How to Watch Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie Online


At the center of the movie Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is the story of Tim Goodman, an unsociable young man, who doesn’t really like Pokemons and, unlike everyone else, doesn’t want to get his own pocket monster.

This is strange, considering that as a child he dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer and fighting in tournaments. The death of his mother and his quarrel with his father changed his life. At the beginning of the movie, Tim travels to the city Ryme, an utopian city where people and Pokemon live side by side, and there he meets a piquant, addicted to coffee Pikachu, who considers himself a great detective and wears a cap like Sherlock Holmes.

Suddenly it turns out that Tim is the only one of all people who can understand the language of Pokemon, or rather, he can communicate with one single Pokemon, and this very strange Pikachu wants to help the young man to find his father.

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What is the Movie  Pokemon Detective Pikachu About?

Initially, the trailer seemed absurd and surreal. It’s not that there were no talking species in the Pokémon universe (for example, the Meow cat could communicate humanly in the series), but the approach to the plot seemed as unusual as possible: everyone expected to see a typical story about Pokémon and their trainers, a game of collecting and battles between different types of animals.

However, the director decided not to repeat the bored plot for the thousand time: he simply decided to tell a case from the life of an alternative world.

Here is a brief account of the world itself: the history of Pokémon is woven into the advertising clip of the reserve, which can be seen in the news broadcast.

It is assumed that the viewer will not be surprised by the many strange creatures from the very first frame – they simply exist, point, fact. And then one Pikachu becomes a participant in a detective story.

“Pokemon. Detective Pikachu by Rob Letterman is based on the Pokémon franchise and the 2016 video game Detective Pikachu. Justis Smith and Catherine Newton starred in the film. Pokemon Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The picture was released in 2019.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Trailer (Official)

Where can you watch Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Movie?

Here we are giving you a few apps and websites from where you can enjoy watching the movie Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.


Putlocker has been a popular site for many people who want to broadcast the latest movies or TV shows. The legitimacy of this site is a gray area (some videos are protected by copyright, while others are not), but nevertheless, this is a popular streaming website. Like any other streaming platform, users are trying to download putlocker in MP4.

Unlike other sites, Putlocker is often shut down by authorities. This leads to the fact that the creators move the site to another host with a different domain. For this reason alone, downloading videos from Putlocker does not allow you to search for a new site every second week.

But searching for Putlocker you still can find a link for it. This is because they work on a site from several proxies and servers. This is necessary to ensure the security of the website. If one server is locked or stopped, then they have many other servers still running.

Prime Video 

If you already have an Amazon account then it will not be a problem to watch the movie, but if you do not have it yet you can get 7-days trial and watch the movie for free (just do not forget to cancel the subscription before it will charge you for the coming month).


123movies has many new movies and updates including the movie Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. 

123movies is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world. This website gives users access to the movies and television shows from every part of the world. This online file hosting website collects millions of users every day. 

In fact, 123movies website has been recognized as the most popular illegal website in the world. 

But be careful since the original website went down, 123movies has launched a few mirror websites with the same catalog of high-quality movies and television shows. This website initially changed its name to, then it was further changed to and finally

Right now 123movies website is still active on several mirror websites, so you can still watch movies online for free. However, most of these clone websites have been banned in different countries.

Thus, you will have to invest in a VPN before you start broadcasting free movies online or using 123movies alternative websites.

Google Play, YouTube,iTunes, Hungama on rent

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie is now available for rent and purchase on apps and websites like iTunes, Google Play and YouTube. 

How much do you have to pay for the rent to watch the movie on these apps? 

It can be gotten for rent for Rs 100 and Rs 150 in SD and HD format respectively on both Google Play and YouTube. The movie can be bought for Rs 690 in SD and Rs 850 in HD on the Google-owned platforms as well. And the Apple streaming service is showing Pokemon: Detective Pikachu in India for a rent price of Rs 120 for SD and Rs 150 for HD quality. You can also buy it on iTunes for Rs 490 in SD and Rs 690 in HD.

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