7 Best Sites Like YesMovies to Stream Movies for Free


In this growing era, numerous sites are offering high-definition videos for free. But the majority of the sites bombard the user with dangerous ads & malware. Fortunately, YesMovies is an exception.

Undoubtedly, sites like YesMovies are regarded as one of the finest online film streaming websites for free. The website delivers fresh updates to the users so that they can always have new films and TV Shows to enjoy. YesMovies site also contains a massive database of films, which you can binge-watch without any cost.

So, if you are ready to explore more, here are the perfect YesMovies alternatives you should give a shot to.

1. MovieFlixter

From music, experience, drama, documentary to adult contents, MovieFlixter has something for you to offer from every genre. The contents are also of HD quality, providing users with the opportunity to binge-watch films of their preferred content.

Simply check the reviews & ratings of every film or hit the “Popular Movies” segment to explore what others from various parts of the globe are watching.

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2. XMovies

Xmovies is one of the popular online movie streaming sites like YesMovies, which allows users to watch films and TV shows from any part of the world. XMovies also grants access to films & TV series in various nations including the United Kingdom, China, France, India, Taiwan, Japan, United States, etc. You will also be amused by watching top IMDb contents and discover movies scheduled for uploading.

3. CMoviesHD

CMoviesHD offers you high-quality films & TV shows without paying a penny. Another magnificent trait about this website is that you need not subscribe & register before browsing or downloading films or TV series episodes.

Another impressive characteristic is that the application has heaps of fresh releases for each year & will also discover movies from various parts of the entire world.

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4. HouseMovie

HouseMovie is the best place to hit when you’re looking for the finest quality video content. This website includes a vast collection of movie content in varied genres, which is stacked with gripping movies for the enthusiastic online film watchers.

Another excellent trait is its perfect interface. And, if you’re short of ideas regarding the movie pick, then you can simply hit the “Popular Movie” segment & explore.

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5. Movie4K

Movie4K online movie streaming website is extremely convenient, where you can search for films you want to watch by either using their names or IMDb ID. The website offers an exciting feature, where the users can add videos to the website.

But you are required to enroll on the website to use or add content for other users to enjoy. Furthermore, you will also discover the truck-loads of films and TV shows on the site where you can view or download it.

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6. MaxHD4U

MaxHD4U is one of the finest online streaming sites like YesMovies that is becoming popular for the appropriate grounds. The pace at which you get to browse films on this site is incredible. You can also approach the heaps of content, without paying a dime, after getting registered for the entertainment that you deserve.

One of the factors that lift MaxHD4U above sites like YesMovies is that the website has a huge variety of movie content, available in various genres.

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7. MovieCafe

MovieCafe acts as one of the great YesMovies alternatives that include details on The Oscars, BAFTA Awards, Golden Globes, and Emmy Awards. Moreover, you will also have an approach to browse & download high-quality content from the website.

MovieCafe has a vast collection of video content, which is something incredible about the application. You will also explore fresh releases from the entertainment industry.


Hence, this was all about the best free online streaming sites like YesMovies where you can binge-watch your preferred films and TV series without paying a dime. All of the above-discussed sites act as great YesMovies alternatives that offer you a wide range of streaming alternatives to browse from. But you should always keep one thing in mind, whatever website you use for gushing, make sure that you save your identity and security with a decent VPN.


Question – Is YesMovies legitimate?

Answer – YesMovies is a legal site as it offers dupe of the pirated movies. It is also ranked as the most celebrated illegal site with worldwide traffic of around 1.5 million which is gigantic.

Question – What type of movies can I watch on these free streaming websites?

Answer – With a vast collection of films and TV shows offered by these sites, you can browse almost all genres of content, starting from adventure, horror, thrill, funny, animated to romance and many more.