Where to get GTA 5 PS4 online money

grand theft auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a multi-genre, multi-platform game released by Rockstar games. The game has incorporated all the best for the 18-year history of a series of GTA games. The first part was released back in 1997. Of course, today GTA is one of the most popular brands that every gamer knows, as well as an excellent solution to get as much GTA 5 PS4 online money as necessary.

Short game overview

Grand Theft Auto 5 combines several genres: 3D shooter, action, and of course RPG because GTA has always had an interesting storyline (quest chain). With the release of GTA 5, an online game mode appeared. It brought not only interaction with other players and clans into the game but also new online game modes, with APB (all point bulletin-game released in 2011 based on GTA) as an example.

The scene of Grand Theft Auto 5 is set in Los Santos, which is based on the real Los Angeles with its architecture, features, and lifestyle. The developers claim that their project is the most ambitious, and the seamless open game world is one of the largest among other games.

Features of Grand Theft Auto 5 character boost

The key tweaks that made GTA5 so unique are relating to the open-world design and storyline. The story in this version, in contrast to the previous games in the series, is conducted from the perspective of three characters. The three main characters clearly benefited both the gameplay and the storyline. So, the key points for character leveling are:

  • The main storyline, as well as an online mode for playing with other players.
  • Complete freedom of action. You can live your life as an ordinary citizen, living a calm, peaceful life, playing sports, shopping, or making money on the stock exchange (something similar to the real one), or you can go all out and become a robber, the head a criminal group and show your power and ambitions online.
  • High social component. Enjoy parties with neighbors, selfies, game blogs, sects, and much more.
  • Wide range of accommodations and vehicles in Los Santos. You can build your dream home, or live in a penthouse or trailer away from the city. Buy and customize your cars BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and many other cars that bear a close resemblance to their real prototypes. Or make a millionaire’s dreams come true by buying yourself a yacht, personal helicopter, or other luxurious and expensive man’s toys and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Multiplayer mode where there is no limit to leveling your character in GTA, and world domination is just around the corner.

Thanks to the three main characters, one of the most intrusive problems of this series was solved. Fillers have disappeared, i.e. you do not have to perform boring and not interesting tasks between cool missions. Prior to working on GTA5, the RockStar did not know how to make the plotline simultaneously rich and long, so they filled the gaps between really interesting tasks with whatever turns up.

Everything is different in the fifth part. The three storylines of the game seem to exist independently of each other but at the same time closely overlap with each other. As a result, the player can carry out small minor missions as if between things, which gives the game a special appeal.

As for the multiplayer game, everything is just as intense and brutal. You have to complete everyday tasks, participate in individual events along with players from all over the world. The only nuance is that you will not be able to calmly play your day, i.e. other participants in the game will try to kill you. Fortunately, the game provides a passive online mode, enabling you to easily get to the place you need without taking damage from other players.