13 Best Music Player Apps for Windows 10 in 2020

Music Player Apps for windows

Many people like to listen to music and watch movies on their personal computers or laptops. For this, the capabilities of a standard music players for Windows 10 may not be enough, as often there are no necessary codecs that allow you to work with one or another format of multimedia files.

Today there are a huge number of paid and free applications that allow you to play absolutely any video and audio. Let’s try to decide which one will be the best music player for Windows 10 users. To answer this question we decided to make a rating of the best  music players for Windows 10. We hope that after a careful study of the useful characteristics of each program, you will be able to choose the most suitable application for yourself.

You can argue for a long time which of the tools deserves the title of the best music player for Windows 10, rather, for each user it will have its own. For some, the valuable qualities of software are ease of use and minimalism, while others need a variety of functionality and filling with all kinds of additional goodies. Our music player rating for Windows 10, which includes the best mp3 player software for your computer, will help you in choosing a tool for playing music. From the selection, everyone will be able to choose the right software for themselves, based on their own preferences.

1. Windows Media Player

Using the popular Windows Media Player, you can listen to music, watch videos and even open images. The multimedia player supports all modern formats and is part of the latest versions of the OS from Microsoft.

Features of Windows Media Player:

  • Fast playback of multimedia files;
  • Available to change the appearance of the player;
  • There is a 10-band equalizer;
  • A large number of visual effects;
  • Ability to install additional codecs;
  • Work with game consoles, memory of portable devices;
  • Data synchronization with various portable devices;
  • Automatic check for software updates from the official website of Microsoft.

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2. Winamp

Using Winamp, you can play all kinds of multimedia files. The player is known for a large number of built-in tools, which allows you to beat the main competitors. This audio player for Windows 10 has been updated after many years of inactivity and offers more features and ease of listening to music.

Winamp Features:

  • Playback files of popular formats mp3, ogg, avi, mpeg, etc .;
  • High-quality surround sound Winamp;
  • Streaming media playback;
  • Many interchangeable covers and skins for the external appearance of the Winamp interface;
  • The abundance of settings, additions and other parameters;
  • There is a good graphic equalizer;
  • Colorful visual playback effects;
  • Comfortable audio playback with the option of a smooth transition;
  • Providing detailed information about songs, artists and albums;
  • Setting the size of the interactive Winamp window;
  • Fully customizable Winamp player keyboard shortcuts;
  • The ability to expand functionality with additional plug-ins.

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The first version of AIMP was introduced in 2006. The first two letters of the name are the initials of its creator, Russian programmer Artyom Izmailov. The software supports almost all popular formats. There is a built-in converter, an alarm clock and a sleep timer.

The player can do much more than play songs stored on your hard drive. The program has a nice and convenient interface that helps in organizing the library.

It supports the creation of custom and smart playlists, copying CDs, managing meta tags, changing skins. If you’re looking for a music player for PC with equalizer, AIMP is definitely worth a look.

It has a built-in 18-band equalizer with a variety of sound effects. And here you can change the theme with one click. The playlist panel is “removable” – it can be separated from the playback control window.

AIMP supports a large number of formats, there are additional encoders:

  • Create playlists from multiple YouTube videos;
  • Streaming from SoundCloud;
  • Remote control;
  • Built-in tools:
  • Setting the song playing time;
  • Shutting down the computer at the end of the playlist;
  • Creates a karaoke recording.

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4. VLC Media Player

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You may have heard of VLC Media Player or used to play individual files in almost any video or audio format you can imagine. Yes this is true! For example, you can use it to manage a music library, as well as to create simple playlists. VLC comes with some great visualizations you can try.

There are many filters and equalizer effects to change the sound. VLC is not going to win any interface design awards, but includes everything you need. If you want to get more advanced features (for example, file sharing on a local network), then the music player can offer them.

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5. KMPlayer

A powerful audio player for Windows 10 and for video files, originally developed for Windows (versions for MacOS, iOS and Android are now available). The free KMPlayer media combo has an integrated set of codecs in its arsenal and supports 4K, and also has a minimal consumption of system resources. 


  • supports most audio and video file formats;
  • playback of incomplete, damaged files, as well as pieces of audio;
  • flexible settings;
  • reproduction from the archive;
  • audio and video processing;
  • tools to improve playback quality;
  • captures audio and video;
  • playlist creation;
  • Winamp plugin support;
  • converting 2D video to 3D format;
  • play DVD, Blu-ray discs;
  • assortment of covers;
  • sleep timer, task scheduler and much more.

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6. Foobar 2000

Existing since 2002, foobar2000 is well known to many music lovers. Modular design makes it easy to add new features and components. The mp3 player software is available for all versions of Windows, and there is also an application for Android and iOS. There is a portable version. When reviewing the interface, it is worth noting its minimalism in comparison with other programs.

Some users may not like this, because in the 21st century, not everyone wants to see a player styled under Windows 98. But you should not judge a book by its cover. Moreover, advanced users can change the appearance the way as the soul desires. The user can configure various key combinations for commands.

It can play various formats, including MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV, Opus, Speex and others. The audio player for Windows 10 supports automatic import of metadata, copying CDs, unpacking ZIP, GZIP, 7z archives.

It contains functions that are convenient for organizing the music catalog: tagging, manual numbering of tracks, grouping and transferring elements between fields, deleting duplicate songs when downloading. It is one of the best music players for Windows 10 and it works with most audio formats, but also allows you to install encoders. The difference between foobar2000 is its user interface. You can customize the appearance of cover art for songs and albums, the playlist manager and tabs for easy navigation. Created layouts can be saved as themes.

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7. Media Monkey

Over the years, MediaMonkey has been a quality alternative to Windows Media Player. It has almost everything necessary for music management: support for podcasts, CD-copying, file conversion, volume normalization, Internet search for information about tracks and albums, synchronization with mobile devices. The interface is not the most modern, but for those who like full control over the collection of tracks and the ability to interact with it in several ways, it is ideal. A premium version is available for $25, which provides faster conversion, advanced search, creation of playlists and much more.

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8. MusicBee

MusicBee is one of the best music players for Windows 10 and includes almost any function you need: from normalizing volume and a built-in equalizer so that you can customize the sound to your taste. The program quickly performs the work of scanning files stored on the computer, if necessary, can import tracks from iTunes, as well as provide many ways to process files. If you find that the default interface is a little overloaded, use the smart theater mode – a useful alternative layout.

With support for smart playlists, compatibility with several Winamp plugins, synchronization with a number of devices, a choice of skins and a community of users, MusicBee is ideal for those who are tired of iTunes.

There are two versions: paid and free, which in addition to the basic functions:

  • Identifies tracks without metadata and searches for information on the Internet. Like MusicBee, there is a tagging function, in MediaMonkey – while listening;
  • It creates statistics and other reports on the music collection in the form of Excel, html or xml files; for reports it is more difficult to add.
  • Organizes the music library automatically, but there is also a plug-in for manual control.

The paid version of Gold contains other functions:

  • Customizable genre collections;
  • Convert audio and video for synchronization, sharing and recording;
  • Advanced search and auto playlists;
  • Unlimited MP3 encoding;
  • Sleep Timer;
  • Automatic tags.

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9. Spotify

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Spotify is an easy way to enjoy music with songs of your choice. Its intuitive and thoughtful interface allows you to find music at almost any moment. This music streaming service gives you access to millions of songs on your Windows 10.

A music player without ads offers to listen to music both online and offline (by downloading music). Therefore, when you are offline, continue to enjoy tracks with incredible sound quality. Make the choice with this multi-track media player to surprise you with old, latest hits and vice versa.

A multifunctional multimedia application allows you to put music on a list and share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to search the entire Spotify music database in various ways, for example, by album, artist, decade, genre, label, etc.

You can also find new music through relevant artists and a radio service. The audio/video software offers three counting options: Open, Unlimited and Premium. If you choose for free, you will receive up to 10 hours of free advertising with support for a month. You can also play each song (up to 200 songs) five times. The unlimited version comes with no ads and no playback restrictions. The Premium option includes high-quality MP3, no ads, no restrictions, as well as offline mode for playlists.

Key Spotify Features:

  • Simple and instant music player
  • Share playlists and tracks with friends
  • Easy to create playlist.
  • Millions and millions of tracks to search
  • Built-in music library to organize your music
  • Available for various operating platforms
  • Incredible and high quality music
  • Social Networking
  • Search for artists, albums, labels, titles and genres instantly

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10. SongBird

A free program that opens any format of digital sound will help not only play media files, but also effectively arrange everything. Songbird realized the opportunity to create its own multimedia library, where you can include not only elements from your PC, but also the content of your playlists from social networks. 


  • support for most audio and video formats;
  • radio stations, podcasts;
  • built-in browser, convenient search system;
  • streaming support;
  • integrated content manager to organize files;
  • advanced equalizer;
  • smart playlist system;
  • the ability to connect third-party plugins;
  • scrobbling, recording files in MP3 format;
  • launch from any media without the need for installation and much more.

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11. GOM Player

The audio and video player GOM Player is also among the best music players for Windows 10. The program has a convenient settings menu and a nice interface. A player with a large number of built-in codecs reproduces all popular media formats and is in demand among users of the Windows OS.


  • support for most audio and video file formats;
  • playback of incompletely loaded, damaged files;
  • playing audio and video from a hard disk, DVD-drive, as well as broadcast media content from the network;
  • subtitle support;
  • work with soundtracks;
  • automatic volume equalization;
  • image adjustment;
  • support for WinSP DSP modules;
  • Bookmarks
  • the ability to turn off the PC at the end of playback and other options.

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12. Clementine

Clementine may not be as good as MusicBee, but it does have some serious features. There is a built-in file manager. The player easily finds music on many online services such as Sound Cloud, Rock Radio, Radio Tunes.

You can also set Clementine to access music stored in cloud storage: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive. The music player comes with all standard features, including an equalizer and support for various formats. This is an open source application, a branch of another player called Amarok. 

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13. Light alloy

Light Alloy is a universal software that can work with almost all well-known video and audio formats. The application is adapted to work with the Windows operating system of various versions, starting from 95 and above. Almost no free space on the hard drive – just a few megabytes. The code is optimized for quick launch, and it consumes quite a few system resources.

The main thing that attracts people is ease of use. You can switch to full-screen mode by clicking on the mouse wheel. Play is paused with the left mouse button or space-bar. The rewind slider is also quite convenient – a timeline is displayed on it, so a person can start viewing from the moment where he stopped the last time.

If necessary, the user is able to use the codec selection function: due to this, you can find the least resource-demanding or allowing to ensure the highest possible quality. The program is able to work with absolutely all existing codecs. There is a testing system that determines the number of frames per second, as well as the period of time during which frames are processed. This function is also used to determine the capabilities of hardware, to check to what extent the video is compressed. If necessary, you can change the appearance of the program shell, activate the layout on top of all windows, and so on.


  • It is very convenient to use;
  • A huge selection of settings combined with ease of operation;
  • Automatic system for determining installed codecs;
  • Directly from the program you can access the codec settings;
  • There is a function to save your favorite frame;
  • It works in almost all versions of Windows;
  • Supports subtitle files;
  • There is the possibility of frame-by-frame video viewing;
  • It is distributed absolutely free.

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