Ways To Stay Safe on Putlocker


Watching movies, TV shows, episodes and series online for free has become a local pastime now and almost everyone can be seen glued to their smartphones and devices. 

There are millions of users and viewers that enjoy video content for free. There are several websites that stream online video content for free.

However, there are very less websites like Putlocker that stream almost 100% legal content. The video content you come across on Putlocker is completely safe to watch and most of the content will be in HD resolution. 

But is Putlocker safe? Let us learn more about the website that streams HD video content for free.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is the ultimate movie lovers’ paradise where you can spend hours and hours on long movie marathons. Ranging from widely popular movies to TV shows, episodes and series it hosts a bottomless ocean of video content.

It started back in 2011 and skyrocketed to popularity after the US department of Justice nailed down its domain names. According to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), Putlocker is a direct threat to major Hollywood film studios. 

There have been several cases where movie lovers have received infringement notices from their ISPs after watching a movie on Putlocker.

On top of that, the entire website is full of annoying pop-ups and ads. There are random links that redirect the users to download pages of malicious programs. This brings us back to the question ‘IS PUTLOCKER SAFE?’.

This question drags us all to the legalities of the content the website streams. Unless you are willing to get into legal issues just for playing a movie that is locked in a particular region of the planet, you should get a VPN.

A VPN is a private network service that secures and shields your browsing session and activity. If you have a VPN then you can enjoy your browsing without any worries.

Let us check out some of the best VPNs available in the market.

Top VPNs of All Time

The key thing you need to remember while browsing through websites, is a VPN service. A VPN secures your browsing session and hides your IP so no one can track you. It becomes extremely important to have a working ad blocker and a VPN service.

Let us check out some of the best VPN services that can ensure you a secured browsing and movie watching experience.

#1. NordVPN

nord-vpn-discountNordVPN is a widely popular and highly recommended VPN service that is used by several. It is a popular private network service among the Putlocker users because of its compatibility on multiple platforms. 

It operates on more than 5500 servers around the world. So no matter where you are and which movie or video you want to watch, you can do it with ease.

Nord VPN is priced at a very reasonable rate of $11.95 per month. The service is completely worth it. Do not worry about the payment. You can pay in Bitcoin. 

There are no contracts with NordVPN so you can cancel your active session anytime. You get a free trial of 30 days during which you can enjoy all the features of the application. This VPN comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you do not like the service.

#2. ExpressVPN

express-vpnThis is another VPN service that is really powerful and offers you tons of features. With tons of features, ExpressVPN shields your browser so that no one can see your footprints.

Let us have a look at the features:

  • Unrestricted access to content worldwide:

ExpressVPN removes the locks from video content and censorship to deliver unlimited access to tons of HD videos, movies, music, TV shows, series, social media, TV episodes. Any user can access any content from any part of the world.

  • It acts like a shield of your browser:

ExpressVPN hides your internet protocol and also encrypts your data so no one can have a look at your browsing activities and history.

  • Unlock every content:

Some content is locked in a particular country. ExpressVPN allows you to unlock every locked content so you can enjoy almost any content from any part of the world.

It is available on multiple platforms including Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Linux and also covers routers and other hardware as well.

#3. PureVPN


PureVPN is one-of-a-kind VPN service that comes with a plethora of services that help you secure your online streaming experience. Following are the features that keep your browsing sessions completely anonymous and hidden. No one can generate your digital footprints from your behavior.

  • Access that locked content

PureVPN allows you instant and limitless access to sports, video content, movies, TV shows and episodes.

  • Complete security and anonymity

This VPN guarantees 100% privacy with its VPN protocols, global network of servers and military grade encryption of the data.

  • Blazing fast speed

A noticeable drop in the download and browsing speed kills the good mood of the movie lovers. This service has high speed VPN servers for every purpose.

  • Split that tunnel

You get to decide which particular data to send through your VPN connection and which one to send through your ISP.

  • Multi login sessions at the same time

You can connect a total of 5 devices at a time.

  • Above 2000 high speed servers

PureVPN has over 2000 high speed servers that are strategically placed. This overcomes any limits and restrictions.

The basic monthly plan starts at $10.95 per month.

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#4. Cyber Ghost:

As the name implies, Cyberghost makes your browsing invisible and offers you premium features. This is one of the best VPN services in the market at quite inexpensive rates.
Let us have a look at the features of this VPN:

  • Connect in one click

It doesn’t matter if you are a techie or a general movie lover, with this VPN service, you can easily connect to different servers within seconds. Protect your personal information online, erase your digital footprint, remove your digital behavior and do a lot more in a single click.

  • Best VPN speed

Cyber Ghost allows you to connect to above 6000+ servers worldwide, 100+ server locations. You can even choose different IPs as per your need.

The servers are strategically placed across the planet so you can enjoy hassle free browsing at lightning speeds.Now bypass the blocked content and watch it anytime.

  • Secured file sharing

There is no data capping. This VPN service offers you access to multiple servers that are optimized for torrenting without any bandwidth limit.

  • Unlock everything

It is always popcorn time when you use this VPN service. With Cyber Ghost you can easily:

  • Unlock the locked content.
  • Watch the particular movies that are unavailable in some locations
  • Say bye to the locked content and watch it from any part of the world.
  • Access the entire libraries of HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC and many more.
  • Access the locked sport content from across the globe.

Priced at $12.99 per month, this VPN is really affordable and efficient.

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#5. IP Vanish

As the name suggests, IP Vanish will vanish your IP so you can go stealth. This is by far one of the best VPN services and it is highly recommended by some widely popular online publications including TechRadar, PCMAG, LifeHacker, CNN and some more.

These are some features it offers:

  • Do not leave any online trace

IP Vanish conceals your IP so you can go stealth. It hides your online activity so no one can track your footprints. Now do what you want and none can track your digital behavior.

  • Highly secured internet connection:

This VPN service keeps these elements away from your internet connection:

  • ISPs
  • Trackers
  • Hackers
  • Third parties

IP Vanish locks and encrypts all your personal data.

  • Watch and stream anything from any place

Unblock the locked content and watch it from any place around the world. Stay connected to the service and stream any movie that is locked at some particular places.

It is priced at an unbelievable rate of $5 per month.

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Final Verdict

Putlocker is a great portal and you can think of it as a movie lovers’ paradise. But there are some aspects that you should keep in mind while browsing or watching a movie on it. You should consider deploying a working ad blocker and a VPN to block all the irritating ads and annoying pop-ups.We hope that this article has answered your question ‘is putlocker safe?’. You can be safe not only on Putlocker but on any website that streams video content for free by deploying the right tools.