17 Best KissAnime Alternative’s in 2020 To Watch Anime Online


Have you been looking for KissAnime Alternatives?

If you are just like me, the one who loves to watch cartoons, especially anime, then you have landed on the right page.

Due to multiple reasons, this website has been going on and off hence making anime lovers look out for its alternative options. But on the internet, there is a sea of such websites which claim to offer the best of content like KissAnime to you. Not all of them can be trusted, hence I have curated some of the most reliable and working websites which will make sure you get your dose of ANIME-TAINMENT!

I absolutely love anime hence I was a constant visitor of KissAnime. Japanese Anime has a separate fan base all around the world. It originated from Japan and then it spread its wings all around the globe and people thoroughly enjoyed it.

And KissAnime app and website is legit the best! A lot of cartoon mavens might agree with me because of a number of reasons. But why I absolutely loved watching anime on KissAnime website is because it is absolutely FREE and then I do not have to compromise on the quality of the videos it provides. Furthermore, the collection is mammoth with almost all of them english-subbed or english-dubbed. Hence it becomes easy for me to get that dose of amusement I lounge for!

Sadly, due to some reasons(we have discussed in the later sections of this article), the traffic of this cartoon streaming site is getting diverted to other websites. But if you still are highly obsessed with this particular website, then you can check out some of the mirror sites of it which are as good as the original one.

Mirror sites KissAnime

  • Kissanime.ru
  • Dreamanime.fun
  • Kissanime.ru.com
  • Kissanime.monster
  • Kiss-anime.ws
  • Kissanimedub.com
  • Kissanime.nz

Jumping on to the popular KissAnime alternatives, here is a list which you should definitely check out if you wish to explore the best of the Japanese anime series.

Our Top 3 Choices as Kissanime Alternatives

Name  Highlighted Features Star Rating
  • You can use it on the app as well as on the website.
  • Full-length episodes of all the shows.
  • Amazing video quality .
Anime Planet
  • A huge collection of Anime and Manga.
  • Content is available in good quantity.
  • Top ranked anime website.
  • Download anime in high quality.
  • Anime episodes are English subbed.
  • Few ads.


Best KissAnime Alternative’s in 2020

#1. AnimeLab

Well, this indeed is the laboratory of anime where you will get full length Anime episodes of all the shows available here. Furthermore, the quality that this KissAnime alternative offers is impeccable!

AnimeLab aims at providing you all of the Japanese anime on your mobile as well PCs screen, through both website and an app.

However, if you wish to explore this website completely or partially you need to use a VPN if you are not residing in Australia or New Zealand.

#2. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is like the Netflix of the anime. It is a highly sophisticated and top ranked website for watching anime online. But being highly rated does not mean you have to pay anything, it is completely free.

It has been satiating Anime and Manga lovers for over a couple of decades now. Its interface is very alluring and helpful. You can easily search a lot of anime by entering the categories, popular of the week, newest, etc. you will not be disappointed after using this KissAnime Alternative.

#3. Chia-Anime

This is another website like KissAnime that lets you explore a mammoth collection of popular anime shows on your PCs and mobile devices. Chia-Anime lets you download and save the videos which you can watch offline in high quality.

Another notable point of using this as a KissAnime alternative is that its episodes are subbed in english for your concern. This means that you can enjoy everything that is available on this website without any language complications.

#4. Anime Frenzy

It is one of those websites that like to keep themselves updated with the latest of the stuff in the market of Anime. Really, you can find the most popular and latest anime shows here without any delay.

If you are planning to watch anime online, then you can without any second thought land on this amazing page. Anime Frenzy is the one where you will find the simplest homepage. Its collection is ginormous and it has a chatroom where you can discuss things about your anime or cartoon show with like minded people. Seems like a good deal to me!

#5. GoGoAnime

Explore more features and GogoAnime Alternatives 

I can bet upon, GoGoAnime is the one website that provides all of its content in the most beautiful and helpful ways. Everything on this website like KissAnime is in order and pretty arranged in alphabetical order.

They promise to provide the best anime content as well as amazing user experience for their users. The shows and movies in here are generally the latest ones but this does not mean you will not find the old ones. The best part is you can choose which video quality you are willing to watch your favorite anime in.

#6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has been ruling the hearts of anime lovers for more than over a decade now. It has the same popularity as KissAnime website. It still has maintained its firm spot in the market by offering amusing content to all of its users worldwide.

If you are thinking how to be productive in your free time, hop on to this web address and let it roll, you will not regret it. It has so many anime, manga, and other Japanese stuff that you will absolutely love to watch. It is definitely the one that should be visited at least once.

#7. 9Anime

9Anime has no doubt marked its spot in the fraternity of anime websites. Its collection is praiseworthy. You can literally enjoy a lot of anime and cartoon content here while munching on to your popcorn bowl.

It is completely free to use and offers online streaming of anime and manga. Furthermore, there is no need to get yourself registered. Just move on to the address of this KissAnime alternative and get it all started in a jiffy!

#8. Anime Land

Anime Land has been in the list of most visited sites for watching anime online. It is one of those places that lets you explore it all. It comes handy as a website as well as in the app which makes its usage easy on PCs as well as the smartphones or tablets.

Anime Land is a website from where you can download the anime to watch for later. Just like KissAnime, there is no process of registration or sign up and it is free to use. This website is just like a planet of anime where you will find everything associated to the Japanese anime.

#9. A2zAnime

Well, maniacs, you get a right to vote here on this fantastic KissAnime alternative! Believe it or not but this website’s footprints are followed by a lot of anime directors and providers because you can vote your favorite anime shows here.

This helps them to accumulate their user experience and then they can next time come with better versions. There is a quality slab, with which you can choose the video quality you wish to stream your favorite anime in. And just like its name, it has an immense collection of the content that you will absolutely love!

#10. Masterani

Masaterani can be counted as one one of the best places from where you can watch the best of anime movies and TV shows. In fact, if you have been struggling to find something that you can understand in your own language then definitely is this KissAnime site alternative.

Almost all the shows on this platform come with English subtitles and some of them are English dubbed. Its homepage is pretty basic and has nothing much alluring but you definitely are not looking for designs. What you are  looking for is rightly available here!

#11. Anime Karma

Anime Karma has gathered appreciation of a huge number of users. It is another place where you can watch anime online without paying a penny. Furthermore, just like other websites, you need not to get yourself through the annoying process of registration.

It has a gigantic collection of anime stuff. Ranging from top IMDB to the latest ones, it has it all under one roof.however, there is one downside which is frequent pop-ups which are sure shot annoying but you can deal with this if you are getting something as alluring as the best of anime for free right? Also, if you do not wish to see pop-ups, you can simply use an adblocker.

#12. AnimeXD

This is certainly another best place where you can lounge on to watch the best of anime online. AnimeXD comes with a good interface where you can easily fish out the videos or episodes you wish to watch.

Moreover this is absolutely free and legal which adds another feather in its cap. Not only this, but this anime website also has a chat room feature where you can discuss various things on your favorite anime show or the character.

#13. AnimeFreak

Saying that this KissAnime alternative is the heaven for anime freaks will not be any wrong. This website claims to have the largest database of anime and manga lovers in almost all the genres that can possibly exist.

It is easily accessible by all and is very handy to use when it comes to its interface. Action, comedy, drama, romance, thriller, you just name it, they have it all. Not only this, but you can also find some really useful links such as the popular shows, latest anime, browse by genres, etc. More or less, it is quick and handy to use.

#14. Animesim

This is another virtual address that can satiate your anime buds with a doze of all kinds of anime through its gigantic collection. It is notably in the category of sites like KissAnime as it provides its users with variation in video streaming quality.

Its interface has a list from where you can choose to watch or download the anime of your choice in your preferred quality. Also,  most of the anime shows on Animesim are provided with english subtitles. Hence, you need not worry about language barrier. With this website, you can get a good hold of your favorite anime shows.

#15. AniWatcher

AniWatcher is sure shot a reliable place if you are looking to fish out some latest anime and manga videos. This is serving as a great KissAnime alternative to all the anime lovers worldwide.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that the anime videos are English dubbed and subbed, which makes it easy for the anime buffs to understand and enjoy their favorite shows. Another benefit of landing on to this website is that the content is for free plus no registration!

#16. Animedao

This certainly is one of the simplest websites to watch anime online. It has a very easy and clean interface that lets you easily look out for the movie or episode you wish to watch.

Moreover, the quality of the video comes in high resolution. There is a huge collection of the latest as well as the old anime videos. Hence you can choose to watch any movie or episode from here in good quality and for free.

#17. Anime Show

It definitely isn’t the best on  this list but if you have been looking to watch anime online, then this is not a bad deal. The interface of this website is quite normal and hence you can simply input the Anime you wish to watch.

The video will be interrupted by a number of irritating pop-ups but that is all fine as far as you are getting to watch it for free of cost. It has been known to provide you with easy ways to find any anime and download it.

#18. HorribleSubs

This website has been a newbie in the behemoth market of anime streaming websites but my friend we can still count on it! HorribleSubs is a good KissAnime alternative that lets you download full length episodes of anime in your preferred video quality.

Since it is a new website, it inculcates some really good features. One such feature is the one that lets you stay updated for the anime that is yet to be released, including its release date and time. The homepage is adorned with the latest releases but using the menu bar, you can fetch whatever you are looking for!

General FAQs

Q1. What happened to KissAnime?
Believing the sources of the god of information- the internet, the servers of this massive website are experiencing some technical glitches over the period. The servers of KissAnime website are very fickle, sometimes due to traffic, or sometimes due to legal reasons, they conceal into an unknown name. Hence, leaving their users with no way to hop on to this website. That is it, nothing else has happened to our favorite website.

Q2. Is KissAnime safe?
Many users are in the pool of ambiguity regarding the security and authenticity of the KissAnime app and website. The fact my dear friend is, that using this website or app is absolutely safe as it does not incite or trigger any sort of malicious links or threats to your system. But still, to be on a safer side, it is advisable to access such websites using a VPN and an ad-blocker.

Q3. How to block ads on KissAnime?
Since KissAnime is a platform that offers content for free of cost, there has to be another way to keep it running. And that another way is annoying ads. To get rid of those interrupting ads, you can simply surf it using an ad-blocker extension on your browser.

Q4. Are KissAnime mirror sites reliable?
Not all the websites that claim to be cloning KissAnime site are reliable, but the list that we have provided here is absolutely trustable and working in good condition.