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123Movies Review

123movies gives you access to the many premiers without stepping into theaters. This is the best option for anyone who is looking for free movie streaming online.

Website Movie watcher 123movies has already come on the top and with the growing popularity, the website has become one of the largest of its kind. But wait, before you download and start using it, take a read and learn what exactly 123movies is all about? Is watching 123movies legal or is it safe to use this website on your device?

123Movies- What it Is?

123movies is a video streaming website that provides access to hundreds of movies online right from the theatres. The site allows streaming of pirated movies on its dozens of clone websites. Currently, 123movies is accessed from the domain 123movies.la.

Here, you can watch new releases and search for titles from a large catalog of blockbuster movies. Besides this, with 123movies you can watch the content from popular streaming sites such as Amazon, HULU and many more.

At 123MoviesGoStream, you don’t need to sign up for any premium plan or create your account on the 123MoviesGoStream or movie watcher 123 websites. You just have to search for your favorite movies, click on the desired movie title from search results and begin watching it on your device or computer.

123movies is now a popular streaming website for movie lovers. You can browse movies through it on your computer, smartphone or tablet anytime. Go 123movies app is also available on device- Roku, and Kodu. However, you must be careful before you visit or use this website or install the 123MoviesGoStream or 123movies app.


How much does watching 123movies cost?

There is no cost of watching 123movies websites’ content. It is free and doesn’t require any login or sign up. You can watch premium movies for free of cost and do not think of paying for membership every month or year.


What is the history of 123Movies?

The History of 123movies is full of conspiracy. 123MoviesGoStream and clone websites of 123movies have often been in news for publishing pirated and illegal content.

Various websites have accused 123movies of copyright infringement. 123movies has been hunted down by the government and has been often compelled to change the names of the hosting provider.

On 18 March, the Motion Picture Association of America had included Go 123movies, Gostream123movies, Gomovies, 123movieshub and other associated websites of 123movies.la under the list “notorious websites”. They have listed 123movies as the most popular illegal movie website in the world.

According to MPAA, every month more than 98 million users visit movie watcher 123movies which is more than the visitors per month rate of any other illegal streaming site. As per their report, 123movies or Go 123movies seems to be hosted in Vietnam and carrying out their work by the assistance of Vietnam officials (the Office of the Police Investigation Agency C44).

It has been noted that on the same day, 123movies has published the notice that declared the countdown of shutting down. On the 3rd of April, this countdown was set to 5 days but Gostream123movies and its associated movies streaming websites are still running up. There are various URLs and servers on which 123movieshub, 123movies networks websites are readily available.


Is 123Movies legal?


No, 123movie is not legal. Like the other pirated content provider websites, 123movies is illegal and is not advised to access illegitimate content.123movies doesn’t have any legal license to provide the copyrighted content. These websites and other sites associated with 123MoviesGoStream or 123movies network are said to be operated in the areas where copyright laws are void or negligent.

Such online movie streaming websites are found in the 3rd part of the World. In simple words, they are often found in those parts of the world that don’t have antipiracy laws. At these places, they get the liberty to host their website and set up their servers without any interruptions from the authorities.

However, the site doesn’t include any pirated content matter on their website. They seem to hot the content and don’t allow users to upload any content of their own.

But this doesn’t make 123movies or Go123movies.io or other associated sites away from the eye of authorities.

123movies is not immune to the law. But the above way of hosting websites from the aforementioned 3rd world allows them to get time for setting up duplicate servers. So, take care whenever you are watching 123movies content or download 123movies HD online. But before that take a look and read how safe is it to use Go123movies.io.

How does 123Movies Work?

123movies HD or 123MoviesGoStream doesn’t use user-uploaded content but they embed popular videos and movies around the Internet through cyberlockers.

The website allows cyberlockers to host content from popular websites such as Amazon Prime, DVD ripped and Netflix directly from piracy sites.

123Movies App

Not one but there are various webpages dedicated with the name of 123movies app or movie watcher 123. You may use streaming online app to download a wide range of movies right on your device or television.

The app is prone to various malware and adware that may infect your device’s security.

Downloading of Go 123Movies app

After the review of 123movies app, we can say that 123movies app Apk is not safe to download and use of video streaming. The app is full of numerous fake downloads and contains viruses that may infect your device.

It must be understood that not all the versions of the app are legit and if you download this app, you are allowing ransomware and other Android malware to harm your device. So, it’s better that you skip installing the 123movies or Go123movies.io app to keep your device safety intact.

However, if you want to view movies online, it is advisable that you visit the website instead of downloading the 123movie HD app. Using these links to mobile sites you may experience the same joy of watching movies as mobile browsers.


Is 123Movies Safe?


The answer to the question is a big NO. Like Go123movies app and other free video streaming websites, 123movies website comes with malware and viruses.

When you try to access movie watcher 123 sites, you find the there are various other clone sites that are fake and created to spread malware.

These harmful links, viruses, and malware are often distributed through JavaScript used on the website.

Thus, it is always advised to avoid using such websites or protect your computer with a premium anti-virus program or firewall.


Features of 123Movies

123movies is not just about movies but there are a lot more that you find at 123moviesGostream or Go123movies.io and duplicate websites of 123movies. Here are the best features that attract viewers and make it one of the most popular among streaming websites.

1. You can watch various movies and TV shows that are available on premium sites or running in theatre.
2. The best feature of 123movies is its interface. Viewers can easily search for any movie with its year of release and genre.
3. You may use different filters to narrow down your search and get the desired movie on your phone.
4. At the site, movies are sorted alphabetically according to genres, giving you easy access to movies.
5. You may watch all the movies in HD quality mode.
6. It’s easy and free to download movies on 123movies HD websites.
7. Go 123mvies or its other duplicated websites are compatible with various platforms such as Tablet, Smartphones, Windows, MacOS, etc.
8. This website offers a very fast streaming speed which allows you to access multiple links with a stable connection and no buffering.
9. It gives access to more than one server for every movie and TV show. Thus you may get different options for your search.
10. Above all these websites don’t ask you to login or sign up or pay any premium membership fees to stream videos online.


There might be hardly any other free streaming websites that keep their servers and websites up to date with regular updates of new movie releases.

How to Download Movies from 123MoviesHD or Go123movies.io?

What if you want to download movies from 123movies, it’s easy, just follow the following steps and you can easily download movies for free from 123movies HD or the other go 123movies websites (123movies.co, 123movies.ag).

Step 1- You can use 5KPlayer, a high-quality standalone 123movies HD downloader. The 5KPlayer is a great tool to download movies in any resolution whether its 720p or 1080p. You may also download movies in various available formats such as Mp4, MKV etc, to watch it on your devices with no hassle. This tool is free of viruses and doesn’t contain any malware in order to affect your devices while downloading movies.

Step 2- Another way to download movies from the site is by adding google chrome extension to your browser. After that, you just need to enable the link and visit any of the websites of 123movies, play the video and click on the download icon shared by the added extension. With the extension link, you may get an easy download started on your phone within 60 seconds. Once the download is complete, you will receive pop-up updating you about the finished download. Save the file and if you want, you can also rename the file the way you want. Simple isn’t?


What Happened to the Original 123Movies.to Streaming Site? Is it Shutdown?

This is the most common question people have when they read about the shutdown of the original website of 123movies. As mentioned above, 123movies has been banned by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) with the cooperation of the Vietnam government. However, as soon the original website had been shut down, many more cloned websites have come into existence at the very moment.

So, despite the news of the shutdown of the main 123movies website, it is still running and available with different domain names. The official site changes its domain name frequently to remain active and there is no track of which cloned website is the official one. Again, none of these websites are legal or safe to use for binge-watching.


Should You Watch Movies on 123Movies?

Although 123movies HD is the biggest free movie streaming provider, it is never safe to watch content that is illegal or under copyright infringement.

There is always a risk attached to watching illegal content online. You can be tracked by your Internet Service Provider anytime and can be punished or penalized for your illegal use of the Internet.

Besides this, there is always a risk involved with watching online movies especially when you are accessing any free or illegal website.

Spending time on 123movies or their duplicate websites may contain links that may infect your phone or computer or tablet with dangerous viruses and malware.

Therefore, go to the options that are less harmful or share a complete virus or malware free streaming of movies.

Let’s take a read what are these options and how can you watch content that is completely legal and risk free.


5 Best Alternatives to 123Movies

There are many sites available online that are legal and provide content with utmost safety and security of your devices. Here are the five best alternatives you may go for instead of choosing 123movies and their clone websites.


  1. Zmovies


With a large collection of amazing movies and awesome interface, Zmovies comes on the top of this category.

Apart from movies, the site gives you access to various media kinds of stuff such as TV series, documentaries, short length movies and many more. The site offers a Playlist section through which you may create your own playlist of movies.

To operate the site, you require a valid Id or account. However, the site is completely free and you don’t need to pay any amount from your wallet to watch your favorite movies.

Visit Website

  1. Crackle


Another legal streaming website is Crackle. It is also a free video streaming website that offers a wide range of collection of movies, TV shows and documentaries.

You may watch all kinds of genres here whether its horror, romance,  Sci-Fi, comedy or any other.  Crackle allows watching movies only in 480p and 360p video quality formats.

Visit Website

  1. PrimeWire

Like 123movies HD, PrimeWire allows you to watch thousands of awesome movies and that of in HD quality mode. Apart from this, the site has a good collection of music also.

But to access all these, you need to login on the account and sign up with a valid email address. PrimeWire is also free and does not ask you to pay for watching and downloading your favorite videos.

Visit Website

  1. Fmovies


This website allows a very interesting feature for watching and downloading movies. Here, you can watch your movies and download them along with their subtitles. Do not worry, there are no ads on these download links or any infectious malware that may cause harm to your devices.

Like the other alternatives, this site is absolutely free. If you like watching movies in different languages, then there is no best alternative than Fmovies.

Here, you get hundreds of movies available in different languages and genres. You can find movies from the oldest to the newest with its great search filters.

Visit Website

  1. IceFilms


This is another very popular website for streaming movies online for free. The site doesn’t charge you anything or cost any hidden charges for its usage. The site is always updated and you can get the latest updates about the site from its home page.

For viewers, the site offers a great collection of movies that includes, oldest, latest and medium popular ones. To find the movies trending currently, IceFilms offers an amazing section named as “Trending Now”.

Besides it, it also showcases TV shows and you can anytime get the latest updated one under “Recently Added Episodes” section. In case of any concerns, you can post on their forum and discuss our views about the site. Interesting isn’t?

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to the legal websites and enjoy the binge-watching with no stress of any legal action or paying now or later for streaming video online.

Visit Website

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piratebay_logo TThe Pirate Bay is an online index of digital content of entertainment media and software. Best Alternatives
Download latest flix tor vip movies and tv shows free stream online without creating any account. Best Alternatives
Vmovee provides top rated action, adventure animation, comedy, crime etc movies. Best Alternatives
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demonoid-logo A BitTorrent tracker website that includes file sharing. Use Vpn while using demonoid. Best Alternatives
rainierland_logo Rainierland has been one of the premier free sites for streaming movies, TV series, and documentaries online. Best Alternatives


Online videos streaming websites like 123movies or Go123movies.io or other cloned sites are not legit and above that these are not websites from where you can download shows or movies without risking your device’s safety.

You can access aforementioned alternatives of 123movies or if not there are various other alternatives for video streaming that are free or charge a small amount for accessing the latest releases. Think wisely and do not keep your safety on stake just for anything that comes for free.

Enjoy Binge- Watching!

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