Top 10 Best Screen Recording Software


Have you been looking for a screen capture software? Have a look at some of the best screen recorders for capturing your screen effectively. Refer to the 10 best paid and free options.

There is no better way to deliver instructions, share knowledge, and describe problems than a visual.

Writing long descriptions takes more time than showing it through a video. However, to record and create a video, you need a dedicated tool. Screen recorders are online software that can be used efficiently to record everything that is happening on your computer screen.

Such videos can be used for

  • Record and display product reviews.
  • Capture a frequent problem with your gadget to show to a tech support executive.
  • Make step-by-step tutorials.
  • Record instruction for various games and software.
  • Make videos that can be shared on Social media platforms and Youtube.

To record screen videos, you need proper software depending on what you intend to shoot.

Different screen recorders pc offers a set of varied features, some can record videos in various formats or can capture footage with the use of external tools like webcam, some will allow you to upload your video directly on the internet. Some software can run on systems with underlying hardware, while others require advanced features.

The point to note here is that you have ample of options to choose from, to narrow down your search for best screen recorder. Here we have shortlisted some of the best options available in the market today.

Take a look and pick the most suitable one for yourself.

10 Best Screen Recording Software’s

  • Free Cam

Free Cam is the simplest yet one of the best HD screen recorders and comes with a built-in video/audio editor.

It comes with an interactive and easy to use interface which supports screencast recordings. Get a professional feel with this incredible software.

The best part is, even though it is free, it does not show unwanted ads on your screen and is free from watermark issues.


  • It can record videos in HD quality.
  • Can remove unwanted fragments and background noise from the video.
  • It can easily record computer sound and voice-overs.


  • It does not support webcam recording.
  • Can only save recordings in WMV format.

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  1. Camstasia

This is the best option for preparing training presentations and videos.  It comes with several built-in themes and templates with which you can edit your recordings.

You can also add text, annotations, shapes, quizzes, and call-outs to make your videos look more attractive.

This power-packed tool also allows you to add audio files captured from your microphone and webcam. It supports data in close to 16 different formats including Avi, GIF, MP4, MP3, MPEG, BMP and many more.

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  1. CamStudio

This free tool is one of the best options for making promotional videos and tutorials. It can easily convert your recordings into small Flash files and uses an inbuilt code to create videos that are bandwidth-friendly.

It is programmed to capture your full screen, along with cursor movements. With this easy to use the program, you can also add comments to your recordings.

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  1. Bandicam

This versatile software seamlessly supports screen capturing and games. You can record games with 144 FPS and enjoy 4HD Ultra quality.

Its recording feature can help you record videos from Xbox, HDTV, smartphones, Apple TV, and many more. But you need to pay a premium amount for this.

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  1. Screencast-O-Matic

Create high-quality videos with this simple and easy to use screen recording software. It allows you to customize your videos by adding overlays and animation, you can also add narration to your videos.

Furthermore, it also supports zooming in and zooming out of videos to highlight certain parts of your computer screen. With this screen recorder free software, you can upload your recordings on social media platforms and also import audio/video files along with images.

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  1. Screencastify

If you like sharing your videos, then this is the best software for you. You can use its editing options to polish your random screen captures.

With its Chrome extension, your work will be done within seconds. You can shoot videos outside your system screen, and use a webcam and microphone as in when required.

Its free subscription allows you to shoot 50 videos per month, but the videos should be no longer than 10 minutes and include a watermark.

You can enjoy unlimited benefits including no watermarks, no length restrictions, and unlimited recording by paying $ 24/year for its premium subscription.

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  1. Tinytake

Another known name in the category of best video recording and screen capture software is Tinytake. This all-in-one tool allows you to record screen activity, annotate it, and also share it on social media platforms.

Its built-in viewer makes it highly compatible to work on smartphones. Its free version comes with limited features; however, if you want, you can opt for it’s premium version to enjoy additional benefits.

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  1. SmartPixel

Although this smart tool can capture anything on your computer screen, it majorly focuses on games. It works seamlessly, and one can hardly notice its working while you enjoy your game.

You can create high-quality videos with its advanced video compression feature. It also comes with several editing tools, with which you can merge, dub, and add subtitles to your videos.

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  1. Ezvid

This free video capture software uses your system processor to provide a high-speed recording. In addition to Youtube, its videos are also compatible with other video streaming sites like Wiki Sites.

With its video editor, you can create professional-looking videos within seconds. The only drawback of this software is that it needs close to 10GB disk space to work well.

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  1. Snagit

This video capturing tool can be used to record videos from different sources. With its advanced editing features, you can add visual and documentation to your clip.

It also allows you to add annotates and edit screenshots by adding graphics and highlights.

You can also record and capture screenshots from the webcam.

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I suppose that this blog would have cleared most of your doubts regarding screen recording software. From teachers and professional to gaming enthusiasts, everybody can use these software.

Compare and choose the one which suits your requirement the most and adds creative colors to videos.