Useful Finance Apps for Small Business Owners to Gain Success


Technology is an amazing thing and we know that business finances are much easily managed today thanks to a plethora of cutting-edge digital tools, apps, and software. Today, everybody could transform their tablet or phone into an effective mobile accounting machine simply by downloading some useful apps and tools that would help in saving both money and time.

We understand that today you have access to several business finance apps. Right from sending your invoices and efficiently managing your customers to complicated financial projections and credit card transactions, you would find an effective app or tool for all your essential business needs.

Both big and small businesses have realized the importance of using advanced digital software and apps for saving valuable time and for achieving proficiency and accuracy in accounting.

7 Best Finance Apps for Android & iOS

1. Mint: Money Manager

We know that the Money Manager assists you in planning your budget. Moreover, it helps in reducing expenses with automatic, accurate, calculations. It is capable of tracking all your financial operations through your banking accounts. Mint Money Manager could be used for setting up bill reminders.

The best feature of this cutting-edge app is that it is seamlessly integrated with practically all major US and Canadian banks and financial institutions. Mint would be reminding you of all your outstanding bills and alert you about the upcoming bills well on time so that you do not miss any payments.

Mint recommends financial accounts having the best rate of interest and provides expert advice.

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2. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is an effective envelope budgeting app. It has been downloaded over 1 million times showing you the popularity it enjoys as an efficient partner in generating financial reports and accurately analyzing expenditures.

All these transactions are synced seamlessly with the cloud. Moreover, you have access to email assistance and even stored transaction history of the last 5 years. Users have the option of applying tools such as Capital One Wallet and Bill Keeper for keeping up pace with the procurement processes and upcoming bills.

It is seamlessly synced with many devices for sharing info easily with all budgeting partners. This popular app does not seem to have any demo version hence, before buying the paid version and getting it installed, it is a good idea to watch at least, a couple of videos to know if it caters to your unique needs.

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3. MoneyBook

MoneyBook by Noidentity seems to have an attractive and simple interface. This app is downloaded on mobile phones for keeping track of all the business monetary procedures and operations as animated statistics.

MoneyBook provides expenses and profit info, makes accurate calculations in the desired currency and is known for supporting an assortment of languages including Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Chinese, and Dutch. In the event you lose your mobile, you could still feel secure regarding your important data because you have access to its cloud backup free.

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4. Simple Loan Calculator

Clean Micro’s Simple Loan Calculator seems to be a great fit for all small business entrepreneurs who are having outstanding loans. With this effective mobile app, you could enter your exact profit value then get valid information on all the affordable loan amounts that you could spend within a specific time.

Additionally, this competent calculator could prove to be useful for individuals who are dealing with credit sales. This app comes free and is pretty convenient to use. However, it lacks graphical representations for simplifying financial information.

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5. QuickBooks Mobile

As reviewed by forbes, cloud accounting apps that are currently available in the market today, are useful in providing an additional advantage of doing invoicing, generating cash receipts or even retrieving reports directly from any device and from anywhere. The field of cloud accounting seems to be flooded with options as it is an overcrowded arena.

You must do a though research and take your pick from reputed organizations with big communities. Experts feel that Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks are used most frequently by business owners.

When customers are reviewing QuickBooks Mobile App they say that it is surely a ‘life-changing app’. It is seamlessly integrated online with QuickBooks; hence, you could successfully manage your business accounting from wherever your work takes you. This app is supposed to be invaluable for small business owners and people handling accounting and finances for an organization.

QuickBooks Mobile could be utilized for creating and editing customers’ sales receipts, invoices, and estimates. Your data would be available in QuickBooks Online at once. Suppose you are paying a customer visit, you could easily prepare an invoice or estimate then and there at the spot. You do not have to come back to your office or switch on your laptop for doing that.

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6. FreshBooks

FreshBooks app is just right for people who have a preference for doing their small business accounting online. FreshBooks is predominantly cloud accounting and it can efficiently help you in streamlining the invoice process.

FreshBooks makes it easy and quick for making expense reports and tracking time along with generating invoices electronically. It is an exceptional accounting program online. This app features have been designed precisely for working well in case of businesses with only a few clients or those that require sending out numerous invoices every month.

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7. Xero

You could work efficiently while on the go with Xero, an efficient accounting app. Now you could run your business smoothly from wherever you go using this efficient mobile accounting app meant for Android or iOS.

Now you could use Xero and easily send invoices, get expenses and input receipts approved and reconciled. Hence, you could enjoy setting up your office everywhere you go. You could consider reconciling all your bank transactions whenever you want. You could consider matching your bank transactions while traveling on the train, while resting in bed, or over coffee.

You could now start a new day fully equipped with facts and figures as you know where exactly you stand. You could now focus on capturing and approving expenses even when on the move.

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There are a plethora of competent mobile apps for managing your small business finances. However, you must use one or more of the apps discussed above for taking your small business to the next level.