10 Best Video Editing Apps 2019 for iPhone


Video editing is a new hobby these days. Slo-mo, rewind, boomerang and what not! And all of this is not possible without the apps that edit videos

Finding such video editing apps for an Android device is a child’s play but when finding a video editing app for the iPhone is considered, things turn out rather difficult. 

So, if you are trying to find out how to video edit on the iPhone, then the list given below is just what you need to go through right now. 

List of 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

  1. LumaFusion


If you are looking out for effective video editing on iPhone then it will not be wrong to say that this is the app you should grab super soon. It is an app used by maestros themselves.

Yes, many of the filmmakers and mobile journalists use this app to edit videos with ease. It has an easy drag and drop way to incite editing.

You can choose to edit both the audio and video files. There is a lot that you can choose to do with this fantastic video editing app. 

Offered By: Luma Touch LLC

Availability: Paid

Features in Light

  • It allows for amazing sharing features.
  • Duck music in the background with Auto-ducking.
  • Choose to create multi-layered titles with different shapes, text, and, images.

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  1. Filmmaker Pro


This tool for video editing on the iPhone is loaded with fantastic filters and transitions. There is no limitation on the number of projects you may want to create. It is a haven for the ones who love to work on the Green Screen.

This app for video editing has advanced level settings like video grading and Ken Burns. It also offers PIP for the photo, video, and GIFs.

Offered By: Samer Azzam

Availability: Free and Paid

Features in Light

  • It offers a number of advanced features. 
  • Choose to shoot videos with this app in the Pro version. 
  • Provides a File Manager view to manage, share, or export the projects. 

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  1. Adobe Premiere Rush 


Take super quality videos on your mobile with the help of this app that edit videos on the iPhone. This app is a miniature of the ginormous editing tool and it has really proven itself in the form of an app as well.

With this video editing app, you can work simultaneously on all your devices like phone, desktop, or tablet. 

Offered By: Adobe Inc.

Availability: Free and Paid

Features in Light

  • Choose to record videos in this app(in-app video recording).
  • Great sound balancing tools to encourage proper narration. 
  • Projects can also be accessed on the desktops. 

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  1. iMovie


This is one of the easiest video editing app for the iPhone. If you are in love with different themes then this is something you that should have been installed on your phone.

It is the one that offers the simplest interface and also offers a story line. So you just need to decide the characters of your movie and voila! There your movie is ready in a few seconds.

Offered By: Apple

Availability: Free

Features in Light

  • Choose to stream your projects via Airplay.
  • Themes preset with titles and music.
  • Supports PIP, split-screen, and green screen.

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  1. InShot- Video Editor


If you are looking forward to experimenting with your editing skills then this tool for video editing on the iPhone is something you should not miss out on. InShot- Video Editor allows you to delete or cut the videos from middle and you can also choose to merge the videos.

With this video editing app for iPhone, you can choose a number of attractive editing features for your Instagram feed. Also, insertion of text or emoji on any photo or video is super easy with this app.

Offered By: InstaShot Inc.

Availability: Free and Paid

Features in Light

  • A wide range of filters for photos and videos. 
  • Share your videos with anyone in high resolution. 
  • One can mix and match a lot of fun sounds, music, and voice-overs. 

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  1. FilmoraGo- Video and Movie Editor


Most of the features of this all in one video editor for iPhone works in just one tap. So if you are willing to find out something that works in just one tap, you can look for this app.

Edit videos on your iPhone with suitable music and other effects through this powerful video editing app. 

Offered By: Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.

Availability: Free

Features in Light

  • It allows for color adjustments in your video by adjusting its contrast, saturation, and brightness.
  • Now you can choose to give slow and fast speed in the same video at different instants. 
  • It allows to insert still and motion graphics to your videos.

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  1. Cameo


Not everyone likes long videos. They may find it boring and hence they prefer short videos. This video editor for iPhone is a great tool to make short and amusing videos. You need not to be tech-savvy to use this app for video editing.

This app has been developed with an easy interface that lets you create cinematic videos by juxtaposing the sound effects along with the pictures from your gallery. 

Offered By: Vimeo, LLC

Availability: Free

Features in Light

  • Add captions and titles while adjusting audio.
  • Share your movies on email, Whatsapp, or Messenger, or even at more platforms.
  • Satisfy your holy grail of uploading the most creative videos for Instagram. 

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  1. Splice


This app for video editing on the iPhone is loved by many and hence it is very popular. It sticks to the traditional video editing techniques but still is an amazing app to edit videos on iPhone. This is very much similar to iMovie.

You just need to pick up your photos or videos and splice them up. You can then choose to add text to them. 

Offered By: Bending Spoons Apps IVS

Availability: Free and Paid

Features in Light

  • Very easy to use.
  • It offers a built-in voice recorder so that you can add your own voice. 
  • It can edit a number of clips very quickly. 

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  • Videoshop- Video Editor


This iPhone video edit tool is the one that runs at high speed and is really easy to use. This is one of the best video editing apps for iOS that offer a number of remarkable features.

Video Shop- Video Editor comes with amusing features such as rotating the video by 90 degrees or stop motion recording. You can find options in here to split your videos in clips. This video editing app offers easy sharing options and is very interactive. 

Offered By: Jajijujejo Inc.

Availability: Free and Paid

Features in Light

  • Amazing feature to adjust the speed of the video. Choose to make it fast or slow. 
  • Multiple clips can be combined into one.
  • Options to resize and reverse the videos. 

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  • Animoto


Thinking to make a video for your best friend on their birthday? Well, it is super easy. You just need their pictures and this video editor for iPhone.

Making a photo slideshow with your favorite background music is very easy with Animoto. Put no bar on the length of your video slideshow clip with this app that edits videos.

There is a lot you can choose to do with your photos through this powerful app.  

Offered By: Animoto Inc.

Availability: Free and Paid

Features in Light

  • Easy to share features.
  • Add your favorite captions and texts.
  • Choose from a wide variety of slideshow styles. 

So with this, we have known the best apps that can help edit videos on iPhone. So, do not wait any further, just download the best video editor for iPhone as per your requirement.

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