10 Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps in 2020


Are you looking to clean junk files on your Android smartphone or tablet?

If no, then know that

Accumulation of any kind of junk on an Android device might make you suffer as a user. Therefore, cleaning junk is very important.

You can easily clean the junk by using a good phone cleaner app for Android so that you as a user do not suffer from the ill effects of having a junk clogged device.

There are thousands or maybe even more cleaner apps available on the Google Play store. For obvious reasons, the hit and trial method will not work in to find the best that suits your needs.

Hence, to simplify it, below are some of the best phone cleaners you can choose to download without wasting much of your data and time.

Best Phone Cleaner App for Your Android Phone


  • Advanced Phone Cleaner- Antivirus & Speed Booster

The best in the league is this all in one optimizer app. Small size, great functionality, and easy to use. This app stays above all when it comes to offering Android enhancing features. So, this one stays on the top of this list. A lot of functions can be performed with this Android phone cleaner that will simplify your digital life.

Advanced Phone Cleaner alone can act as a cleaner, booster, manager, and protection provider. Having this on your phone will cut out the need for downloading these extra apps for management, security, and boosting. Clean your junk files with a very interactive user interface. This cleaner app is quick to carry out all of the operations.

Features to be loved

  • Social Cleaner to delete downloaded media from social media platforms.
  • Duplicates Cleaner to help delete similar photos with a smart selection.
  • CPU Cooler to prevent overheating.
  • Game Booster to give super fast gaming experience.
  • Free Antimalware to give extended protection.
  • File Manager and Notification Manager to organize and manage.
Pros: Cons:
Interactive and organized user interface for easy access closeGames are to be added manually in the Game Booster feature.
Quick cleaning of junk and duplicate photos. closeSome of the apps reoccupy the RAM after a while due to background services.
An all-in-one entity having multiple phone enhancing features.
An excellent phone optimizer.
High-end filters for good user-experience.
An excellent phone optimizer.
  • CCleaner : Memory Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer

This app has been developed by the renowned PC optimizer, Piriform. Certainly, this app is amongst the list of most popular ones. This phone cleaner app for Android excels at cleaning junk files and speeding up your Android smartphone. It is simple in its operation and easy to navigate through. CCleaner is an app you can leave all your digital waste to! It will take care of it all, ensuring your Android device stays healthy.

Features to be loved

  • Knowing battery draining apps.
  • Analyzing battery temperature and CPU level.
  • Wipe your SMS and call log easily.
  • Task Killer to stop running tasks.
  • Check which apps consume your data.
Pros: Cons:
Comprehensive cleaning tools. closeFew configuration preferences
Easy junk removal. closeAnnoying ads in the free version.
Real-time analysis of activities on your phone.
It comes with a user-friendly interface.

  • DU Speed Booster

Free up the internal storage space with its Junk File Cleaner. It is an app that won the trust of a lot of users across the globe for cleaning junk files. App cache or junk file cleaning, and an accelerator makes it a competitive app in the category of phone cleaners for Android. It is an app that is well developed with other features as well that can help you enhance the performance of your smartphone.

Features to be loved

  • Know the network status with Network Boost.
  • Security features for solid protection.
  • View battery charging status with Battery Saver in real-time.
  • App Manager for smart app installation and removal.
  • Applock to protect your privacy.
Pros: Cons:
Protects users from security vulnerabilities through the Security Advisor feature. closeAd-popups are frequent.
Interactive interface for easy accessibility.
Allows easy data transfer from internal memory to external SD card.


  • Clean Master

Tried and trusted by over millions of users, clean master has progressed over the years to turn itself as one of the best in the cleaner category. If you are looking for speeding up an Android device, Clean Master is the app to be considered. It is an effective junk cleaner for Android mobiles.

Developed by Cheetah Mobile, this is the optimization tool that works wonders when it comes to cleaning and optimizing. Except for this, this phone cleaner for Android provides options to enhance your smartphone’s interface.

Features to be loved

  • Wi-Fi Security to detect illicit connections and fake Wi-Fi.
  • Game Master to manage and speed up the games.
  • Charge Master to control charging and displaying charging status.
  • Applock to maintain your privacy with PIN or pattern lock.
Pros: Cons:
Gives a detailed and real-time view of the storage and RAM usage on your phone. closeA lot of pop-ups and notifications in the free version.
Works efficiently to remove bloatware. closeThe app, on some devices, sometimes freezes while operating.
A number of customizable personalized settings to beautify the phone.
The enhanced cleaning engine to clean text messages and more.

NOTE: Do you know that many cleaning apps available on the Google Play store are fake?

They are false apps that do nothing but instead make a device run even slower. They also suspend the storage space available on any smartphone or tablet.

What can you do in such situations?

Read out this list to know the authentic phone cleaning apps.


  • All-In-One Toolbox

One of the agile phone cleaners is All-In-One Toolbox. To clean app cache, memory, and background apps, it offers a one-tap solution. This phone cleaner app for Android is well equipped with more than 30 small tools to support your Android device’s functioning. It also provides its users with options of exploring their Android with the tools enclosed in it. Sticking to its name, it is super rich in the features it offers. Its small size makes it much appealing for Android users to install and use it for maximum benefit.

Features to be loved

  • Photo Compressor to deduct the size of a photo.
  • Big files identifier to know and manage large files that occupy most of the storage space.
  • Mobile ads detector to detect advertisements.
  • Small size, colossal feature list.
  • Frequent updates.
  • QR and barcode scanner to make scanning easier.
Pros: Cons:
Quickly finds out the files occupying most of the space on your phone. closeIt does not have a monthly subscription option, you need to pay collectively for a year.
Lets you save more high-resolution photos by implementing Photo Compressor tool. closeA lot of features which may get a user confused.
30+ device friendly tools to enhance smartphone’s performance.
It provides options to customize Android by adding plugins.
Supports multiple languages.


  • 360 Security – Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner

Another one that is trusted by a huge chunk of users across the globe for its amazing capabilities. Easily clean the junk files to enhance memory storage with 360 Security. Its fame has been graced due to its availability in over 35 languages. As suggests its name, it leaves no angle untouched when it comes to maintenance of your Android devices. This cleaner comes loaded with many features like app lock and real-time protection which aims to protect you.

Features to be loved

  • Multi-function lock screen which offers handy access to a lot of features.
  • Call and SMS Filter to stop unwanted calls or text messages.
  • Intruder Selfie to instantly discover any burglar.
  • Smart battery saver to sustain battery usage.
Pros: Cons:
A complete device optimizer. closeThe app sometimes lists useful things as junk. So it is better to have a look at the list before deleting everything the app has displayed in the junk list.
It has an easy interface for feasible accessibility. closeConstant ad interruption in the free version.
Most of the cleaning features work with a single tap.
An efficient app for cleaning and optimizing.
Easy on the device’s resources when idle.

  • 1Tap Cleaner

This app is your best friend if you are looking to clean junk files. It comes studded with multiple cleaning functions like cache cleaner, defaults cleaner, SD cleaner, call/text log cleaner, history cleaner, and file cleaner. This app has been embraced by millions of users in different parts of the world. It supports 23 languages in all. 1Tap Cleaner provides better phone performance to its users by offering multiple cleaning features.

Features to be loved

  •   It mostly triggers 1-tap cleaning.
  •   Available in multiple languages. 
  •   Simple cleaning, no complexities.
  •   A good user experience by being simply the cleaning app.
Pros: Cons:
Innovative design. closeSometimes it operates at a slower speed.
Straightforward junk and other cleaning tools. closeThe free version is supported by ads.
It offers easy cleaning ways for clearing the defaults.
Not harsh on your phone’s resources.
A perfect app for the ones who do not like to try much technical stuff.

  • AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery, Memory & RAM Booster

An app that is of great potential when it comes to cleaning an Android device. AVG Cleaner manages to clean and speed up your Android smartphone in a smart and quick manner. Trusted by over 50 million people in the world, this phone cleaner app for Android is a pro in finding the bad quality or look-alike photos on your device. It has a very effective RAM Cleaner and Cache Cleaner that swipes off the junk out of your device. This cleaner app offers one-tap analysis and optimization features to make it easy for everyone to use it.

Features to be loved

  • Battery saver and optimization works really well in saving the battery.
  • App Hibernation feature to save battery.
  • Photo Analyzer to automatically manage and clean the smartphone of similar or bad quality photos. It helps in cleaning the photo library by taking actions quickly.
  • App Analyzer to find the apps that affect the performance of your smartphone either by consuming more data or by draining the battery or by occupying a lot of storage space.
Pros: Cons:
This phone cleaner for Android is really helpful in removing bloatware. closeIt has obstructing ads.
It is an efficient battery saver as it suspends the background services of the apps that hog over the battery. closeIt pops-up a lot of notifications.
Offers comprehensive cleaning and optimizing features.
Gives app overview that includes app usage statistics, notification analysis, draining app analysis, and more.

  • NOX Cleaner

Get over with device freezes and unexpected lags by having this cleaner app on your device. Clean the junk files hovering your device’s storage space for so long with NOX Cleaner. This will create more storage space on your device thus making it work faster than before. It also takes care of any privacy threat that might hamper your smartphone’s performance. It comes well equipped with a photo-manager, trash cleaner, app locker, and many other wonderful features that you will love to use. These features will enhance your device’s performance visibly.

Features to be loved

  • Real-time Antivirus to give protection from threats.
  • CPU Cooler to drop the temperature of CPU.
  • App locker to guard the apps and private data.
  • Works effectively on Android 8+ version.
  • Photo Management to sort photos in different albums.
Pros: Cons:
It is one of the most effective phone cleaner apps available for Android. closeIts occupancy on your device will cost you some space.
It offers robust protection against infectious intruders. closeIt does not work that good for versions lower than Android 8.0.
An interactive tool to clean and speed up your phone.
It provides great tools for keeping privacy intact.

  • Super Cleaner Pro 2019

Yet again a small in size and powerful cleaner that helps you get rid of the residual or cache files. It unclogs the Android device by sweeping off the junk that accumulates in with time. Super Cleaner Pro 2019 helps in increasing the operating speed of an Android device. Use this phone cleaner app when you want to recover space or speed up or both. This junk file cleaner does not budge and gets activated only when it is required to.

Features to be loved

  • A simple user interface that makes it easy to use
  • Small size.
  • Battery saver to save energy on a smartphone.
  • No pop-ups, just scanning and cleaning.

All of the apps mentioned above are loved globally. The best thing about this curated list of phone cleaning apps for Android is that all of these apps are available for free of cost!

Also, It is a misconception among people that cleaning apps do not do what they are supposed to, instead they make a device run slower and that they occupy a lot of storage space on a device.

Let this misconception be it.

Genuine phone cleaners will never do it this way. Their mechanisms are well developed to focus on making a phone run cleaner, smoother, faster and organized by being protected at the same time.

Installing any of these cleaner apps will definitely take the load off your head by cleaning junk files, speeding up, organizing and protecting your Android smartphone and tablet.

Pros: Cons:
Quickly cleans cache and unwanted junk files from your phone. closeThe app locker is not that reliable to store your private information.
The user-interface it offers is really good.
The protection features it offers are multiple and trustable.
It does not interrupt phone enhancing with annoying pop-ups.

  • Avast Cleanup and Boost


Avast is not a new name in the digital gadget market. It has gained the love and trust of millions in many of the services that it provides. Now it is in the stream of removing junk and cache files from the Android phones. There are a lot of awesome features associated with this app like optimizing and managing the Android device. So, in case if you are looking to optimize your Android, this can be another option.

Features to be loved

  • Multiple features to free up the occupied storage space.
  • Fantastic features to organize the phone’s gallery.
  • Hibernation mode to save vital resources of your phone.
  • Quick boosting features.
  • Additional features are available in the premium version.


Pros: Cons:
Displays an in-depth overview of the files present on your phone. closeThe free version of the phone cleaner app for android has many pop-ups and ads.
It offers the option of transferring your data on the cloud if you wish to keep it for future use. closeMandatory sign up after one-month usage.
It offers the option of transferring your data on the cloud if you wish to keep it for future use. closeIts cloud is not as feasible as that of others such as Google.
Protects the sensitive data of your phone if it is lost or stolen.
Enhances the performance of a device.
The premium version comes at a reasonable price.


  • Norton Clean


Norton is a renowned name in the online market. It is also available for offering its cleaning features for you. Norton Clean is an app that has successfully served many global users. With this phone cleaner app for Android, you can choose to create more space for clicking and saving more pictures and for installing the latest apps.

Features to be loved

  • APK File Remover to remove obsolete APK files from your Android device.
  • App Manager to remove bloatware, background, and unwanted apps from your device.
  • Choose to clean cache from individual apps by using App Cleaner.
  • Memory Optimizer to recover the storage space from unwanted files.
Pros: Cons:
Efficient in removing APKs, bloatware, and other unwanted files from a device to create more space. closeIt does not come with any options for data backup.
Offers multiple options for deep cleaning. closeIt has no options for providing security against the intruder attacks.
It is a renowned brand that comes with prompt technical support.
No chances of triggering unwanted functions on the smartphone.
A simple app so that even the non-technology friendly users can also use it.

  • Phone Master


One of those apps that focus on nothing extra but cleaning and organizing. It is a best-suited app for users who do not want to explore multiple and extended features. The features of this phone cleaner app for Android are intuitive of saving the battery and speeding up your Android device. This app is loved and appreciated by many users for its helpful features.

Features to be loved

  • App Locker to safeguard vital and private stuff like messages, videos, photos, etc.
  • Data Manager to build a data usage circle in order to limit data usage.
  • A deep cleaning feature available on a single screen.
  • It identifies the apps that consume the majority of your data.
Pros: Cons:
Works efficiently to safeguard your phone. closeIntrusive pop-ups are frequent and you cannot even disable this.
Set limits for your data usage on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. closeThe app lock feature is not very strong.
An app that can clean, protect, and accelerate the speed of your phone.

  • SD Maid


It is one of those apps that has a firm position in the category of phone cleaners for Android. It has been providing its services for a couple of years now and is still a good option to try if you want to remove waste files from your phone. This app has an assortment of tools that can help you easily manage and organize the apps and files on your Android device easily.

Features to be loved

  • A file explorer to browse and manage the files present on your device.
  • Detect and deletes the files that belong to the apps that have been uninstalled.
  • Finds out and deletes duplicate media files like images, music, and other things from your device.
  • Gives a detailed overview of all the storage on the device.
Pros: Cons:
Features to let you easily manage your device. closeJust an average maintenance app for the tech freaks.
Incites quick searching of the files on the basis of the name or its contents. closeRoot access and a premium account are required if you want to access all the advanced features.
It is awesome when it comes to deep cleaning.
It tracks abandoned/leftover folders and deletes its traces from your phone.

  • Finally Clean


This app aims at providing the best user experience. With this phone cleaner app for Android, you can expect your phone to run faster. Your Android phone will stay completely optimized with Finally Clean. It speeds up your phone, saves the battery for a longer duration. This means that your phone may not suffer any crashes when you have this app installed on it.

Features to be loved

  • A feature to shut down the processes that are CPU intensive so that correct temperature is maintained on the device.
  • An app managing toolbox to manage all the apps on the device.
  • Game boosting feature to run your game at high speed.
  • Cleans your phone diligently to create more storage space on it.
Pros: Cons:
An app that works effectively in creating and managing the space on your Android phone. closeIt does not come with multiple features that can guarantee the device’s security.
It provides options through which you can efficiently use the internal memory of the phone. closeThe app does not work seamlessly all the time. You can expect a few crashes.
It has features that can enhance the operating speed of your phone.
Easy to use, a straightforward app with no complications.

All of the apps mentioned above are loved globally. The best thing about this curated list of phone cleaning apps for Android is that all of these apps are available for free of cost!


It is a misconception among people that cleaning apps do not do what they are supposed to, instead they make a device run slower and that they occupy a lot of storage space on a device.

Let this misconception be it.

Genuine phone cleaners will never do it this way. Their mechanisms are well developed to focus on making a phone run cleaner, smoother, faster and organized by being protected at the same time.

Installing any of these cleaner apps will definitely take the load off your head by cleaning junk files, speeding up, organizing and protecting your Android smartphone and tablet.

NOTE: Are you aware of the fact that there are so many apps that claim to be genuine Antivirus apps but aren’t that way?

Out of many categories on the Google Play store, there are infinite apps that amalgamate Antivirus as one of their pristine features.

But, it is not this way.

These apps are just malicious or flickering apps that give users a sense of being genuine. You must be thinking about how to stay safe from such apps?

Well, read the list and know that these apps are 100% authentic and will never harm your Android device.

Alternatively, always go for multiple reviews to test the authenticity of an app.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”Why do I need a phone cleaner app?” answer-0=”A phone cleaner app is a multitasker app that can help resolve multiple issues on an android device. Its features can be really helpful for any Android device. Hence it is a good deal to have a cleaner app for an Android smartphone or tablet. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”p” question-1=”How to trigger deep cleaning on an Android?” answer-1=”To deeply clean an Android device, one must download a phone cleaner app for their Android tablet or smartphone. The android cleaner shall work diligently to dig deep and find out the junk files hampering a device to perform fully. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”p” question-2=”Which is the best phone cleaner for Android? ” answer-2=”The list above describes the best phone cleaners for Android smartphones and tablets in the decreasing order of their likeliness. The best one is the Advanced Phone Cleaner. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”p” question-3=”Does the phone cleaner for Android really work?” answer-3=”If your choice is a genuine and authentic phone cleaner app(you can check the list above), then you must not worry about its functioning. However, there are nefarious apps that camouflage to be the good ones. If you have been using any of those, then they will not work in cleaning the device. ” image-3=”” headline-4=”p” question-4=”Is cache helpful on an Android?” answer-4=”The cache is helpful on an Android device only for a limited period of time. It helps the apps to load and work faster. But once the app is done with it, it is left abandoned and then it just slows down the Android device and occupies the precious storage space. ” image-4=”” headline-5=”p” question-5=”Will a phone cleaner for Android help in speeding up the phone?” answer-5=”Yes! Cleaning cache and other junk files is a step that supports high operable speed on an Android device. ” image-5=”” headline-6=”p” question-6=”Can I expect protection with an Android phone cleaner app?” answer-6=”Absolutely! But only from the trusted ones that have an Antivirus inculcated to their algorithm. Advanced Phone Cleaner, MAX Cleaner, 360 Security, etc are some of the reliable apps for providing security. ” image-6=”” count=”7″ html=”true” css_class=””]


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