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With summer around the corner, a vacation cannot be too far behind. However, regardless of how late you start planning and packing, you have still got to organize your itinerary, do your shopping, make and coordinate your flight bookings, arrange accommodation and check out the weather at the destination of your choice.

The most important thing, of course, is doing everything within your budget. While the task is herculean at the best of times, you can reduce the load on your shoulder considerably by downloading and installing these apps on your smartphone. According to forbes, quoting a J.D. Power U.S. Travel App Satisfaction Study, airline apps are the most commonly adopted in the travel industry followed by hotel apps.



Two of the most crucial and expensive vacation items are typically airfares and prices of hotel accommodation. With Hopper, you can make the exercise very simple and financially rewarding.

The app has the capability of analyzing both historical and current data to find out which days have the cheapest airfares, based on which, it can recommend whether to buy the tickets or book the hotel or to wait for some time till they dip to more affordable levels.

In case, the fares for the dates suggested by you are too high, you can set up an alert for a price watch to enable the app to notify you when to book when the fare is likely at its lowest level.

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Google Trips


This is the perfect app for making out a vacation itinerary, a job that is troublesome for most people as it involves sifting through the various confirmation emails and extracting the information to be added to the travel itinerary.

The “getting around’ feature of Google Trips provides useful tips for getting from the airport to your destination while its “need to know” function delivers all the local information that you may need like shopping zones, currency rates, tipping customs, as well as emergency medical services, and even where to find free Wi-Fi.

The app also has the capability of suggesting itineraries based on destinations close to each other and also according to your expressed interests..




Once you enter the details of your stay and the destination, Kayak filters thousands of data points to give you the best airline fares and even takes in to account the preference of your airline and the departure times.

You can very easily keep on changing the destinations and the dates to get the best results that suit your vacation mood. Apart from airline seats, the app also permits users to book accommodation and car rentals.

The app continues to make it useful even after all the bookings have been done by keeping your travel plans organized and updating you on your flight status, which terminals the flight will leave from, as well as the current wait time for security checks at the airport.




Almost universally, nobody likes budgeting; however, it is an essential function as far as vacations are concerned. Spendee is not a dedicated travel budgeting app, which means that you can use it for everyday budgeting purposes as well.

However, if you are tight on cash but want to take a vacation when your savings permit, you can use the app to set a savings goal. The app permits integration with all your bank accounts as well as credit card accounts and loan accounts, which means that you no longer have to input all the details physically every time you want to balance the budget.

It can make processes like debt consolidation or debt management easier if you are thinking of engaging a private debt relief company like National Debt Relief.




If you are one of the many travelers who do not believe in putting up at fancy hotels while vacationing and are more interested in the flavors of local life, Airbnb is just the app for you.

It lets you browse through the best rental properties that can range from a simple bed-sitter to an entire plush villa equipped with a private swimming pool and more at virtually any destination of your choice.

Not only can you choose by seeing the photos of the property but also filter your list by the sort of amenities you want. You can also choose properties that can give you the advantage of a local host who can give you invaluable insights into the local culture, shopping, and dining.




When you are headed to a foreign destination for your vacation, the enjoyment is often marred due to the amount of organizing that it can normally take. With TripIt, the task becomes immensely easier, all you need to do is to forward your confirmation emails to a specific email address and the app will immediately create master documents for each of your trips.

Not only is this service free but the good thing is that that the documents can be accessed offline without needing to hunt around for Wi-Fi connections.

The Pro version of the app gives multiple added features like real-time flight alerts, notifications regarding refunds, tracking reward points, currency conversion and even tipping advice and electrical plug and socket specifications, and more for as many as 180 countries.




When you start planning your vacation, the first hurdle that you typically encounter when choosing a destination is the budget and the timeframe of your travel.

Most of the destinations you may try to find seem to be extremely expensive, especially if you are a last-minute holidaymaker, and things start to fall apart. By using the “everywhere” feature of Skyscanner, you can discover some extremely affordable destinations that you may have not considered just by filtering results according to your budget and travel period.

The app can be programmed to also give you alerts regarding airfare price dips so that you can plan to travel more cheaply.



A vacation is all about having an enjoyable time with family and friends or even all by yourself to reduce your everyday stress and discover the attractions, culture, and food of a new place. Getting bogged down with the planning, scheduling, and booking, as well as the on-ground realities like car and hotel booking, can spoil the overall enjoyment. Using some of the travel apps on your smartphone, that too free of charge can be a very rewarding experience.

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