30+ Windows App You Must Have in 2020


2020 presents you a new face of technology and tags along with it tons of useful applications, software and utilities for Windows.

In this post we will talk about 25+ top notch must have apps for Windows 10 in 2020. Market boasts of a bottomless ocean of applications and software. To keep the predicament at the minimum, we have almost perfected a list of best of the best apps to equip your Windows 10 system with, in 2020.

In this article we will discuss tons of free and paid apps that are recommended by the users for the year 2020. To keep things simple we have curated some categories and discussed the apps in detail.

Let us dive right in and explore these best of the best must haves for Windows 10.

  • Entertainment Apps for Windows 
  • Productivity Apps for Windows 
  • Image and Design Apps for Windows 
  • Best Browsing Apps for Windows 

Let us now have a look at these categories and relevant apps they house.


When it comes to entertainment, Windows has a wide selection for its users to enjoy and keep themselves entertained for hours and for days. This is where Windows gets an upper hand in keeping the users in a trance with a plethora of apps, utilities and software.

#1. VLC

VLC the ultimate media player is better than the default windows media player in Windows 10. 

Do you feel dead when the default media player is unable to play your favorite movie you downloaded lately?

There are times when the default player is unable to play certain formats as it does not support particular codecs.

But if you have VLC, just open the file you want to play and enjoy the same. This magical media player application supports tons of codecs and video formats. Ranging from mp4 to mp3, avi, flv and other formats, VLC can do it all.

Just download and install it and run whatever media file you want to. Additionally, it also boasts of a cocktail of features such as the ability to add subtitles, disable the subtitles, synchronize the video, click a picture and use it as a wallpaper. 

You can also do some editing and use your favorite fight or race scene from a movie and use it as your live wallpaper.

VLC is one of its kind and has been in the market for quite a long time. If you are a movie lover, then you should get your hands on this app.

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#2. Spotify Music

This is a name in itself. We all have heard about this name. Spotify music comes with a plethora of options and features that makes listening to every song an amazing experience.

Expect and experience quality in every music file you listen to or download. It also boasts a good grade of the song you stream. 

One of the best parts about this platform is the freedom to create your favorite playlists and organize them all in one folder. This is one unique feature by which you can have a song for every day of the year or for every season or every mood.

If you are a n aspiring DJ and if you love to show off your favorite music to your crowd, then get Spotify music from here.

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#3. Tidal

Tidal is one more great music platform where you can easily enjoy your favorite songs and stream them all. This is a free platform that allows you to listen and stream the songs you love. 

You can start a 30 day trial version and it is pretty obvious that you will go premium post the free trial.

The best feature of this music platform is the option to create your own playlist or try tons of  curated playlists by the astirts and music editors themselves.

Spotify brings you the pure quality sound and nothing less with no compromises. With the pure quality, get yourself captured in the trance of music.

One more thing about this app that makes it even more popular amongst the music lovers is the feature to download songs and listen to them offline. If you love a song, just download it without spending a single penny.

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#4. Amazon Music

Amazon Music brings a cocktail of genres for everyone. From teens to people in their late 40s can listen to their favorite songs.

Just like the huge collection of durables on Amazon, you get an even bigger database of music on Amazon Music.

This is where your search for music ends. From K Pop to Reggae, country music, blues, rock nation, love songs, old songs, brand new music and there is a song for every soul that loves music.

This is where you will find yourself surrounded by rhythm that directly connects to your heart and mind.

The only thing about this ultimate music platform is that it is included in your Prime Membership at no extra fees. Once you are a prime user, you have access to this music world.

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#5. Steam

Steam is the ultimate video game portal where one can easily get carried away in some other outworldly dimension of gaming. 

Since its inception as a standalone software back in 2003, it has gained new heights and added plenty of new options that makes it one-of-a-kind in its genre.

Gaming knows no bounds, ages or restrictions. If you are a die hard fan of games, you must check Steam right away.

From arcade to survival, horror, action, RPG, fighting, shooting, strategy and many more, there is a bottomless ocean of games for everyone.

Steam is a platform to download free games and purchase some of the ultimate games for PC, the world has ever known. It itself is a gaming portal where gamers from around the world can discuss upcoming titles, new launches, recent releases and can even leave comments.

Besides downloading and purchasing games, gamers can also manage their entire game folder on Steam and can organize it.

Some state-of-the-art games that support VR on different platforms can also be accessed.

If you are a gamer by heart, you must visit this gaming portal right now.

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#6. Netflix

Hailing from California, Netflix is a media services provider and a huge production company. Who has not heard about Netflix?

Just like Amazon, Netflix is the ultimate stop for those who love to enjoy TV shows, movies, events, parties and other video content.

Although this platform is not a free portal, users can easily go premium once they pay for the services. However, it also comes with a trial version and you can enjoy tons of favorite shows, episodes, movies and events for free.

From epic movies to recent releases, upcoming TV shows, episodes and tons of other content, one can enjoy hours and hours or entertainment on TV or on smart devices.

The quality of video content is complete HD and the titles are exclusive.

According to the ratings and reviews, this is undoubtedly the best portal to visit, if you are a fan of exclusive movies and TV shows.

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#7. Hulu

Rooted in the US, Hulu is a full fledged on demand video streaming platform where you can demand for a particular movie and watch it in HD resolution.

Although you can have access to any video you want, you can also watch movies and shows from the well managed database of Hulu.

This is where things get pretty exciting. The subscription plans are so reasonable that you will not want to reconsider your decision about paying for the services.

There are two plans to choose from post one month free trial. 

The regular plan starts at just $5.99 per month and Hulu + Live TV is priced at $54.99 per month.

Sometimes if it is easy to get what you need, rather than selecting from the options. Hulu is an amazing platform to enjoy your favorite movies and shows.

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#8. Kodi

A great product of XBMC foundation, Kodi is an open source media player that brings you a huge selection of movies, TV shows, events and other HD video content.

It is one of the ultimate entertainment centers. With an dedicated feature of community, users can discuss about tech, new shows, recent releases and upcoming movies.

It also boasts of multiple add-ons you can try on your smart TV. Kodi will shame your smart TV. Sounds exciting?

Not only movies, Kodi even gives you the freedom to manage all your pictures, music, games, movies and songs. It runs on several platforms such as Linux, iOS, Windows, Android and Raspberry Pi.

If this does not sound exciting to you then you must check out about this ultimate entertainment management platform now.

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#9. Audible 

As the name implies, Audible is an excellent online merchant platform to get audio entertainment and educational content online. 

It sells audiobooks, Tv programs, audio versions of TV shows, magazines, newspapers and radio.

The 30 day free trial is completely unmatched and you can access a huge selection of audio books, radio, audio entertainment and much more.

Sign in with your amazon account to start your free trial and if you are open to subscribe to the audio services, the subscription plan starts at $14.95 per month which you can cancel anytime.

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#10. Tubemate music and video downloader

Tubemate music and video downloader requires no explanation or any reviews. We have used this free product and you can download tons of youtube videos for free.

It is always a dream of video lovers to download video songs of their favorite artists, bands and networks.

Tubemate makes this dream come true. You can download this free app and check out your favorite songs you want to download.

Listen to your favorite songs, check out those tweets, chat to friends on Facebook and do everything while Tubemate downloads videos in the background.

It is android compatible and you can get each and every video you see on youtube/. Not only songs, you can also download full movies that are uploaded by other users.

This is a must have app if you are always looking out for new videos, free movies on youtube and party songs.

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When one talks about productivity, everyone thinks about applications, software and utilities that make our tasks easier. This list will discuss some great productivity apps that save time and increase the quality of output.

#11. Todoist

Todoist is one great app that is self explanatory. With only one ‘l’ missing in the title, it speaks about to do list and is a great task managing app.

People can manage all their daily tasks and operations easily and get them all on this app. This is one amazing app that will help you to get all the daily office tasks out of your head and organize them in an orderly fashion.

With the sole intention to organize and manage to-do-list, this amazing application is very helpful in the corporate world where people often forget those less important tasks because of frequent client meetings, interviews, product launch events and other functions.

It itself is a great productivity tool that reminds you of required tasks.

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#12. Calendar

One of the most important and popular applications of all times, is the Calendar app. This is an all-in-one software to view, check and edit all your calendars such as Live, Outlook, iCloud, Office365, Facebook, Google and many more.

You can easily check out your entries, upcoming birthdays, social events, meetings, parties, tours and all other social and official notifications as well.

Simple to use, yet amazingly powerful app, Calendar is one-of-a-kind software.

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#13. Cloudapp

This is yet another powerful tool to customize your videos and convert text files into gifs and short video clips.

It is said that the human brain can process video faster than text. 

It is an all-in-one app that gives you the freedom to cut and crop text and picture files and add short video clips or gif to accelerate sales.

Corporate giants and several digital marketing agencies use this product to boost their sales and generate tons of leads as well.

With Cloudapp, you can create demo versions of your products and use them to get more customers.

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#14. Skype

Skype, the well known app for making video calls to your friends, colleagues and networks, bags a position in our list.

Talking about productivity and ignoring this great app would be an injustice to the devs.

With Skype you can communicate with your team, have frequent voice and video calls, transfer files, share them across your network and manage your team with a few clicks.

It is a free telecommunication software that is heavily used in both small and big corporations and an effective way to check on teams and allot tasks.

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#15. Slack

We all have used Slack as a pretty effective tool for internal communication. This tool was solely designed as a substitute for email. Now it is heavily used as a main tool of communication.

The workspaces allow you to manage all the communication and group discussions and also boast of private message service to share information, files and much more.

Apart from being a great tool for internal communication and file sharing utility, it also integrates with several third party services.

Some of the third party services include Github, Google Drive, Dropbox, Heroku, Zapier and Zendesk

If you have a team or if you are seeking out software to recommend to your leaders, you can downlad this software.

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#16. Hubspot crm

Hubspot CRM is another powerful application for Windows 10. This is undoubtedly a must have app in 2020. 

This is another all-in-one application and can be used in many ways.

From analysing traffic on your and your clients’ websites to generating leads and connecting with them online, this amazing utility has a feature to offer tools and other helpful options to your team and is a great time saving software.

With powerful tools listed below this powerful app for Windows certainly deserves a place in our list:

  • Content management systems
  • Blog software
  • Advertisement software
  • Email marketing
  • Email tracking feature
  • Lead generating tool
  • Lead managing tool
  • C2C (click to call)

If you want to renovate the way your office works, this is the tool you must download.

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#17. Trello

Originally a subsidiary of Atlassian, Trello is a very helpful application to manage your task and get things done.

It offers the users plenty of fun and collaborative ways to get things done, plan projects and manage them all in one place.

You can work with any team whether it is a sales team, HR or project management team. Plan out the required functions and accomplish them quickly.

There are Trello cards and you can use them to input the required information and watch your team do the needful. There are dedicated boxes and cards for comments, attachments, due dates and much more.

Do more in less time with this app and save your time. It is a great time saving and project management tool you must have in 2020.

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#18. Hootsuite

Hootsuite or the ultimate social media management platform is a management dashboard for users.

User interface is presented in the form of a dashboard to be used for multiple tasks.The dashboard is a powerful place to perform all the important tasks and functions. 

You can schedule your social media posts to save plenty of hours. Create a blog or post and manage all the schedule. 

Finding particular social media posts, scheduling automated publishing of content, managing and reporting when needed. You can easily manage all the social media content with ease and HubspotCRM makes it hassle-free.

There is a tool just like Google Analytics to measure the results and check the amount of traffic on your posts and content.

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#19. Toggl

Hailing from Estonia, Toggl is a time tracking software. This useful software offers real time tracking and reporting services to the users.

Users can use their smart devices or desktop to operate this app to track the status of tasks.

The tracking feature of this application gives you details such as the time, OTA and deadlines.

The entire application is automatic but you can also perform manual entries using the feature of calendars.

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#20. Hellosign

The ultimate tool to e-sign the documents with legal binding. It is a web based software that allows the users to upload the documents with a simple drag and drop interface. 

This can be achieved by uploading the relevant document or creating a signature.

Pick the recipient and click on the ‘send’ button, it is that easy.

Pricing starts from $13 a month and you can also choose other schemes if you want to.

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Behind success is a great mind that works like an artist. In this section we will talk about how to bring out the picture editor in you.

 We all have an artist inside us, be it a photographer, writer, singer or photo editor. Let us discuss a few image, design and photo cleaning apps for Windows 10.

#21. Similar photo cleaner

Very easy to use, this application is the best when it comes to picture management and deleting similar pictures.

The interface is completely user friendly and anyone can use it to drag and drop the pictures and do the needful.

Delete those similar photos and organize your entire gallery and get rid of multiple copies of the same photo.

With 512 GBs of storage, smartphones and smart devices allow more storage for everything. People do not bother to remove those unwanted multiple copies of the same photos.

These are the wonderful features of this simple yet powerful application:

  • Similar Photo Cleaner takes care of this issue by removing the similar copies of a particular picture.
  • The very simple drag and drop option lets you insert pictures into this app, right from the gallery of your smart phone/smart device. You can even drag and drop entire folders as well.
  • It supports multiple external devices such as flash drives, external hard drives and much more. 
  • Run a detailed scan on your gallery and find out the similar pictures to enlist them in a special folder before you delete them.
  • It can delete similar images with a single click.
  • Remove tons of duplicate pictures and free tons of gigabytes of storage. 
  • Optimize your phone’s gallery and prevent your cell phone and other smart devices from slowing down.

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#22. Luminar 

Luminar is a product of Skylum and is available for Windows as well as MacOS.

The application has filters, which can be used to edit images. It is a picture editing utility designed by Skylum. Skylum is available for Windows and Mac OS.

Luminar is a multi-disciplinary app and can run as a stand-alone application or as a plug-in.
As the name implies, this application has tons of filters that can be used to edit or modify the pictures.
The effects and filters can be combined using multiple layers and masks.

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#23. Paint.NET

Paint.net is a complete picture editing suite that offers you tons of options and features to work with.

This also gives you access to work with a streamlined interface. The user interface is pretty simple to understand and easy to master.

If you want some simple editing before you share the pictures with your friends, or if you want to have high quality pictures for a project, Paint.net is your best buddy.

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#24. Adobe Photoshop Elements 

Adobe Photoshop is one of the oldest applications and it brings plenty of additional image editing and optimization features.

Let us check out the these features:

Automatic Photo Effects and patterns

Some new automatic effects include black and white selection, painterly and multiple pattern brush and tons of field effects

Automatically colorize your photos

Breathe colors into those black and white pictures or change the colors of those general pictures with fully automatic colorization.

One click will select the entire subject

You can automatically select the required subject in the picture with a single click. Easily apply some effect or remove the entire subject and add it to another picture.

Automatic smooth skin

Face retouching or smooth skin is another magical feature that makes the close ups look clean and smooth.

Remove the unwanted objects

Focus on the unwanted object and select it to remove it. Remove those unwanted pedestrians, traffic lights and whatnot!

Creative sparkles at your fingertips

Add some sparkles such as hearts and stars on pictures you want.

This app is not free and the general version without premium features is priced at $99.99

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#25. Gimp 

GIMP is a part of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

It is a cross platform image editor that is available for Linux, OS X, Windows and many more platforms. GIMP is a free software and allows you to change the source code and distribute your changes.

This application is useful for graphic designers, photo editors, illustrators and designers. GIMP offers you complex tools to help you in your editing quest.

GIMP is also used for face retouching, high quality complex editing, free hand drawing and tons of specialized tasks.

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#26. Aurora HDR 

This is the ultimate photo editor that comes with tons of features for editing, modifying and adding lighting features to your pictures.

Get ready to edit your pictures with professional tones, thereby producing a quality image with the right set of tools.

HDR noise cancellation

A powerful engine easily identifies noises on your HDR pictures and removes them all thereby adding even more beauty to the overall quality of the picture.

HDR intelligent architecture

Intelligent bar that slides that is powered by powerful AI, allows the user to have more depth, life and quality in the images.

HDR lucidity

With a few tweaks, you can have custom contrast on a particular portion of the entire image. This is done without disturbing the entire picture.

Apart from these features, you get access to choose from over 75+ distinct looks with a single click.

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#27. Photolemur 3 

Photolemur 3 is one nice image enhancer that intelligently removes even the minute flaws from the images.

Taking selfies and sharing them amongst friends and family has gotten nicer. With the intelligent slider, you can enhance your facial features like eyes, cheeks, nose, chin and teeth. It leaves a nicer look after editing and those selfies look even more lively.

The AI automatically edits and transforms the images from good to better to best by doing complex analysis. It deeply evaluates every minute detail and performs multiple corrections.

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#28. Fotor 

Fotor is a simple to use picture editor that can help edit the pictures and retouch those particular portions.

Features of Fotor:

Image editing

You can adjust the color, contrast, lighting, brightness, size and much more.

Face retouching

Now every face will look beautiful and full of life. Move the magical brush to remove those scars, marks, blemishes, wrinkles and much more. Smooth each and every picture to breathe life into it.

Filters and effects

Filters and effects add more options such as original, warped, highlighted and may other effects.

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#29. Fhotoroom 

Fhotoroom HDR is another professional photo editor for your Windows 10. Now edit your pictures and work with 500+ files to create beautiful and lively hd images.

It maps the tone with its operator and automatically aligns the accurate image.

You can get metadata support for your GPS and IPTC and keep your images well managed.

It is a free app and is available for all the recent versions of Windows starting from 7.

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#30. AirMagic 

Another tool from Skylum, AirMagic is the best friend of your drone. Whether it is video mode or image capture mode, AirMagic makes it easy to add those details in the pictures with its intelligent slider.

Apart from this intelligent slider that works on AI, this software also comes with tons of filters and effects that more quality making each and every pixel speak.

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Browsing experience is the most difficult when it comes to choosing a browser that suits all your requirements.

Let’s dive deep into some of the best browsers for Windows 10:

#31. Google Chrome

Google Chrome bags the first place in the category of browsers. This has been in the market for quite a long while and it is recommended by users worldwide.

It boasts of useful features like Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Drive and many other features.

If you are a general internet browser and like to check mails, docs, sheets and other options, then Chrome is your browser.

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#32. Mozilla Firefox

Developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Firefox or FIrefox is an open source web browser.

Keep your shield up with the real time protection from trackers. This browser intelligently blocks the trackers who try to capture your online activity or footprints.

Your passwords are completely safe on Firefox and it also synchronizes multiple devices.

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#33. Opera

Opera is a free to use web browser. It is available for multiple platforms including Windows, iOS, Linux, Android. It is a chromium based browser that uses the layout engine of Blink.

Fast page loading and downloading are the two unique features of this browser. 

Discover the light and dark modes and do your stuff.

It is pretty easy to use and the interface is neat.

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#34. Chromium

Chromium is an open source project from Google which is completely free to use. This project from Google is designed to provide a faster, safer and more stable experience to all the Internet users.

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#35. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a free to use internet browser that comes with tons of features so you can have a fully customized internet browser.

It is your laptop so use the browser as if you own it. With a wide selection of themes, color templates, dark and night mode and tons of other customization features.

Helpful built-in features such as screen capture and notes eliminate the need of having the right add-ons.

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The Show is far from over!

So this was all about the best of the best apps for Windows you must have in 2020. 

There are over millions of applications, software and utilities but we have categorized this entire post for you according to the usage of Windows computers.

Last but not the least we are discussing the most hot and happening application for Windows 10. Hold your horses!

We have intentionally kept this ultimate app in the last.

It certainly feels nice to equip your Windows PC with tons of helpful apps that improve your productivity. But what about the system performance and health of your PC?

You need to have this software right away if you are an active Windows user and if you are on your way to download some apps from the categories we have discussed in this article.

Introducing the ‘ITL Driver Updater

ITL driver updater is a fully automatic device driver updater that updates the hardware and software drivers so that your hardware peripherals and software function in coordination with the system. 

Let us directly talk about the features of this ultimate application:

Well managed database:

With over 160000 drivers, you won’t have any trouble finding those compatible drivers for our system.

Downloads are 300% faster:

The downloads are 300% faster so you have more time to carry out other tasks.

Update those old drivers with a click:

Just one click and it is done. Update your device drivers with a single click and witness the magic. ITL Driver Updater automatically updates all those outdated drivers with new ones.

This optimizes the system stability and improves the performance.

Save hours:

Save your time finding out the compatible drivers on the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) website. Sometimes the drivers you find on the website are not compatible with your PC.

With over 160000 device drivers, ITL Driver Updater always has the drivers you are looking for.

We are sure that after going through tons of applications discussed in this post, you would want to get your hands on ITL Driver Updater. With only 6 MB of storage, this is the best driver updater.

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In the end

So these are the top notch Windows applications you need to have in 2020. The year has just started and now is the time to equip your Windows system with the best software out in the market.

Although there are tons and tons of tools, utilities, and software available in the Microsoft Store, we have specially created this cocktail of unique apps that will help your computer increase its performance and you can expect an increased productivity, management and bring out the professional in you.