Similar Sites Like Putlockers to Stream Movies and Tv Shows for Free


Last updated on March 27th, 2020 at 11:36 am

Are you fond of watching series and movies? Do you miss any of your favorite shows?

If you are a movie buff and hardly miss any films or series, then websites like Putlocker comes handy. Let us take a sneak peek on it to help you find the best suitable substitute of Putlockers movies.

What Is Putlockers?

Putlockers is a website that enables you to stream television programs, series, movies, and much more easily and rapidly.

It went on the internet in 2011 and originated in the UK with website address As this website offers convenience and ease, it has gained momentum within a short span of time.

What Are Putlocker Movies?

Putlocker movies are a website where you can browse, search, and watch movies and episodes from the big index of streaming links.

Here, the database is automatically updated and offers fresh movies and series/episodes as soon as they are online.

However, was apprehended in May 2016 by the High Court of UK and reported by MPAA for a major piracy threat.

Even Putlocker’s domain address has changed several times with numerous URLs. Many of such URL’s bearing the Putlocker name being seized or suspended. 

People are still in a dilemma whether Putlocker website is maintained by the original team or its working on proxy or mirror websites.

Nevertheless, many online providers tried to subsite Putlockers but aren’t succeeded in matching the standard of its content. Anyways, you can always choose from better options if one door is closed.

So here we have come up with 12 other alternatives you can explore to watch movies and other TV shows online.

Putlocker Mirror Sites

Here’s a list of putlocker mirrors. All mirrors listed below were accessible at the time of writing this article.

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Top 10 Websites Like Putlockers in Year 2020



It contains more Hollywood titles and mainstream TV shows. Much attention is provided to develop a slick interface.

You can select and view your favorite titles within a minute. Once you click to the desired movie, it starts playing automatically.

FMovies is a torrent based app, and hence it is highly advisable to access it using a VPN.

However, Fmovies can falter sometimes, and a pop add can redirect you to the suspicious web page.

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  1. SolarMovie:


This is one of the most popular Putlockers substitutes. Its website has a powerful search engine with an enormous database of TV shows, series, and movies.

You can make your hunt of liked scenes by filtering from top lists, country, genres, and much more.SolarMovie is a free online site that provides comfortable use and seamless streaming.

Besides, its varied array of functions, it offers some obscure titles as well.

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3.Popcorn Time:


While Putloker is apparently a file-sharing website, Popcorn Time is an instant movie streaming site. 

It has a pretty good interface with categorized selection and also offers trending titles and documentaries. Its website and app are stable and available in 44 different languages to cater to more people.

However, Popcorn Time misses blockbuster and leading titles often. As it is a torrent based app, a secure VPN is recommended. 

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  1. Los Movies:


It has a massive 2000 page long catalog of TV shows and movies of all genres. You can filter your findings by name, trending list, or films with subtitles.

Unfortunately, Los Movies has a pop up adds that triggers an onslaught of other pop-ups which leads to suspicious websites.

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  1. YesMovies:


Another great alternative to Putlocker movies is Yesmovies. Make your hunt easy by filtering through categories of rating, years, genres, quality, etc. it displays HD quality content.

It is a free website that lets you find your desired shows, and it is updated regularly.

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  1. SnagFilms:


SnagFilms offers popular and amazing movies online. There is no need to signup to watch your favorite series. Instead, you can watch your show from where you left off directly from the website.

It has a media sharing feature with trailer and movie information in the ”Movie” filter. Its design and UI are premium and provide a great experience to users.

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  1. 123Movies:


This website not only offers a list of TV series and films but enables you to search the database. 

No need to sign up before accessing the content. 123Movies also facilitates in downloading videos or movies.

It buffers quickly, loads promptly, and offers HD playback hassle freely. 

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  1. Rainierland:


This website provides superior online content. It displays the trending movies on its homepage to grab your attention.

In the ‘Cinema’ section of Rainierland, you will find a large section of hand-picked films of all genres.

This substitute Putlocker movie makes a superb choice for an individual who is movie connoisseur from thrillers to mysteries and beyond.

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  1. MovieFone:


This website has a unique library that features the best content on the internet. MovieFone has everything from the latest movies to series to vintage classics and evergreen masterpieces from the media industry.

It does not require any subscription, and you can watch the movies for free.

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  1. MegaShare:


On this website, you can get plenty of movies and TV shows. MegaShare uses Cloudflare services to accelerate the load of video and other content on the site.

It offers thousands of films for free with an updated database. In case the desired videos are not available, you can use the request option so you will be notified in the future once the videos are available and uploaded.

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Few more Honorable Mentions

  • PopcornFlix


One of the upcoming multi genre movie streaming websites offers free movie streaming and TV shows, without the need to create a user account. Romance, drama, thriller, mystery, comedy, Sci fi, documentaries- you name the genre and you have multiple options available for your entertainment.

No, it’s not ad-free and no, you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. Even though some users may feel that the video quality could be better, however, it’s not really a problem. The lack of sorting options in movie genres might make it fussy to sort  your favourite movies, but the new arrivals link makes it easier to find the newly added movies. 

Upside: The fact that Popcornflix is available in an App, makes it easier to stream movies and shows on the go. A separate App for Kids makes it easier for parents to give access to their kids without worrying about exposing them to unwanted content. 

Downside: It’s not Ads free and this is a bit bothersome, even though the Ads are very short. Video quality could be improved. Inability to manage subtitle settings could be an issue for some. Recent movies are not available on popcornflix. 

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  • Primewire

Primewire is one of the popular music and media streaming websites that offer free of cost viewing and survives mainly on the Ads. Upon selecting a movie for viewing, unlike other video streaming sites, Primewire connects you to different sites playing the movie and makes you select the link that you want to view.

It often connects you to links that have inappropriate content and are only looking for your information or to install malware in your system. However, you can block these links by using ad-blocker and pop-up blocker on this site.
Primewire allows you to stream music and browse through a huge list of songs and put together your own playlist. 

Upside: Allows free of charge video and music streaming. Many movie streaming sites generally don’t have songs and Primewire allows you to use music and movies on a single platform. 

Downside: Does Not upload its own videos and links you multiple sources to watch movies or listen to music that may sometimes also contain pirated and inappropriate content. 

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  • Moonline


Looking for a platform to watch High Definition Imdb movies free of charge? is the one for you. There is absolutely no need to log in or create your account before you could start watching your favourite movies.

Movies are classified on the basis of genres, release year and top imdb ratings, making it easier for you to sort movies for your selection. Ads can disrupt your viewing but if you don’t want to be distirbed by the Ads, you can use the Ad blocker version of Moonline to stream movies without any disruptions.

You may not find every movie or the most recent seasons of your favourite TV shows that you are looking for, but this is a great replacement for paid versions of movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime or Hulu. 

Upside: You can watch top imdb rated movies in HD, for free

Downside: Ads disruption

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  • MovieWatcher


Most commonly looked up as MovieWatcher.IS, is a platform for free movies and TV shows streaming that offers access to new movies and shows that date back to the year 2000. MovieWatcher consists of a huge database that offers reviews from IMDB, and gives you an option to switch between SD and HD, making it easier for you to stream  your favourite shows and movies.

MovieWatcher indexes a large variety of TV shows and movies, and instead of uploading the content of their own, MovieWatcher links to other sites for watching and downloading content. 

Upside: Movies and Tv shows come with reviews from sites like IMDB.

Downside: MovieWatcher violates copyrights and intellectual property rights and the pop ups and ads might put your privacy in danger by installing malware on your system or connecting you to illegal and inappropriate links. 

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  • 5Movies


5Movies is an online movie streaming platform that offers free streaming all over the World. Hosted somewhere in the US, 5 movies is famous for streaming pirated movies in a variety of languages. Yes, Piracy is a contempt in India, but this site seems to be thriving for providing movies that are not available for online streaming as yet.

There is nothing that one cannot find on 5movies, ranging from animated cartoon films to Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Kannada movies and WWE shows; there is nothing that you cannot find on 5movies. Variety on 5movies is vast, classified under Tv dramas, TV shows, music recordings and motion pictures. 

Upside:  Excellent quality in video and sound available in various formats- 300MB, 700 MB, 1.5 GB and much more

Downside: You might risk downloading malware along with movies.

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  • Cmovies


Cmovies is one of the famous websites for streaming that lets you watch movies and TV shows without paying a single penny, by simply creating a Cmovies account for yourself. The popularity of Cmovies comes from its vast ranging database of movie genres and Tv shows. Ranging from children’s cartoons to explicit content for adults.

Yes, it is legal. Just like many other streaming platforms, Cmovies also doesn’t have its personal storage of movies and shows, and guides you to third-party links to watch movies of your choice. 

Upside: Diverse collection of movies and Tv shows available

Downside: Many alternatives that offer better services exist 

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Although Putlockers has won millions of hearts, it is no more available free of cost, regardless of which online streaming site you access. 

That’s why we have provided  Putlocker alternatives to you to stream television programs and flicks on the internet.

Choose the best streaming website that ticks off all your boxes and whichever content you adore from any corner of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Putlocker Legal in The US?

Unfortunately, Putlocker has been nailed down. However there are numerous websites that have the same TV shows and movies like Putlocker did. These online movie streaming platforms are completely legal in the US.

Is Putlocker Legal in Australia?

Putlocker does not exist anymore but there are several websites that stream latest movies, TV series, shows and episodes and much more. If you have an ad blocker and NordVPN then sites like Putlocker are completely legal in Australia.

Is Putlocker Legal in the United Kingdom?

Putlocker is dead and now there are different websites and online movie streaming platforms you can visit if you are from the UK. Just make sure to have an ad blocker and a VPN to get rid of the annoying ads. Websites like Putlocker are completely safe in the United Kingdom.

Will A VPN Protect Me When Using Putlocker?

Putlocker does not exist anymore but there are several websites that stream movies online for free. Putlocker also allowed the users to watch movies for free. A VPN is an extremely helpful utility that not only hides your IP but also removes your digital footprint, your online browsing activities. It also blocks the random ads that redirect the ill fated users to download malicious programs.

What type of Movies Can I Watch on Putlocker Sites?

Sites like Putlocker stream almost all the blockbusters including some Amazon Prime and Netflix exclusives. You can check for the genre section of these websites. Horror, Thriller, Documentary, Romance, History, Animation, Comedy, Family Drama and many more categories will make anyone’s vacation.

What Can I Use Instead of Putlocker?

Putlocker has been pulled down. Now, there are several websites that you can use instead of Putlocker. 123movies, Vumoo, Afdah, Popcorn Time are some of the recommended websites to name a few.

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