up kids. Thus, there are several types of parenting Apps available that help with all daily chores, help track location, can monitor a baby camera, educational help, help getting organised, keep log of children activity, parental control Apps, etc.

A parental control App can monitor a kid’s mobile device. It can block unwanted Apps, schedule usage and even track a child’s whereabouts. Furthermore, it can also keep a kid safe from cybercrimes, threats from strangers, cyberbullying, etc.

An educational parenting App helps parent with child’s homework. A baby camera monitor allows parents to view their child’s activity remotely. Tracking Apps help parents keep log of their children’s activities and even develop statistics that can be useful for several purposes including education.

Food and nutrition Apps help parents keep track of a child’s feeding and also help maintain important statistics. Family locator Apps help parents manage location of kids along with other family and friends for peace of mind.

Top 10 Parenting Apps of 2019

  1. Family Five
    Rating – 5/5

This well-designed parenting App supports millennial parents improve the quality of their family life. It offers a ton of inspiration for fun and development boosting things to do together in the real world as well as set goals that help live healthier and happier lives. The app is a favorite of parents around the world.


Here are few main features listed here:

  • Based on input from parenting experts around the world
  • Activities support brain development of a child
  • Free daily inspiration via personalized push notifications
  • Accessible to parents, grandparents and other caretakers
  • Insights on how why cognitive areas are important to develop
  • Track progress for each member of the family
  • Positive parenting approach strengthens parent child relationship


  1. Bit Guardian Parental Control


Bit-Guardian-Parental-Control - Secure-Safe Kids

Bit Guardian is one of the best parental control Apps around. It has almost all features every parent needs to take control over their child’s device. Besides being able to monitor a child’s activity, it can also restrict their screen time, block unwanted Apps and even track their location.

Here are few main features:

      • Block Apps: Parents can block Apps on a kid’s mobile device. They can view a list of all the Apps installed and block it. Parents can also choose to block a small set of Apps for a short period of time for example during examination if necessary.
      • Location Tracker: Parents can keep track of the location of their children using a GPS tracker. Additionally, there is also a ‘Pick Me’ feature that allows children to notify parents on the pickup location. GPS feature is also used to send a ‘over-speeding’ alert to parents in case child driving fast.
      • Monitor Call log : The log of all calls and messages is available to parents to monitor. This helps parents guide a child on whom not to contact and even block contacts if necessary.
      • Block App installation: Kids are not allowed to install any new Apps thus preventing them from using Apps that a bad influence. This includes violent games, social media or other content that is unfit for them.
      • Kiosk mode: Kiosk mode takes complete control over their kid’s mobile device and allows guardian to block Apps remotely as well.
      • Geofence: This alerts parents if a child crosses a physical boundary set for him. It is done by creating a virtual boundary using central location and radius.
      • SOS button: A child can use the SOS button in an emergency to send a panic alert to parents.
      • Schedule: Scheduling use of a mobile device helps parents dictate the type of Apps a child can use, time of the day they can use it and for how long.
      • Restrict access level: Children using their mobile devices are not allowed to perform a factory reset nor are they allowed to uninstall any App. This ensures they cannot remove a parental App from a device.
      • Child requests: Children can request to reschedule use of mobile device and also request to unblock Apps.
      • Easy setup: This is very easy to setup. All parents needs to install it on their devices as well as that on the child’s device and link them.
      • Data protection: All data that is generated by encryption is stored securely. Apps also does not allow a child to uninstall an App or perform a factory reset.


  1. WOW Parenting – Helping parents raise great kids!


This is a parenting App to solve all daily challenges of parents and has already been tried and tested by many parents. It helps parents deal common child issues like peer pressure, distractions, tv addiction, etc. Here are few main features listed here:

  • Expert guidance
  • Advice from experienced people
  • Live sessions and webinars with experts.
  • Parenting guidance based on scientific proven research.
  • Solution to common parenting challenges.
  • Learn parenting based on your own strength.
  • Provides valuable insight on how to avoid bad situations.
  • Specially designed for children between the age of 4 and 18.


  1. Babygogo Parenting – Baby & Mothercare App


This is a perfect App for those facing parenting issues for their new born or toddlers. It offers answers to all common questions for new parents like that for vaccinations, essential baby care, nutrition, etc.

Here are few main features listed here:

  • Answers on important questions regarding pregnancy.
  • Guidance for parents on issues like Mothercare, breastfeeding, food charts.
  • Guidance from health experts.
  • Lot of articles and videos at disposal of parents on topics of recipes, common remedies, potty training, nutrition, behaviour.
  • Useful picture charts on several important topics like baby sleep, etc.
  • Shop for natural and organic products.
  • Helps parents be more involved with regular contests.




  1. Baby tracker – feeding, sleep and diaper


As the name suggests this is a tracking App to track all things related to kids. It also can keep notes and has calendar for important dates. Besides which it can also gather valuable statistics.

Here is some of what it tracks:

  • Feeding tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Diaper tracker


  1. Family Locator – GPS Tracker

family-locatorThis App helps families stay connected in a digital world no matter where they are located. It is possible to create your own group family and other group with friends, etc.

Here are the main features:

  • View real time location of all active members on the group.
  • Receive alerts on change of location.
  • View location of devices if lost or stolen.



  1. Baby Food Chart



This is to help parents with all nutrition needs for their baby. It has over 150 types of foods and recipes. There are different recipes based on region, tradition and eating habits.




  1. Motivator of good behaviour – Kids 24

Motivator-of -good-behavior

This App makes use of a reward system to motivate children and considers rewards are more effective than punishments. It is a simple application that makes it quite evident to all children as to why they have received a reward.

Design includes giving a child a sun sign and storm sign. Sun sign is for good behaviour while storm sign is for bad behaviour. Child is set to receive the reward at the end of the day only if he/she does not exceed the set number of storm signs.

This App also caters for exceptionally bad behaviour. Thus, if a kid received plenty of stormy signs and no rewards it can add penalty for each subsequent bad behaviour.

App is simple to setup and follow and has many options for the parents and children. It is also possible to gather statistics.



  1. Motherhood, Parenting, & Baby GuideMotherhood,-Parenting-Baby-Guide

This is one of the larges social networks for parents and parents be. Parenting is challenging while trying to create a balance between modern and tradition views. This is a unique App that is designed to help parents right from pregnancy till up to 4 years old.

This App allows parents to asks important questions, give option of using a baby tracker, pregnancy tracker, and even join communities. Parents can also share photos in photobooth.


  1. Baby Daybook — Baby Care & Activity TrackerBaby-Daybook

This is a baby tracker and care solution for all parents. This App is perfect for parents who are sleep deprived, those will less experience in baby care, who have lots of post birth questions and for those who what to share baby log in real time.

Here are few main features of this App:

  • It provides a daily summary.
  • It offers statistics on nursing of new-borns.
  • Provides a timeline for the baby activities.
  • Growth tracker
  • Reminders
  • Handle multiple babies.


  1. Kids Videoskids-videos

Kids love to watch videos and literally have to be dragged away from in front of a TV. This App offers a special compilation of kid videos that all kids love. There are mover a million kid videos from various channels.

The types of videos include fun and educational videos. It is also safer to use this App than any other App since it is specially designed for kids. It is very fast and simple to use. It also includes bed time stories and parenting tips for.



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