Top YouTube Downloader Apps for Windows 10 & 7


You can’t go your entire life watching YouTube videos on your phone. Everybody needs a change of screen at some point.

Many times we are stranded in places without a proper internet connection and a craving for videos. And the only thing working is our computers.

This is when offline videos come in handy. But downloading videos from YouTube is such a tiresome task!

Best Free YouTube Downloader app for Windows

Therefore, keeping this in mind, we present to you a list of the best online YouTube downloaders for Windows:

  1. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is a video downloader loved by over 83 million users. It has ranked top for many years because of its great features and useful functions.

It can save videos in various formats and allows the user to download multiple videos at once. Although a free software for Windows, its interface is somewhat bogged down by ads.

One can also limit different downloading speeds and develop one-click download feature.

There aren’t any major flaws to this software and hence, it should be a top choice for everyone.

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  1. aTube Catcher

Undoubtedly one of the best software of its kind. aTube Catcher is a virus-free versatile software that easily bypasses all sorts of restrictions that YouTube poses on its videos and gives you complete access to them. It can also download videos from all the big video content hosting sites.

It helps you download videos in batches, making it easier to have playlists saved in your system. It also has an array of features like screen recording, video conversion to different formats, and burning videos to CD or DVD.

So if you don’t include aTube Catcher in your Windows system, you are missing out on a lot.

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      1. Winx YouTube

WinX YouTube shines at the chief position for many video content lovers.

Many of us want certain videos to be downloaded offline in our computer system, but various downloaders might not support certain websites. WinX can download videos from over 600 sites in all SD, HD, FHD, and UHD versions.

The user interface is up-front and simple, and there’s also a built-in previewer.

The only drawback of WinX is that there’s no support of multi-stream downloads, and one can’t save subtitles simultaneously.

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      1. 4K video downloader

Hail the best video downloader of the century! 4K Video Downloader has a ton of features and functions that make it so much superior to other traditional downloaders.

It is cross-platform, minimalist, and intuitive in its application interface without any unnecessary functions. It even supports multi-thread downloads, 4K, and 360-degree videos.

This online downloader is fast and flexible in its working and also sports a ‘smart mode’ that will download videos in one click.

It still rules at the top and is updated regularly.

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    1. Free YouTube Download

With this application, you get what you ask for- nothing more, nothing less.

One just needs to paste the video links, and it’ll be auto-downloaded. There’s also the option of batch downloads and changing video formats.

The only problem with it is its interface. It looks like as if it hasn’t yet left the 20th century to accept the new generation. It looks quite old and needs an update ASAP.

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      1. ClipGrab

ClipGrab is a clear example of a simple and free, yet effective downloading software. It lets the users work their way through big video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

It is equipped with a built-in search bar (that means no browser use). One can either paste the YouTube links or search for the videos through keywords.

It is a great software for music enthusiasts too, as it helps them to save YouTube videos as audio files (MP3) in their system.

One of the major issues with ClipGrab is that you have to be really specific with your video titles as the search results contain only 12 entries. Hence it becomes a tiring task sometimes to search for videos to download.

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      1. Any Video Converter free

Any Video Converter does exactly what its name signifies: it converts any video into desired format(s). But don’t be simply fooled by this gist of the software as it is made of several other functions as well. It serves as a free YouTube downloader too (limited functionality in the free version), and has a built-in video editor which can be used on downloaded videos.

The interface is fluid-like and requires little to no interference once the downloading process starts. After that, you can save your video creations in different formats.

It is a very basic video downloading software so there aren’t any fancy features. You also can’t initiate batch downloads unless you purchase the premium version.

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      1. Gihosoft Tubeget

Gihosoft TubeGet is a portable YouTube downloading software aimed towards saving videos from major video streaming websites.

It isn’t a bundled software, has a clean interface, is ad-free and performs intuitive operations. You can also download videos and limit the bandwidth at the same time.

One more remarkable feature of this YouTube downloader is that it supports the highest of resolutions while downloading mp4 videos, like 2K, 4K, and 8K resolution.

This software keeps getting updated regularly, keeping in mind the recent demands of the users.

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      1. Airy

Airy is regarded as one of the best YouTube downloaders for Windows by many, even though it is not as feature-rich as its competitors. It is not free too but has a trial period with a few limitations attached.

This HD video downloader for PC also supports minimalism with its simple interface and basic downloading steps. One just needs to paste the link of the video to be downloaded and further select the quality, format, and output location to save the video in.

It is a good enough option for people who don’t want a bulky downloader and are looking to try some for free.

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      1. YTD Video Downloader

Last, but definitely not the least on the list of YouTube downloader for Windows, we have YTD Video Downloader. This software is perfect for easy use and downloading videos in high resolution.

All one has to do is paste the URL, choose the preferred quality and folder and that’s it! It’s that easy to get it done.

It consists of both a basic (aka free) and pro (aka paid) version, the free one lacking in efficiency and features than the paid one. But in neither does YTD compromise on the quality of videos.

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And this is it. These online video downloaders will surely come use to you, and let you shift to a bigger screen.

Happy downloading!