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“Safeness originates with knowing that your intuition about your Kid is a brilliant guardian”

It’s truly said that Safety is in our hands but, what about our innocent Kid’s, who does not even know about the cheapening flowing around them.
Ultimately, it’s the genuine case solving the issue for the safety of our Kids. Is it possible to track your Kids by monitoring them in real-time?
Unquestionably, it’s possible for all guardians who find their Kids insecure and helpless can easily track their Kids activity in real-time by utilizing some secure teen apps.

Top 5 Apps to monitor teenager


Xnspy is a parental monitoring app that allows parents to keep a track of their children’s online and offline activities. The app has been in the market for over 8 yearsnow. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet.

Most parental monitoring apps take a toll on a phone’s battery and data but that’s not the case with Xnspy. Moreover, the subscription plans offered for Xnspy are economical. The yearly subscription plan for Basic and Premium packages are the cheapest. Also, the website often has discounts, so you save a lot more money.


The features that Xnspy offers include:

  • Call logs: Monitor incoming, outgoing, and missed calls with timestamps and details of the caller
  • Contact List: View the list of contacts saved on the device
  • Text Messages: Monitor incoming and outgoing messages
  • Instant Messaging Apps: Monitor incoming and outgoing messages on Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, WhatsApp, Kik, LINE, Viber, and others
  • Multimedia Files: View and download photos and videos
  • GPS Location: Track the current and the previous location of the device
  • Wi-Fi Network: View the Wi-Fi networks that the device has logged into
  • Emails: View emails and the details of the contact
  • Browsing history: View the URL of the website visited
  • Bookmarked Webpages: View the list of bookmarked webpages with a timestamp
  • Application Activity: View how long an application has been in use
  • Remote Control: Block applications, lock device, and wipe data remotely
  • Ambient Listening: Listen to the surroundings of the device
  • Watchlist: Receive alerts of sensitive words, unsafe location, and blocked contacts
  • Keylogger: Monitor all keystrokes made on the device
  • Analytics: Actuarial reports on top 10 frequently visited sites, top 5 callers, and top 5 call durations


Before you install the application on the device, check whether it is compatible with your phone (i.e., the phone that your child uses). You can then proceed to get one of the subscription plans offered. To install the app on an Android device, you need to gain physical access to the device. A link will be sent to your email after you purchase the app. Download the link on the device you want to monitor. Next, install the app by following the instructions. The installation process takes a couple of minutes. Log into your Xnspy account. You can view the device activity from the web-based interface.

There are two ways to install Xnspy on an iPhone. To install the application using iCloud, you need iCloud credentials. However, you need to make sure that two-factor authentication is disabled. By entering the iCloud credentials into your Xnspy account, you can begin monitoring without downloading the app on the device. In the second method, you need to access the device. The installation process is similar to that of an Android device.

2) Bit Guardian Parental Control – Secure & Safe Kids


Bit-Guardian-Parental-Control - Secure-Safe Kids


Bit Guardian Parental Control is a Romania based company.

New Trending App with exciting features.

Designed with care & programmed to perfection for your Kids protection. Precisely, expressing about Bit Guardian Parental Control, it is all about the safety and security of you Kiddie.

Bit Guardian Parental Control application discovers all features. It reaches out, set restrictions, manage and control your Kid’s device while on-the-go also, supervises your Kid digitally from a single place.

A superlative Parental Control Application for your Kid’s protection both physically and virtually. The main emotion behind the development of this application is to control and monitor your Kid’s activities.

This application works on two MODES i.e. PARENT mode and CHILD mode.

Before using this application one should know about the linking of the two Android devices.

Each and every app works as per their in-build techniques and functionalities, similarly Bit Guardian Parental Control also adds up some exciting features that are listed down:


  • Kid Panic Mode (The kid can send SMS to parent in an unsafe situation)
  • App Block (By ENABLING this feature a parent can Block the selected apps from the Kids device)
  • App Install Block (With this a parent can easily block the installed apps from Kids device)
  • Kiosk Mode (Kiosk Mode is the 4th creative feature with this you can block everything except for selecting apps on your Kid’s device)
  • Kid device’s Call & SMS monitoring by Parent (As the name suggest a parent can easily monitor his/ her activity digitally on a real-time basis)
  • Geo-fence (With Geo-fence feature the Kids location can easily be traced, and parents get notified if a child leaves a designated area)
  • Time Schedule (Time Schedule teaches the value of time management by limiting screen time. Restrict device access during study hours or when it’s time to go to bed and more)
  • Anti-theft (You can easily locate the device on the map and make it ring. You can also restore factory settings remotely from your device if urgently)




How to install Bit Guardian Parental Control


  • Open Bit Guardian Parental Control.
  • Open Bit Guardian Parental Control.
  • Choose PARENT MODE.
  • Choose CHILD MODE.
    NOTE: (Read the agreement and tap on “I Agree)
  • Create a new account by entering following details i.e. Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, and Password OR by logging in through social media like (Google+/ Facebook).
  • To log in, you have to enter “Email Id” and “Password” used while creating the parent account or log in through the QR code accessible from the parent profile.
  • Create a Data Protection Password. Re-enter the same password to confirm it. Add a hint so that you can recall your password later on. Tap on “Set Password”.
  • Allow all permissions. Allow application usage access, activate device administrators and give accessibility permission. Grant them to proceed.


  • Tap “Mail Me” to send a copy of your password to your Email Id.
  • Enter your Data Protection Password and tap continue.



For more details visit : you will love to use it. This is the best app.


2) Safe Browser Parental Control – Web Protection App


Safe-Browser-Parent-l-Control- Web-Protection-App


Kids Safe Browser Parental Control app is a cloud-based web content filtering browser. Provides a safer zone for your Kids.

Its parental controls and kids safe search website filter can remotely configure your young kids; teens.

Also, helps in blocking porn sites, adult, cyberbullying and any other potentially dangerous websites.



  1. It blocks Porn, Adult, Social Media, Social Networking, Gaming, and other categories from websites
  2. You can create your own whitelist and exclude useless websites.
    3. You can set your own web filtering guidelines.
    4. Configure web browser UI to allow address bar; searching; access to favorites etc.
    5. You can get an entrance to set Kids Place PIN for protection.
    6. Also, consist of Voice-Based Navigation


1 .Blocks Sites such as hosting virus, phishing & spyware, weapons, gambling, and gun violence.
2 .Blocks online gaming and useless sites.
3 .Blocks Social-networking, dating and media streaming.

It’s a Safe Browser Parental Control app that uses the Device Administrator permission. This is completely optional in case parents want to change proof for kids.

To know more about Safe Browser Parental Control – Web Protection App kindly visit the link below:

Reference Link:

3) Parental Control & Kids GPS: Kaspersky SafeKids




Kaspersky SafeKids helps you to safeguard your Kids in the digital world. Also, it makes your kids’ digital experience safe, fun, and productive on their Android devices.


How to install it:

Step 1. Install this app on your devices in Parents mode.

Step 2. Install this app on the child’s device in Kids mode and follow the quick setup instructions.

Step 3. Sign in to your My Kaspersky account – ‘Kids’ tab – at for initial setup and protection rules management. Please use one single My Kaspersky account for all Kaspersky Safe Kids installations.

For more details regarding Parental Control & Kids GPS: Kaspersky SafeKids, you can visit the below link:

Link for your guidance:




4) MMGuardian Parental Control App For Kids Phone




MMGuardian Parental Control helps you to monitor screen time and block texts also, it helps you to invigilate the usage and keeps your teen safe from the risks and dangers.

It’s an anti-tamper technology that makes it the most robust and comprehensive parental control app.

MMGuardian Parental Control App carries a few amazing features, that are listed below:

  1. Monitor Calls & Texts
  2. Web Filter & Safe Browser
  3. Set Screen Time with Screen Control
  4. Phone Locator (Scheduled Locate)
  5. Uninstall Protection
  6. Detailed app usage, web, text and call reports

To know more about its premium features and lots more please visit the link below:





5) ESET Parental Control




This is the last but not the least fine app for Parental control. This app is designed to secure your Kids from using tablets and smartphones in a child-friendly manner.

ESET Parental Control has some exciting features, mentioned below:

  1. PROTECT KIDS ON THE WEB- You can block websites, also you can get to know about the most visited websites.
  2. LEARN WHAT APPS ARE KIDS USING AND WHEN- You can monitor your Kid’s activity by getting which apps your Kids are using.
  3. CHILD-FRIENDLY COMMUNICATION- With this feature, your child gets a respectful notification to let them know that what is happening and why?
  4. REACH YOUR KIDS ANY TIME- With this amazing feature, you can easily track your Kids location to reach to them and make them feel safe.

To know more about this app, suggesting you to visit the respective link below:


The main aim behind developing Secure Teen Apps is to provide your Kids a fearless environment both physically and virtually. This is not the end of the story, there are more to come with more exciting features and functionalities.

Do not waste time choosing which one is the best, just think, select, install, and go for the BEST.