Top 10 Best Cool and Useful Accessories for your Smartphone 2019


Today in this digital era, everyone is equipped with a Smartphone which allows them to do most of the tasks with ease. Be it the businessmen, professional or a student, Smartphone is the need of the hour and important for everyone. To complement and enhance the overall functions of the Smartphone there are wide range of accessories available at affordable rates and with discounts.

The modern day Smartphone is really very smart as it does great work for us. It comes with high end operating system, hardware and features. But to enhance the functionalities and appearance of the phone you need to make use of different accessories available today. Most of the accessories are universal and go smoothly with almost all the models of Smart Phones, while some are designed specifically for selected models. You will find different types of accessories at online retail stores like Flipkart or Amazon. But, before buying you must check for the Flipkart or working amazon India promotional codes for Smartphone accessories to save some money on your next purchase.

  1. VR Headset

Virtual Reality or VR is still in its embryonic phase, but the online retailers like Amazon have already started selling universal VR headsets which are available at very affordable rates. You can buy it online from any retail store to find out what the fuss about VR is all about. There are many brands selling VR headsets which can offer you with good entry point to the planet of virtual reality.

  1. Zoom Lens

Smartphone is not that advance to have the feature of optical zoom like DSLR cameras. But we all wish to have such feature in the future phones. As of now you can make use of zoom lens accessory which comes with 8× zoom for the cameras of your Smartphone and at very affordable price range.

  1. Solar Charger

In India there is no dearth of sunlight and hence the solar technology is in immense growth. Even you will find solar powered charger for Smartphone which can charge your Smartphone using the power of sunlight. So, avoid carrying power backups for your phone and buy a solar charger online from Amazon.

  1. Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

As mentioned, Smartphone is no longer restricted for making and receiving calls; instead it serves as primary PC for many of us. But when it comes to typing messages with built-in keyboard of Smartphone, it seems to be challenging. To make things easier people use mini keyboards that are compatible with Smartphone. It connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth technology.

  1. Speaker That Charge your Phone

Waterproof speakers with Bluetooth technology comes with built-in 4000mAh battery which can be used to charge your Smartphone. It is available at very affordable price.

  1. Selfie Flash Light

Selfie lovers can now enjoy taking pictures in low light conditions with this accessory. It can be used both for your front and rear camera to capture quality images in low light conditions. It is a good accessory for selfie lovers.

  1. Cell Phone Holder for Car

If you find it challenging or difficult to carry your phone in pocket while driving, then there is a solution to this problem. Buy cell phone holder for car which is the must have accessory for Smartphone. Attach it on dashboard so that you can mount the phone securely and sturdily without worrying about sharp turns and emergency brakes.

  1. Magic Smart Ring

How about wearing a magic ring to control all the functions of your phone? Well this is possible with magic smart ring which connects to card reader and allows you to unlock phone, pay, share information and operate other functions of a phone.

  1. Bike Phone Mount

If you are driving your bike and finding it challenging to follow maps in your phone, then make the situation easier and comfortable with the universal bike phone mount. This mount will hold the phone securely and keep it safe through all turns and bumps.

  1. Gaming Controller

The last on the list is gaming controller that enhances the comfort and feel by offering optimal gaming experience. It comes with in-built battery that enables you to enjoy perfect gaming for 18 hours.

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