How to Properly Update Device Drivers on Windows 10,8,7

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To maintain the correct operation of the system and all computer components, it is necessary to keep the software environment and Windows in general up to date. Updating drivers in Windows 10, 8, 7 is necessary for the correct operation of the hardware for which they were created.

A driver is software that allows the operating system and hardware to communicate. Supplied by the equipment manufacturer for correct interaction with the system. Windows can work without them using the basic software, but errors and some functionality may be missing.

Automatic driver updates in Windows are enabled by default and occur through Windows Update. The check is performed by the parameter Device ID, it is unique for each computer component – video card, Wi-Fi module or system controller.

The equipment ID can be found in the properties of the equipment, namely on the Details tab under Corresponding device ID or Equipment ID. 

Recently, hardware manufacturers have begun to work closely with Microsoft and, thanks to this, more and more hardware and new software versions appear through Windows.

But if the search was performed, but nothing was found, then how to update the drivers on Windows?

How to Update Device Drivers on Windows 10, 8, 7?

It’s pretty simple! First, you need to open the device manager, for which right-click on the Start button or press the combination Win+X. Then choose the required equipment and click on the update icon, or press the right mouse button and find the item Update driver.

Or you can go to the hardware properties, open the Driver tab and select the appropriate item.

The search window will offer several options – automatic update or search on the computer (installation from a file). The first option performs an automatic search and installs the required components. The second option is required if the driver is loaded and ready for installation.

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The search option on the computer is very convenient if you have difficulties with the standard installer or it simply does not exist. You specify the path to the downloaded archive or folder, and then the system will perform the entire installation on its own.

But the automatic installation of the latest software versions does not always bring stable and comfortable PC work. How many times has a situation occurred that after installing the latest version of the Video Card driver, the screen began to show artifacts and other graphic errors. The problem was solved by rolling back to the previous version of the software, but after a while it was updated again through the CO. In such a situation, the question arises how to disable automatic updating of Windows 10, 8, 7 drivers when they interfere so much.

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Update Device Driver Using Device Manufacturer Website

The second way to update drivers on a Windows 10, 8, 7 computer is to go to the manufacturer’s website for a particular component and download the software from there:

  • Find out the exact model of the device you are looking for. To do this, you can use a Device Manager.
  • Let’s say you need a driver for an Nvidia GTX 750 ti graphics card. In this case, go to the official Nvidia website.
  • There open the Drivers section.
  • Choose the required device model and click the Search button.
  • Then click on the Download Now button.
  • This will download the driver installer to your PC. Run it to start the software installation process.

Third Party Programs (Automatic Driver Updater Tool)

Of course, updating each device manually takes lots of time. That’s why special utilities have been developed, and these software allow auto-updating Windows 10 drivers. 

Depending on your hardware, select applications that allow you to update drivers on Windows 10, 8, 7.

You can find many different utilities on the net for finding and updating drivers. We recommend using Driver Easy. This program automatically detects all computer components and finds the latest drivers for them. You just have to choose which device drivers you want to update and click the appropriate button.

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Now you know how to find and install drivers on Windows 10, 8, 7. Try at least once a month to check basic devices, such as a video card or sound, for the latest software versions for them. Thanks to this, your devices will always work stably and quickly, and their potential will be revealed to 100%.