Top 10 Voice Changer Apps for Android and iOS


These days people are becoming more and more creative. Video shooting captivating concepts, editing videos with cool filters, using various voice changer apps are fun ways to satisfy creative curiosity.

Ever imagined how your voice would sound like a famous cartoon character? Or how it would change if you grow older or simply just imagine how your voice would be if you are a robot? Now with various voice changer apps for iPhone and Android devices, you can try out all of these for free.

Let’s explore top voice changer apps for iPhone and Android to modulate voice. You never know if you have what it takes to be a voice-over artist!

10 Best Voice Changer Apps for iPhone and Android In 2020

#1. Voice Changer: The easiest voice modulation app

Compatibility: Android

Just download the app and hit the microphone button to record. Pick the preferred voice effect and you are done! Voice Changer is the easiest voice modulation app. It also enables you to post the audio on any social media platform.


  • Entertaining, and user-friendly.
  • The simplest app with a three-step voice modulation process.
  • Be a dwarf, alien, or a robot, the app offers diverse options!
  • It offers an easy file sharing process.


  • The app is filled with too many ads!
  • You can not edit your audio-tracks.

#2. Snapchat: The most famous voice changer app

Compatibility: iOS and Android devices

Snapchat does not need any introduction. It is one of the largest social media platforms that offer capturing photos, using fun filters and sharing them with friends. Do you want to change gender through voice modulation? Snapchat helps you with this!


  • The most entertaining video filters that help you to add interesting voice modulations.
  • Connect to a large Snapchat community and enjoy bonds with your like-minded tribe!
  • Get daily updates of lenses and filters.
  • Easy user interface and many smart fun-filled features


  • The primary function of the app is not the voice changing.
  • Once you record your voice the after-editing effects may change the voice entirely.
  • Drains battery very quickly.

#3. Face: Celebrity Voice Changer: The most unique voice changer app

Compatibility: iOS 9.0

Want to mimic your favorite movie star or a popular TV host? Choose a Celebrity voice changer app and modulate your voice to suit the celebrities.

Apart from the standard voice modulating potions this app also offers new voices that can mimic anyone! But the app only supports English speech.



  • Unreasonably expensive.
  • The app only supports English and can not modulate other language speeches.
  • A Deep Learning Technology feature is hard to understand and needs a lot of improvement.

#4. Video Voice Changer FX: The most fun-filled audio modulation app

Compatibility: Android

Are you searching for a simple voice changing app that is not so fancy but accurately adjusts audios in your video files? Then Voice Changer FX is your right pick. Just upload a video from your device and select a suitable audio-track to apply.


  • Value for money app that fits all pocket-size.
  • The most fun audio options like echo, chipmunk, and squirrel can make this app irresistible.
  • Easy to use app offers three-step audio modulation.
  • The only app that enables the users to switch between various audio impressions while the video is playing.


  • No audio or video recording capability.
  • The app doesn’t support social media sharing.
  • The app lacks variations in filters. It offers diverse fun filters but does not cater to different moods.

#5. Voice Changer with Effects: High-rated Voice-changer app

Compatibility: Android

This brilliant audio-changer app enables the user to play voice recordings backward. Now be an alien or a robot just by recording your voice and turning it into desired variations!

You can also add sounds to different images and can share them on Facebook.


  • The Voice Changer with Effects allows you to share all audio files to the most popular social media platforms.
  • Offers a fantastic text to voice feature that simplifies voice modulation.
  • You can set new ringtones as well
  • Users can edit pre-recorded audio files as well.


  • It provides no audio or video editing options.
  • Too much advertising kills creativity.

#6. Voicy: Celebrity Voice Changer

Compatibility: iOS

Next on our list of best voice-changer apps is Voicy. Mimic your celebrity crushes with this user-friendly app and share it with your friends on social media.

Voicy supports it all! A machine learning technology offers many avatars to experiment with. The free version offers limited voice-effects.

To avail, the maximum benefits users need to choose a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription.


  • It offers a robust machine learning technology that mimics tonnes of voices.
  • The most versatile app that offers a wide range of voice avatars.
  • A quick and hassle-free voice changing process.
  • Perfect parody supporting app with battery-friendly features.
  • It offers a vast selection of voice avatars.
  • The quick voice modification process.
  • A great choice if you want to make a parody.


  • More expensive than the competition.
  • Users can not voice modulate any speech other than English.
  • A very expensive app that comparatively offers limited features.

#7. Squeak Voice Changer: Best voice changer app for Android

Compatibility: Android

Want to have a fun-filled time with your friends? Squeak will not disappoint you! While talking about the best free voice changer apps for Android and iOs, we can not forget Squeak.

This app offers voice modulation represented by a character. Eg, Pick -Jamie the Jolly to use party-like sounds.


  • User-friendly app with functional app designs.
  • Cute characters representing various audio-sounds.
  • Best app with the quality of value for money.


  • Poor selection of voice effects.
  • Only English speeches are recognized by the app.
  • Comparatively, it offers fewer voice effects.

#8. Voice Changer Plus: Best voice changer app for iPhone

Compatibility: iOS

Get complete creative freedom with this iOS voice-modulation app. It features more than fifty voice impressions and assists with voiceover recordings.

Moreover, you can edit all your audio files even after you save them, which enables you to find new ways to improve your recordings over time.

Voice Changer Plus is also equipped with trim controls, so you can remove all parts of your audio files you don’t want to share with your friends on social media.


  • Varied voice effects with different features
  • Users can edit audio files even after they save them, which enables them to find new ways to improve recordings.
  • You can trim and edit the audio files.


  • To get maximum benefits of the app users to need to avail in-app purchases.
  • Modulating audio in video files is not allowed.

#9.Narrator’s Voice: Text-to-speech voice changer app

Compatibility: iOS and Android

It is essentially a text-to-speech application with a variety of voice modulations. It supports languages such as German, Korean, Polish, Spanish, etc and also offers different characters such as Obama, Chipmunks, Robots, and much more.


  • It’s a simple app with a wide range of voice-over effects.
  • A one of a kind text-to-speech voice changer app that supports multi-languages.
  • Compatible with Facebook


  • A slow-functioning app that still has room for improvements.

#10. Voice FX: Real-time voice changer app

Compatibility: Android

Just a few taps of Voice FX will give you a straightforward and fun way to modulate your voice. Apply various voice effects and stream it live to your web browsers or media players you’re using.


  • Users can modulate pre-recorded audio files.
  • Gives real-time voice-effects.
  • Allows live streaming during the process.


  • A limited range of voice impressions.

To sum up, these are a few best disguise your voice category of apps. Play a funny prank with your friends or go for the voice-over. These voice-changer apps are fun and creative ways to have a nice time with friends and family.