Vadim Pinskiy – An Innovator who Brought the Revolution to the Product Manufacturing Industry

Product Manufacturing Industry

Vadim Pinskiy– an innovator who brought the revolution to the product manufacturing industry via technological advancements. Incorporating artificial intelligence, he achieved a feat in product and biological manufacturing, making the process super-efficient and comparatively less arduous.

Bringing new levels of advancements through various innovations and modish techniques, Vadim Pinskiy, Vice president of R&D at Nanotronics Imaging, took the use of AI and deep learning to the next level. Combined with his expertise in imaging and neuro-science, his team was able to generate a large sum of revenue, most of which came between the years 2018-2020.

Talking about his education, Vadim shows incredible enthusiasm for science and technology. He has pursued his doctorate in Neuroscience from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Focussing majorly on mouse neuroanatomy, he projected his idea with the innovative techniques in AI and neuroscience.

Being a savvy mind, Vadim Pinskiy has achieved a higher grade reputation in the respective industry by innovating systems and strategies, which has fulfilled higher industry demands and addresses intelligence behind his creative nerves. One can recognize his expertise and the exponential growth graph in the last 8+ years, where Kodak and Polaroid are two of the witnesses behind his resounding success.

His major works in the respective field can be seen in his publications, majorly in resolution imaging, efficient AI systems for manufacturing processes, error correction AI-based systems for assembly lines, and many more.

Currently, Vadim is the COO Pheno which he co-founded– a new-born startup based on AI-based technical systems for biomedical processes such as Blood tests. Digging more into the gathered information, Pheno developed a novel blood-testing technology that allows for performing an entire panel of protein screenings tied to longevity, wellness, and personalized risk – with a single routine blood test.

Last year in December, he also co-founded, supported by Bosch, imec, and Rockstart, an AI-powered process control platform that empowers precision manufacturers to maximize their production yield while minimizing the amount of trial-and-error.

Previously, he also headed R&D at Nanotronics Imaging, Brooklyn, New York as the Vice president. In the last four and five years, he has set new heights of developments through his modern approach and solved many inconsistencies through his research and development process inside the company itself with the help of novel hardware development, use of machine learning, and AI in the form of different embedded systems.

Mr. Pinskiy is also renowned for his new advancements, research, and more significant insights in science and technology. His blogs based on AI, the internet, recent advancements in his respective field of neuroscience, and industry expertise are top-notch and aim to unravel the realms of science and logic.

Moreover, he has been invited to many conferences to judge and inspire fellow enthusiasts. One of the significant Conferences was held in 2019 O’Reilly AI Conference San Jose 2019. He has been invited as a speaker to inspire and share his experience with his development team in the company, which was a great success.

There is a saying that, “In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.”― Phil Collins explains that one should not stop learning, no matter at what stage one is, and should find out at least one way to learn and remain updated.

Nothing could express his level of expertise more. Being an adjunct professor in different institutions says it all. Vadim is the living embodiment of that, constantly acquiring knowledge and aiding the revolutionization of the domain.