Top 10 Utility Apps for Android Phone


This article is specially written for every reader who wants to know about the best utility apps for Android that are available for free download on Google Play Store.

Needless to mention your smartphone comes loaded with amazing features that might assist you in many ways. But then there is an urgent need to download the apps that can enhance the performance of an Android.

These utility apps for Android are such apps that can make your android life fabulous and simpler.

These apps aim to extract the best out of any Android device. Let’s move on to check out these best utility apps.

10 Best Utility Apps are as follows:

  1. Advanced Phone Cleaner


It is a power pack tool that confines an impressive list of features. Most of these features are super quick and work within seconds. Advanced Phone Cleaner is the best and must have utility app for your android phone.

Its prime feature is Junk Cleaner. This Android phone cleaner also provides features of security, management, and optimization. Its File Manager and Duplicates Cleaner come with adjustable filters allowing you to filter your data.

File Manager filters on the basis of size while Duplicates Cleaner does it by time, GPS location and extent of similarity. You can free up huge storage space.

Its Android Antivirus keeps your device safe from malware and virus. Speed Booster and Battery Booster play their smart move by speeding up your phone and saving your battery from additional drainage.

The best benefit is this app is available for free.

  1. Play Services Update (Info)


Pop-ups on Android screen are quite frequent especially when an app misbehaves. It generally happens that there occurs an error in an app due to which the mobile stops working and hangs up.

Play Services Update (Info) turns out to be the rescuer in such conditions. This app targets at fixing the error as per the message generated by the halted app. It also updates them to reduce the chances of getting the error again.

Majority of apps available on Google Play Store implement play services for their proper operation, this app lends its hand when these apps crash or generate an error.

You can choose to update or install Google Play Services. A bonus ‘clear cache’ feature comes along with it. This app is small in size which makes it handy to keep in your device for checking the Google Play Services’ status.

  1. AirDroid: Remote access & File


It is a file transferring app that follows AirMirror technique. It lets you access your smartphone remotely from Linux, Windows, and Mac for free.

It offers distinct features like notification mirror, managing contacts, and SMS, taking and making calls from PC, accessing phone camera from desktop, view, and record phone screen without root and many more. You can use any app installed on your phone on your PC.

AirDroid also initiates transfer among devices and in between iOS and Android without mobile data. It requires a user’s permission to carry out any action. You can even manage your files on the web with its help.

Taking the backup of files is also possible with AirDroid. You can always add and remove transfer devices. You can choose to enable specific features to work under remote connection. It is free to use, but its Premium feature might cost you some money.

  1. IFTTT


This app might turn out to be your virtual best friend. You can collect all your favourite services together in a single app. It has its collaboration with around 600 apps like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Amazon Alexa, etc. on Google Play Store.

With IFTTT you can do multiple things with great ease. You can operate your social media, can communicate among various devices. It can upload a photo for you on Instagram, read a notification from Facebook, turn off the smart lights at your home, it can make Amazon Alexa perform anything for you and the list is endless.


  1. Google Lens


Magnify your hunger to collect information and know everything that surrounds you with Google Lens. Focus the lens on words(text) and get the connected details.

For example – look for an unknown dish in a menu and get the related information instantly. Expand your knowledge spectrum by knowing everything you see nearby. May it be a plant or a car, may it be a dog or a painting, it can do it all for you. It has the power to virtually manifest your imagination.

Found a delicate vase and wondering how will it look in your living room? Click on it and leave it on to Google Lens. Unlike other competitive apps, this turns out to be more accurate. Download now to explore new!

  1. TickTick



Tend to forget a lot of things and deadlines? Is it difficult for you to create a grocery list? Then TickTick is the app you are looking for. It is an effective task manager and to-do list curator.

Just quickly add your task to it and indulge in your work without any worries of delaying the task. It is a fantastic app to use at both home and at work.

For important tasks, you can set multiple notifications. Prioritize your tasks and put on repeat the tasks you need to complete daily. View your schedule in calendars and co-operate with your friends and family.

Be productive not only when you remember to but almost everyday with this utility app. Give some rest to your brain and leave it on this app. Choose to attach photos for best results.

  1. WiFiAnalyzer (open-source)


It effectively optimizes wifi networks by measuring the surrounding network’s potential. Security is a major concern with increased digital aspects.

It is designed so as the security of a user remains unaffected with the utilization of this app.

This app does not require internet connection hence it is safe as it will block every transmission of any personal or device data to other sources.

Nearby access points can be known by this app along with their estimated distance. Access point details can be exported with it.

You can select to pause or resume scanning. It comes with a variety of available features as signal strength, security, SSID, etc. you can also rate channels by analyzing wifi networks.

It is free and easy to use as well as it offers some themes to beautify your device.

  1. CamScanner


Android devices are turning out to be the best companion of humans in this digital century. It has made our lives much easier.

It has also reduced our labour in a lot of aspects, CamScanner is one such helper that again intensify on making our lives more productive with minimal efforts.

Documents scanning proves to be a bit expensive but this app has been designed to do it for free of cost! The scanned images are of high quality and it provides in-app editing options(cropping) as well.

This utility app for Android works efficiently on a variety of digital devices. Also, it has allowed its users to share their scanned documents.

You can also get the print out of your scanned document. If you wish to protect your private documents, you can set a password for the same.

Image to text conversion is also available in its premium version.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe-Photoshop-ExpressUnlike previous years, with the introduction of smartphones photography and creativity associated with it is not limited to a certain audience.

Billions of people across the globe have welcomed smartphones and its advanced features.

Every user is a photographer in the present world. They love to explore different features and they want to fancify their pictures by trying different editing tools.

Adobe Photoshop Express is an editing tool that encircles plenty of features along with collage maker. It is fun, inventive and easy to use.

You can add frames, remove blemishes, resize, share and so many more things to your pictures with this photo editing app.

It provides to capture, edit and share professional quality pictures with ease.

  1. Find My Device by Google

Find-My-Device-GoogleRisk factor related to Android devices is increasing day by day. You can be a victim of a theft or you might lose your device anywhere outdoors or indoors.

Protecting your private data is another concern if anything as such happens by any means.

This app is the best utility app for Android because it takes care of your private data while working on locating your device. It is embedded with fantastic features.

You might even send returning request message to the finder. It keeps your device locked until it is handed over to you.

If we leaped any of the best android utility apps available for free download, tell us in the comments section.