Top 9 Free and Legal Movie Downloading Sites (100% Working)


Everybody loves films right!!

The winter season has made it tough for us to step out even on weekends, occasions or holidays. Because of the very low temperature, you should be searching for alternate approaches to investing time at home without getting exhausted. If you love watching films and do not know about movie download sites where you can binge-watch and download movies for free online legally.

Don’t stress, we have a rundown of best 9 free movie download sites, from where you can stream films in high quality

Yes, you do not have to pick any illicit website to stream high-quality films for free. As we all know that the more free movie sites we have, the more choice we will have to stream the varieties of content.

It is to be noticed that all the movie sites we are going to present are very mobile which furnished you with options to stream the recent movies in high-quality without asking any qualifications.

You can stream unlimited Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Korean, Chinese, Bhojpuri, Japanese, Punjabi films from these free movie download sites that we have referenced below:

Download Video’s from your favorite website:

  1. YouTube

With the growing ad-supported content, YouTube is ranked as the top source to download movie for free online. 

Currently, YouTube is offering more than 100 complete full-length movies on its website. This makes YouTube an ideal free movie download site for those people who can’t bear to spend a premium for getting Netflix and Hulu content. You can just visit the website and watch films like Legally Blonde, Zookeeper, Flawless, The Terminator, IP Man, Kung Fu Killer, and more. Besides, the website also has plans to make its original TV shows and films for free from 2020.

Significantly, these films for streaming are now only accessible in the USA. In case you’re from India, don’t hesitate to look at our list of best movie download sites for Indian content. The rundown consists of reputed sources like BoxTV, YuppFlix, and many more.

  1. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is one of the second largest video hosting services after YouTube. It permits its users to browse, transfer and stream video contents from everywhere throughout the globe. Here you can locate an incredible assortment of content from old films to useful narratives.

Dailymotion, however, has suffered some legitimate difficulties over the past years. In 2014, the company was fined $1.5 million after it was found liable of copyright encroachment. In Russia, the company has been blocked across the country since mid-2017 after a court administration. It was blamed for consistently disregarding the nation’s copyright law.

  1. Kanopy


Kanopy streams musing entertainment to your favorite gadget without any charges and no ads by collaborating with open libraries, colleges, & universities. Everybody from movie scholars to casual watchers will find exceptional and enriching movies on Kanopy. Sign in with your library membership and make the most of our assorted catalog with fresh titles included every month.

I recently came across this free movie download site that has an extraordinary database of films and TV shows. The number of films that one can download every month fluctuates from the library to the library. Feel free to check it out.

  1. The Internet Archive


You’ll be astounded to discover that The Internet Archive is like a rich load to stream free films, TV shows, music, books, etc. This list comprises the original Jungle Book, The Brother from Another Planet, Iron Mask, Farewell to Arms, Night of the Living Dead, and many more.

Around 4-5 years back, The Internet Archive furnished direct links and often the film downloads flopped as the file sizes were enormous. Because of the Torrent links, now you can undoubtedly enjoy and stream thousands of films without spending a penny. The overall index found on this site is persistently expanding and new content is included every day.

This free movie download site also permits making a free virtual library card which awards you access to the ability to upload audio-visual content, forums, bookmark most-loved content, and so on.

  1. Hotstar


Having discussed the American watchers and the accessibility of free film & TV show content for them in the YouTube section, now let’s discuss Indian/Hindi content. Even though paid websites like Amazon Prime Video & Netflix are concentrating more and more on the Indian viewer, Hotstar stays to be a great source of free movie download for streaming offline.

This free movie download sites database has a great amount of famous Indian films like Raid, Housefull, Bodyguard, Kaabil, Jolly LLB, and more. The interface of the website is quite perfect and it is well-designed. Moreover, Hotstar is also incredible for watching Indian sports, TV shows, and news for nothing.

  1. Retrovision


By visiting this free movie download site, you can get your hands on numerous films and free TV shows in the public domain. This source of content also has an Android application named Classic UHF, utilizing which you can grab and watch content in a single go. 

Thanks to its genre-explicit function, searching for films on Retrovision is extremely easy. The site divides its database into various well-known categories like Comedy, Adventure, Cartoons, Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama, War, Westerns and many more.

If you are searching for all the content in one spot, simply hit the “All” button in the top menu bar section. On the left side, there are labels as well for a simpler route. You can also sign up for their pamphlet to get informed about any new content that is posted on the site.

  1. Pluto TV


Pluto TV website tries to imitate a traditional TV design and it’s personally one of my preferred websites on this rundown. This site supports to watch free content on the web & provides more than 75 TV channels from various genres. All these TV channels are categorized into movies, news, TV shows, sports, tech, and other famous genres.

Pluto TV also provides its official app for practically well-known platforms and you can enjoy by binge-watching the content on the go. They likewise have their committed film channel.

One thing you should keep in mind is that few channels may be accessible in case you’re in the United States (US). So, you can either utilize a VPN service or an intermediary or proxy for an uninterrupted experience.

  1. Yahoo View


Before disclosing more about Yahoo Movies’ free film feature to you, let me acknowledge that you can approach a large portion of the free content of this website only in the United States (US). Some of you may attempt to access it utilizing a VPN but we can’t ensure if it’ll work for you. It is a free movie download website online that has all the content arranged in a neat interface. You can choose any category according to your preference by hitting on huge rectangular buttons.

If you’re interested, the site also provides free TV shows, movie trailers, and documentaries. A huge portion of the content on this free movie download website is controlled by Hulu and oth


er applications. Under every video, you’ll see a message notifying the days remaining before that specific free film expires from the site.

  1. Yidio


Many of you probably won’t know that the Yidio online movie streaming website’s complete name is “Your Internet Video”. If I talk about the full library of content accessible on the Yidio app, this online video guide comprises o more than 1 million movies & TV shows. The viewers can register on the site and upload files to the ‘Watch Later’ section for later review. This element is extremely helpful for keeping up your favorite content.

Proceeding onward to the free part, you can select the free filter at the top and assort all the content in one spot. At the right, there are choices to categorize content by date, popularity, and genre. Moreover, you also get the alternate to categorize the free content by popularity scale.


The rundown mentioned above is not an ample one, but we have still attempted to incorporate the most famous and legal websites. These free movie download sites offer an incredible and free source of amusement and accompany with a good database of movies & TV shows.


Q1. Which is the best site to stream Hollywood films & TV shows in high-quality?
Accordingly, YouTube is the best website to stream Hollywood content. It is especially helpful when you are on your cell phone and just has one hand to make use of. It’s irritating and sometimes baffling when you are requested for your password while in a hurry.

Q2. Which site is the best to stream Hindi films at extremely high-quality?
Dailymotion is an on-request video streaming website that offers numerous TV shows and movies from various categories, for example, comedy, action, romance, history, documentaries, thrillers, and many more.Dailymotion empowers you to watch your preferred trailers, movies, videos, & TV shows.

Q3. From which website can I download the latest Bollywood arrivals?
Pluto TV, Retrovision, Yidio, etc. are some of the famous free movie download sites to stream the latest Bollywood content on the web.