YIFY – YTS Proxy, Torrents and Official Movie Websites (100 % Working)


Are you a movie buff and hardly miss any of the film? If yes, then you are surely using torrent sites.

On the the planet brimming with torrenteers, YIFY downpours are the place of refuge. Well, YIFY otherwise known as YTS is one of the excellent torrenting locales.

Swarm of YIFY has all the curated motion picture deluges, recordings, music, and much more that you can access promptly by downloading it online.

In this article we will give you a rundown about the best YTS/YIFY Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites, is YTS a safe abode to download, why is it worth the hype and much much more.

A Brief Intro Of YIFY

 YIFY or YTS is a P2P (peer to peer) release group that often distributes movies as free downloads through BitTorrent. It is a popular destination amongst users as it is one of the very few service providers which offers HD video quality in a small file sizes.

YTS History:

The group was initiated in 2010 in Auckland, Newzealand, by Yiftach Swery. He released the first movie with the x264 video codec to encode HD movies in such a way that took up a little drive space.

In October 2015, YTS (an abbreviation of YIFY Torrent Solutions) faced a lawsuit and was accused of ‘facilitating and encouraging massive copyright infringement.’

What Is YTS Torrent? 

Before plunging into YTS Torrent, let us reveal about the torrent files.

  • Torrent Files:

It is a computer file that contains folders and files of music, movies, songs, games or application which is sent via BitTorrent (software) protocol.

A torrent file facilitates the efficient lookup of information and the address of available computers that upload the content. It is created to ease the load on servers.

  • YTS Torrent:

YTS Torrent is a boutique torrent site having expertise in high-quality movie release. Here, movies are optimized to be as small as possible that makes them eminent among all class of people.

Unlike other torrent files, YIFY also tends to go through a brief period of unavailability, and that’s why you should familiarize yourself with the top-notch YIFY torrent proxy and mirror sites.

How Torrent Proxy Sites Contradicts Torrent Mirror Sites?

Are you mixing proxy and mirror sites? Well, both are different. Here’s our take.

  • Know-How About Proxy Sites:

A proxy site acts as an intermediary for requests from a user seeking resources or information from a different website. It has the ability to hide the IP address of the site you visit. 

It bypasses filters and allows browsing anonymously. Proxy sites are great for accessing blocked internet content and evading online censorship.

  • Know-How About Mirror Sites:

A mirror site is a replica of other websites that are hosted on a different server. It has different URLs with identical or near-identical content of original websites. 

It is created with a purpose to reduce network traffic, improve the availability of the original site, improve access speed and to offer real-time backup of the original site.

  • Distinguishing Proxy and Mirror Sites:

While both mirror and proxy sites enable you to circumvent online censorship, only YIFY torrent sites help you install YIFY movies when the official website is down.

Mirror site lag behind the original site. Say, for instance, a new movie file appears on YIFY torrent at 1 pm on Friday; most mirror sites won’t list that movie until Saturday or may take even longer.

Top 10 YIFY Torrent Proxy Sites 

Proxy Site URL  Speed
yts.pm https://yts.pm Very fast
yts.lt https://yts.unblocked.ltda Very fast
yts.ai https://yts.ai Fast
yts.lt https://ytss.unblocked.to Normal
yts.lt https://yts.mrunlock.space Fast
yts.am https://yts.lt Fast
yts-subtitles.com https://yts-subtitles.com Normal
yts.gs https://yts.pm Fast
yts.ag https://piyushroshan.appspot.com/yts.ag Fast
yts.nocensor https://yts.nocensor.casa Very fast


Top 10 YIFY Torrent Mirror Sites

Proxy Site URL  Speed
yts.lt https://yts.lt Fast
yify.live http://yify.live/ Very fast
yify.rocks http://ww1.yify.rocks/ Normal
Yts proxy server https://sitenable.asia Slow
Proxy portal https://proxyportal.eu Very fast
Proxy portal https://proxyportal.ws Very fast
yifymovies.me https://yifymovies.me Normal
yts.lt https://yts.free-mirror.fun Very fast
movies.net http://www.yify-movies.net Fast
yts.unblockninja https://yts.unblockninja.info Fast

How YIFI Torrent Outsmarts Others?

  • YTS is damn easy to use website. It is well organized, and its searchability is quick and dynamic.
  • Moreover, users are benefited with better services as soon as YIFY torrent rebranded as YTS. It offers videos in 720p or 1080p. Well, many users think these files are not large and do not occupy much space on device memory. But with YTC, HD videos are available in small size files.
  • It has a secure privacy setting where it is hard for anyonyms to invade the personal information of users.
  • Additionally, the wide array of subtitles is another advantage YTS site users can benefit from.  
  • Its High Quality articles from encodes make it exceptional compared to other websites.

How To Access Wifi Torrent Using VPN Service?

 Are you aware of the VPN, and its requisites? If not, then keep reading. Here we go.

  •  What Is VPN and Why Is It A Necessity?

VPN is a virtual private network that connects PC, tablet, or smartphone to other servers on the internet and allows you to browse information from any corner of the world. The simplest way to set up this safe connection is by using the most admired VPN services like HideMyAss (HMA).

If the server is in different countries, your IP address will display that specific location that helps you to access things that normally you may not do.

 VPN helps to:
  • Protect from snooping on untrust wifi hotspots
  • Secure from being logged while torrenting
  • Overcomes geographic restrictions on streaming video and audio or websites
  • Hide your actual location to gain multiple benefits.

Using HMA, you can protect your information on public wifi, refrain hackers from stealing your identity, snoopers from invading privacy and also allows anonymous browsing.

For accessing YIFY torrent, you simply need to create a user account, download its client to your smart device (PC or phone), and sign in. Then, the client will configure everything and ensures total privacy and anonymity of your browsing. It also facilities you to upload or download the torrent file without any regional constraints.

 YIFY Alternatives:

In case the original YIFY torrent is not available, plenty of alternatives out there for users like you. It satisfies your appetite for movies and other downloads. Here’s a list of various alternatives.

 1.The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay, also referred as TPB, is one of the most well known and visited torrenting websites across the globe. It has everything from music to games to TV shows. 

Although, this site was accused of various illegal attempts, yet it is running under the same domain- thepiratebay.org 

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  1. RARBG:

This another torrent indexing site is most popular that offers high-resolution content and is admired by users.

It has a massive library that can please movie buffs to gamers and displays TV shows or anyone interested in particular software.

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  1. LimeTorrents:

LimeTorrents is one of the oldest torrent providers for apps, anime, movies, TV shows, and much more. 

Like other torrent websites, you can get almost everything from files to folders on this independent platform. 

You can search for different apps or sites on advanced search options or directly find your data through different categories.

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  1. Nyaa:

Another great website that can be used instead of YIFY which provides varied features at a single place. This is one of the best destinations for anime lovers.

Nyaa offers an enormous selection of Japanese manga, anime, movies and games, and much more. 

It’s easy to use and has a simple interface. If you are torrenting for the first time, you won’t encounter any trouble navigating this website.

  1. 123Movies:

This is one of the most dynamic websites for movies. There is no need for registration and even don’t have to download anything. 

Here, you can stream your favorite movies online. It also provides the latest collection of websites and films.

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It is one of the top-rated sites of YTS. It is user-friendly that provides a wide array of software, music, games, anime, and numerous movies.

Proxy List

  1. Kickass Torrent:

Kickass is one of the excellent torrent search engines that enables you to locate any files of TV shows, ebooks, movies, and other software. It is a good substitute to YIFY. 

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  1. Demonoid:

This torrenting website is the oldest and still in operation. Here, you can submit torrents and make it available for others that makes downloads quick from the enormous torrent selection.

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  1. Zooqle:

It helps you locate trusted torrent files as it only features verified content. It wont allow any malicious online material in your device.

Verified Torrent

  1. Torrentz:

It has only a search field on its home page. You don’t have to toggle between different websites as here, you just need to type your search, hit enter and it starts downloading within seconds.

Now let us find out TOR and how to access YTS using it.

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 How To Access YIFY Torrent Using Tor?

You can also use Tor to access YIFY torrent. So let us understand about Tor.

  •  What is Tor?

It is a free open source software to enable anonymous communication. It conceals the user’s location and usage of websites from anyone conducting traffic analysis or network surveillance. 

Tor intends to protect the privacy of users and liberty from conducting confidential interaction by keeping online activities unmonitored.

To access YIFY torrent, you have to set up uTorrent. Tor Network uses layer Socks proxies, which means (technically) any software or application that connects to a Socks proxy can use Tor. It includes Android, Skype, and desktop torrent clients.

Besides multiple uses of Tor, it has a few drawbacks that need to be taken care of before setting up uTorrent.

Downsides of Tor:

  • It cannot download MP3
  • If Tor is used as a proxy, it can leak the true IP of the user
  • It does not support UDP connections
  • Download speed is comparatively slow

Official Website

What Are The Ways To Download Movies using YIFY/YTS Torrent?

You need to have BitTorrent clients like Vuze, Deluge, uTorrent, etc. for downloading movies using YTS.

However, the most recommended client is uTorrent, which has great features and easy accessibility. Once you have the Torrent client, follow below simple steps to download your favorite movies.

  • Steps To Download Videos With YIFY Torrent?

Your movie will be downloaded at the YTS/YIFY proxy being used by the maximum users.

Step 1: Install a third-party VPN software on a chrome extension

Step 2: Then click any one of the YIFY/YTS mirror/proxy sites

Step 3: Search your videos using filters and click on the Standard and select either 720p or 1080p format.

Step 4: Now click on the desired torrent file and open it using the client like uTorrent. Pick your file to give it background subtitles and press to download.

Installation of video files will start at the maximum speed with YIFY/YTS proxy torrent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Did YIFY get shut down?

YIFY website went down in October 2015. Neither YIFY’s operators or admins nor any staff had made any official statement about its end. No new YIFY release was made thereafter. It was revealed on October 30, 2015, that YTS was ceased to exist due to a lawsuit from the MPAA in New Zealand. 

However, YIFY-torrent.org is accessible and working fine that provides top quality videos. The confirmation of its shut down is underneath, as checked-in January 2019.

YTS might have gone down because of information relocation issues or server accidents, yet it is working excellent at present.

  • Where can I download YIFY movies?

Download YIFY movies from YTS proxy/mirror torrent sites. Firstly, you have to visit and install a BitTorrent client like uTorrent. Then, on that website, you need to open your preferred browser and search for movies.

While selecting the torrent website (BitTorrent client), you can also review its feedback.

  • Is YTS AG legal?

Yes, YTS AG is legitimate. The site is also checked through Google Transparency, and the outcomes are favorable with no perilous substance.

On the contrary, it doesn’t ensure protection from ISP, so if someone spy on you, you may get stuck in unfortunate circumstances unless you are connected with the fastest VPN before torrenting. 

Associating with a VPN will hide your identity and make you off the radar from experts or copyright operators. Moreover, YTS itself also offers a client interface with a VPN before torrenting.

  • Why is YIFY not banned?

Although YIFY was accused by a lawsuit from the MPAA, banning it is not a solution. 

If the torrent site is banned for supporting the infringement of content, there are plenty of online websites, including Google, that should be banned as they aid piracy.

  • Are YIFY and YTS the same?

Well, YTS is the abbreviation of YIFY Torrent Solutions, and thus, both are similar, and terms are used interchangeably.

  • Is YTS illegal in the United States of America?

YTS is not illegal in the USA, but between serious security threats and rapidly increasing lawsuits (from copyright ‘trolls’), downloading torrents has become a dangerous activity.

You may encounter heavy legal repercussions if you are in the US and using torrent. It is not a safe harbor (for accessing torrent in the USA). 

YTS may trigger various risks like losing your digital privacy and paying huge fines. However, you can safely access torrent using a VPN like HideMyAss.

  •  Is YTS illegal in the United Kingdom?

Not all YTS is illegal in the UK. However, certain websites are banned in the United Kingdom, like TorrentFreak and The Pirate Bay.

In accordance with Section 97A of the ‘Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988’, various sites are blocked by a court order or other ISPs.

If a user visit any illegal torrent site within the UK, they will be redirected to the list of blocked domains and court orders, which keeps on updating frequently.

  •  Why is YIFY not uploading movies?

YIFY founder Yiftach Swery is an app and web developer (alongwith archery master) from New Zealand. He experimented with x264 video codec to produce HD movies in such a way that occupies a smaller space from a hard device.

He then uploaded those movies to The Pirate Bay. Sonner, YTS gained momentum on the internet with millions of torrent users. But in October 2015, YIFY was alleged for copyright infringement, and thereafter, there was no release from this website.


Between the rise and falls, YIFY/YTS had earned the heap of esteem with a colossal crowd of millions every day. Regardless of its shut down, YIFY has been people’s best friend in terms of series and movies.

However, a plethora of alternative torrent providers has aimed to create clones of the original YTS site. In this article, we have listed mirror and proxy torrent websites and other alternate sites to make your search of games, apps, music, and movies hassle-free.